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Ground Marker Regional Briefing to AWP ACP WGF10/WP14.

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1 Ground Marker Regional Briefing to AWP ACP WGF10/WP14

2 2 Definition of Program What is Ground Marker? System utilizing existing avionics to broadcast a digital voice message to the cockpit. For the prototype system, the message will indicate to the pilot their exact position on the airport surface. Extends ILS marker system to surface (i.e. ground marker) Prototype System components : –Transmitter –Antenna –Inductive loop sensors –Laptop computer –Marker Receiver (standard equipment on all ILS equipped aircraft)

3 3 75MHz RF CELL TAXIWAY EMBEDDED ANTENNA AIRCRAFT DETECTION SYSTEM (Inductive Loop) CONTROL AND TRANSMITTER UNIT WITH VOICE FILE LIBRARY 1 Airplane/vehicle is detected by inductive loop which triggers GM transmitter 2 Transmitter sends voice message through antenna to 75MHz marker beacon 2 receiver in airplane or vehicle 1 Maintainer inputs message into GM transmitter memory. 2 The 75MHz marker beacon is modulated by a signal from the GM transmitter. No new equipage is necessary. 3 Message is received via headset or cockpit speaker within the airplane and via speaker within a vehicle 1 Concept of Operations

4 4 Organizational Mission & Goals To provide research, development, and acquisition for products and services that enable the FAA to enhance the safety of the NAS and satisfy current and future operational needs of the U.S. civil aerospace system for national and international operations. FAA provides a safe, secure, and efficient global aerospace system that contributes to national security and the promotion of U.S. aerospace safety. As the leading authority in the international aerospace community, FAA is responsive to the dynamic nature of customer needs, economic conditions, and environmental concerns. FAA MISSION ARA GOALS AND 500 AND 520 Evaluate and demonstrate emerging technologies via the Safe Flight 21 and Surface Technology Product Teams Reduce the fatal aviation accident rate by 80% in ten years …. Within the scope of the Runway Incursion Reduction Program (RIRP), AND-520 evaluates a range of technologies aimed at providing increased pilot and controller awareness of surface traffic…. Install the Ground Marker system, a low cost technology, at an operational airport by 9/03 and evaluate it by 2004. Reduce the fatal accident rate by developing and deploying those capabilities and systems needed to address pilot decision-making. Incubate and exploit technologies and expedite the deployment of operationally validated NAS Capabilities for the aviation community

5 5 Why Ground Marker? Inspector Generals Reports June 2001 April 2003 Determine Ground Markers effectiveness in increasing pilot situational awareness in an effort to curb: PD/VPD Runway incursion rate PD/VPD Surface incident rate Confusion regarding position on surface Early Human Factors studies indicate that over 90% of pilots believe that a voice message indicating position on surface aides in increasing situational awareness (2001-2002 Honeywell study of 60 pilots) System will also be useful to pilots during hours that airport is closed

6 6 Ground Marker - Accomplishments Demonstration of New and Emerging Technologies Aimed at Increasing Safety on Airport Movement Areas BAA Proof of Concept @ WJHTC/ACY 9/00 NATCA Letter 11/01 WJHTC 10/02 8/01 Bournemouth Intl Airport, UK Ground Marker should be aggressively pursued Concept demonstration 9/01 Alternative antenna designs and voice quality improvements evaluated. Further development needed to - 1) test for radiated frequency (RF) interference, 2) optimize human factors issues, and 3) integrate inductive loops into system to trigger messages. 5/98 MNS #323 11/98 IRD For Airport Surface Movement Enhancement & Runway Incursion Prevention Airport Surface Movement Enhancement & Runway Incursion Prevention Ground Marker RFP 12/02 Program plan completed 1/03 Findings – System can transmit clear voice messages to cockpit via 75 MHz Marker-Beacon Program Plan Key Site Selected 3/03 Contra Costa County, CA (CCR) 4/03 Test NCP Test NCP submitted Draft Key Site MOU Ground Marker RFP accomplished, contractor proposal received, negotiated and approved in December 2002. 3/03 Prototype Design Final Prototype System Design completed Draft MOU submitted to key site for comments 4/03 Contract Awarded 2/03 System Integration contract awarded

7 7 Approval of WJHTC Quick Look is scheduled for July 2003 Ground Marker - Near Term Schedule Scheduled to submit NTIA requests for CCR and LGB NTIA Request WJHTC Quick Look 5/03 NATCA Article 7 Brief 7/03 6/04 6/03 NCP Approval NATCA Article 7 Brief scheduled for July 2003 NCP approval by CCB 7/03 The Operational Evaluation is scheduled to begin in early October 2003 and will be completed by June 2004 5/03 Key Site Survey 5/03 WJHTC Testing WJHTC testing scheduled for May 12-30 Key Site Survey scheduled at CCR for May 5-9, 2003 Operational Evaluation 8/03 Key Site System Installation is scheduled to begin in August 2003 and will be completed by September 2003. Key Site System Installation 9/03 10/03 6/03 Key Site MOU Approval MOU approval by CCR

8 8 Pilot Education Local and transient population Three weeks on-site at CCR educating users Leave-behinds at airport user groups Website Local and regional newsletters NOTAMs, ATIS, AFD (Airport Facility Directory) AOPA, Flight Standards coordination Questionnaire Incentives

9 9 Why Concord? Concord among Top10 sites that most closely matched the following Ground Marker Site Selection criteria Total Runway incursions from 1997 to November 2002 Percentage of A and B incursions Percentage of incursions that were NOT Operational Errors Recommendations from RIAA study Percentage of Commercial traffic Number of instrument operations Focus on Non-ASDE/AMASS sites Approximately 60% of GA Aircraft equipped with a Marker receiver Concord currently #1 in Runway Incursion Rate

10 10 CCR Runway Incursions/Surface Incidents 1999200020012002 Total Runway Incursions (RIs)377724 Surface Incidents (SIs)356115 Total Annual RIs & SIs 61213839 Pilot Deviations (PD) Percentage of RIs/SIs 5 83.3% 10 83.3% 9 69.2% 7 87.5% 31 79.5% Vehicle/Pedestrian (V/PD) Percentage of RIs/SIs 1 16.7% 2 16.7% 4 30.8% 1 12.5% 8 20.5% Note: There were no operational errors associated with Runway Incursions in this timeframe.

11 11 Proposed Ground Marker Locations

12 12 Ground Marker Program Objectives Program Goal To EVALUATE the system, NOT to roll out nationally Objectives Design and build GM prototype to support field evaluation Perform tests to verify technical performance at WJHTC Install and evaluate prototype at operational site (CCR) Determine operational suitability for acquisition

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