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GSM On-Board Aircraft John Mettrop Directorate of Airspace Policy

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1 GSM On-Board Aircraft John Mettrop Directorate of Airspace Policy
Presented By John Mettrop Directorate of Airspace Policy Surveillance & Spectrum Management

2 What Is GSM On-Board Aircraft
Allows the use of mobile phones on board aircraft Consists of Noise floor lifter GSM Pico-cell Satellite communications link

3 How Does it Work? BTS = Base Transceiver Station
NCU = Network Control Unit AGS = Aircraft GSM Server

4 Bands Controlled Connectivity: Control: Future Control:
MHz and MHz (GSM1800) Control: MHz and MHz (GSM900 including GSM-R) MHz and MHz (UMTS UTRA- FDD 2GHz) Future Control: IMT extension bands

5 History First brought to ICAO’s attention in 2004
Sept 2006, FMG recommend delay of approval until all issues are resolved Dec 2006 EANPG adopt FMG recommendation State letter issued by ICAO Paris office ECC decision on GSM on-board aircraft Qantas aircraft starts flight trials June 2007 Airbus A318 tale number MSN 3009 approved for operational trials in France

6 Issues Identified (1) Technical Aeronautical Radio Regulatory
Interference to On-Board Radio Systems Effect of Failure Modes on PSU Need for the Jammer to be turned on during Take of and Landing Radio Regulatory Protection of Ground network Applicability over countries and control of the units

7 Issues Identified (2) Operational
When will the phones have to be switched off How this can be ensured through airline procedures for announcements etc Applicability between different fleets and aircraft in fleets Identification of different types of phones Interference with/attention to safety messages

8 Issues Identified (3) Human Factors Air Rage
Passengers who do not want to hear others using phones Those who want to use their phones but cannot Understanding differences in usage according to aircraft/airline/region Turning phones off during take-off and landing

9 Issues Identified (4) Others
Applicability in Europe of EU ruling on roaming charges Implication for other systems

10 Where are We Now? 1 Air France Aircraft fitted but not flying
1 Qantas aircraft fitted and flying Positive feedback from Qantas trial Interest from a number of other airlines Emirates Ryanair Etc European Commission to hold a Workshop on the issue (3/10/07)

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