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1 CANSO Global Benchmarking Presented by Alison MacMaster Director Industry Affairs CANSO.

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1 1 CANSO Global Benchmarking Presented by Alison MacMaster Director Industry Affairs CANSO

2 2 Overview Background Different Stakeholder perspectives Purpose of CANSO Global Benchmarking Progress and Achievements Challenges & Opportunities Deliverables

3 3 Different Stakeholder perspectives Regulation should focus on establishing appropriate checks & balances Customers require a common basis for sensible dialogue and consultation ANSPs best placed to manage & improve own performance

4 4 Purpose of CANSO Global Benchmarking Goal is to support performance-based ATM globally. Provide transparency of ANS Performance Facilitate setting performance targets & support business decisions Support effective dialogue & customer consultation Support harmonisation of global ANS Provision: Common performance language required to understand opportunities for improvement

5 5 Getting Started Pragmatic approach to managing ANSP Performance Keep it simple, effective and directly relevant: Building on what has gone before: PRU; Asia Pacific benchmarking; IATA Individual member capabilities Guard against costly data collection Focus on a few key measures Focus on results, not process Build Confidence and Trust

6 6 CANSO Members Broad Spectrum of ANSPs…

7 7 ….all of whom are unique ! Wide variety of ANSP operating / institutional environments Different ANSP starting points / levels of maturity Concern how data will be used Differing accounting standards: Data Variability: Validity / accuracy of data / different KPIs Various data collection mechanisms to be aligned Availability of data – timeliness and timescales Different definitions for traffic & service

8 8 34 ANSPs: Goal is 45 Airports Authority of India AENA - Spain AEROTHAI - Thailand Airservices Australia Airways NZ - New Zealand ANS of the Czech Republic ATNS - South Africa ATSA Bulgaria Austrocontrol - Austria Avinor - Norway Belgocontrol - Belgium DFS - Germany DHMI - Turkey DSNA - France EANS - Estonia ENAV - Italy FAA ATO - USA Hungarocontrol - Hungary Irish Aviation Authority LGS - Latvia LFV - Sweden LPS - Slovak Republic LVNL - The Netherlands MATS - Malta) MoldATSA - Republic of Moldova NATS - UK NAVCANADA NAV Portugal NAVIAIR - Denmark ORO Navigaciia - Lithuania ROMATSA - Romania Skyguide - Switzerland Sloveniacontrol - Slovenia UkSATSE - Ukraine European Member data submitted by the PRU

9 9 CANSO Progress & Achievements Committed workgroup members Environment based on trust & shared values confidentiality Analytical sub-group Working to create common performance language Refined definitions & data sets Improved understanding of different perspectives Comprehensive Data collection template & Process Inclusivity through alternative data sets Clarifying what is possible: Data Availability

10 10 CANSO Progress & Achievements Initial KPI sets: ATCO Productivity ANS Cost comparisons Operational & Capital Costs Operational & Capital Costs New measures under development: Capital investment Capital investment Service delivery Service delivery Operational & Support staff ratios Operational & Support staff ratios

11 11 Other CANSO Performance related activities Human Resources workgroup ATCO salaries ATCO shortages and rostering efficiency Environment Workgroup Voluntary Environment Code of Conduct Supporting Metrics Safety Standing Committee Safety metrics & risk assessment Safety Culture Just Culture is essential

12 12 Ongoing Challenges Access to information in a timely fashion to support management decisions Understanding differences in national accounting standards How to address complexity Increasing levels of participation Understanding the interdependencies between various aspect of performance

13 13 CANSO Global Benchmarking: Output Annual Global Report refined overtime Initial set of performance indicators Additional cost metrics Service delivery Capital Investments & return on investment Database Shared repository of data – For CANSO members Supports Individual ANSP tailored analysis CANSO global Benchmarking Process and Templates

14 14 Conclusions Any performance framework must be kept simple: ANSPs must be allowed to manage their organisations guard against costly processes of data collection few key measures focus on results, not process incentive-based recognise interdependency for different performance areas Effective Global Benchmarking will take time

15 15

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