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ACP/WGN/SG1#7 1 Ground/Ground IP Communications: European experience and perspectives European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Eivan Cerasi.

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1 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 1 Ground/Ground IP Communications: European experience and perspectives European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Eivan Cerasi DAS/CSM ACP/WGN/SG1 7 th Meeting 27 March 2006, Malmo

2 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 2 PEN ( Pan-European Network) iPAX-TF PEN: planning and implementation FMTP (Flight Message Transfer Protocol) Content

3 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 3 Dependence on X.25 International Data OLDI over X.25 ASTERIX over X.25 AFTN/CIDIN over X.25 CFMU/CRCO/EAD over separate IP networks National Services Internal IP/X25 applications X25 Links to SITA/ARINC Management, etc.. Why we need an IP PEN?

4 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 4 IPAX Task Force & Trials (2001-2004) ial WAN trials to support R&D activities to plan migration from X.25 to IP: ctions 12 European ANSPs, 22 logical interconnections Internet, L ISDN, MW) various lower media (VPN, Internet, LL, ISDN, MW) nect via IPv6 14 European sites + NASA connected via IPv6 Directory services (DNS) firewalls) IP security (IPsec and firewalls) X.25 over TCP/IP dataexchange OLDI over TCP/IP data exchange IP dataexchange ASTERIX over IP data exchange TCP/IP AMHS over TCP/IP

5 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 5 Outcome of iPAX-TF and Recomendations There are no show-stoppers to use of IP for ATC applications Porting existing applications to IP may require application adaptations (ex: TCP client/server, TCP byte stream, IP addressing) All UDP-based systems must be designed to mitigate out of sequence and lost UDP/IP datagram's repetition of identical UDP/IP packet (can happen in failure situation of IP multicast) Destination UDP or TCP Port Numbering must be standardized AMHS (RFC2126: 102), FMTP (8500), ASTERIX over IP (8600) There are IPv4 address conflict problems at international level End-systems with international access should be dual-stacked (IPv4/v6) by 2009 (IPv6 is the standard network protocol to which all applications should converge to) International Multicast, VoIP and MobileIP best supported over IPv6

6 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 6 Pan-European Network

7 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 7 What is PEN? Pan European IP network service of the ATM sector which will ultimately carry all data and voice applications A multi-protocol service (supporting both IPv4 and IPv6) Initially likely to be limited to multi-protocol (IPv4/IPv6) data services acting as a core backbone interconnecting existing IP national networks A scalable backbone capable of supporting multicast and voice at a later stage

8 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 8 PENS Outlook and Timescales 2005-2009 X25 -> IP migration has started leading to a mixed X.25/IP environment Additional ECIP and Implementing Rules to be further developed ANSP X.25 application/systems are being migrated to IP June 2006: PEN Call for Interest January 2007: PEN Call for Tender January 2008: Deployment of PEN and operational evaluation/validation Summer 2008: initial IOC 2010+ : Application and Service extension Voice, A/G applications, International Multicast, ….

9 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 9 OLDI communications have been adapted to TCP/IP and pre-operational trials were successful Flight Message Transfer Protocol (based on IPv6) AFTN/CIDIN is being migrated to AMHS over TCP/IP First operational link between Madrid and Frankfurt, IPv4 end- systems but IPv6 WAN interconnectivity) Surveillance distribution is converging to ASTERIX over IP This impacts surveillance systems (RMCDE, ARTAS, ModeS, ….) CFMU/EAD/CRCO are based on IP Voice services over IP are being evaluated by EUROCAE Application Migration Status to IP ECIP COM 05 ECIP COM 04 12/2007 Single Sky Implementing Rule

10 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 10 No immediate changes within ANSP IPv4 private networks who can migrate to IPv6 at their own pace Build an IPv6 addressing scheme independent of ISPs, VPNs and topology IPv4/ IPv6 dual-stack approach where possible Standard multi-protocol IP routers to resolve overlapping IPv4 address space, co-existence of IPv4/IPv6 and support full migration to IPv6 (beyond 2010) Make use of IPv4/v6 address translation techniques if necessary but highly recommend IPv6 end-to-end IP and PEN

11 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 11 IPv6 Unicast Address Scheme Following the iPAX-TF work, EUROCONTROL has become an LIR for allocation and assignment of IPv6 addresses on behalf of its stakeholders

12 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 12 IPv6 Address Example EUROCONTROL has been allocated address 2001:4B50::/32 From this range, ROMATSA has been sub-allocated with 2001:4B50:0940::/42 which they can advertise at their border. ROMATSA has then been assigned with /48 network prefixes to number their systems. These addresses are registered in the RIPE database and are indicated as being maintained by the EUROCONTROL Agency. Sub-allocations have been planned for ANSPs, Airports, Pan- European users, Regional Networks, EUROCONTROL facilities.

13 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 13 IPv6 Sub-Allocation Scheme......

14 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 14 ECIP Objective COM-04 (goodwill and only for international links) SES Implementing Rule (legislation both international/national) FMTP rule is approved but pending final formatting prior its publication The Rule will mandate a EUROCONTROL Specification called FMTP Should be published summer 2006 FMTP ETIC Test Tool – version 3.0 supports both X.25 and TCP/IP Simulate systems communication partners Give an open access and a total control on all aspects of the protocol Send user- and protocol-defined messages Receive and process user- and protocol-defined messages Write and play an operational scenario Live monitoring and logging of all events …. FMTP

15 ACP/WGN/SG1#7 15 More information Contact: Eivan CERASI Email: Telephone:+32 2 729 3791 EUROCONTROL Network SubDomain:

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