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The Airline Process Malaysia Airlines Experiences Captain Missman Leham Flight Safety and Human Factors, Malaysia Airlines 3 rd ICAO-IATA LOSA & TEM Conference.

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1 The Airline Process Malaysia Airlines Experiences Captain Missman Leham Flight Safety and Human Factors, Malaysia Airlines 3 rd ICAO-IATA LOSA & TEM Conference September 2005 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2 Objectives To briefly describe some of the processes involved in the implementation of a LOSA programme To share what we have learned from our own experiences.

3 LOSA Milestones Working Team – Selling/Planning/Preparations Selection, Training and Recalibration of LOSA Observers Data Gathering and Transmission Data Processing (TLC) Report - Presentation of findings Communicating the findings The next step - SCP.

4 Malaysia Airlines Fleet Composition Boeing Boeing Airbus Airbus Boeing Fokker 50 Twin Otter Total104

5 Our Observations Observation took place May-July 2004 Operations into 52 Airports observed 285 crew sets observed 309 observation flights carried out

6 Observation Demographics FleetObservation TargetsObservations (actual) A % % B – 29%95 – 32% B747 – 200F20 – 5%20 - 6% B747 – – 15%29 – 9% B77745 – 14%41 – 13% F5075 – 22%74 – 24% TOTALS330 – 100%309 – 100% DHC6 (Case Study Only) 20

7 A Few Good Men Appoint a dedicated LOSA Manager A good collection of individual and group skills. Individuals committed to the concepts of CRM and Threat and Error Management From as many different fleets as possible The Young and The Grayed Important to get the right mix Form Steering Committee & Working Group

8 Planting Seeds Preparation began 2 years before LOSA Carefully selected snippets of Information LOSA articles from Industry Journals, UT website, Conferences Proceeding Handouts, etc. Introduction of LOSA concepts into CRM courses and the annual Safety Awareness Programmes The introduction of Threat and Error Management concepts into Fleet Training.

9 The Budget In can be difficult to be accurate Unexpected advantages presented themselves. Prudent management allows budget fulfillment. In Malaysia Airlines, we decided to ticket all observers, after the budget was approved.

10 Selling LOSA to the Board Division Senior Management must be convinced Board must not only approve the exercise, they must endorse the concept. A Budget must be approved – Dont forget the bean-counters. A Management Paper should be submitted Together with LOSA Manager, the concept must be communicated to the rest of the board members

11 The Importance of the Pilots Union It is imperative that the Pilots Union become a significant stake holder in this project The Union should ideally dedicate full time officers to the project. LOSA is in the best interest of the Pilots Improving Safety equals better welfare for the Unions members

12 Planting more Seeds Communications Officer should start a carefully planned barrage of more detailed information about the LOSA concept / project Set up a LOSA Information Website Disseminate soft and hard copies of LOSA stories from other airlines Compose an FAQ to be placed on the website and slowly disseminate hard and soft copies of the same.

13 Early Days Steering Committee plans regular meetings Set up a LOSA command centre with dedicated box, fax and telephone facilities. The importance of proper documentation, monitoring tasks assignments, action plans; Project Management Software can help Tasks farmed out to individuals Regular reference to The LOSA Implementation Checklist, TLC, and other LOSA airlines

14 The LOSA Year More Frequent LOSA Working Group Meetings Selection of LOSA Observers. Divisional Briefing – Other divisions should understand what we are doing; they can help Finalise Procedures and communicate them to relevant personnel Finalise Observer Training Venues Final Arrangements – The LOSA Survival Guide Less Frequent Steering Committee Meetings

15 Divisional Briefing Security Department – to arrange additional clearances and Identification. Oversea stations – HOTAC, Transportation, etc. Technical Support – Head sets and Jump-seat Cabin Crew – To recognize an observer and assist him to the cockpit. Catering – Additional Meals for Observers. Accounting – To pay LOSA observers fees and allowances.

16 Selecting your Observers Must be computer and Internet savvy A strong mix of backgrounds, age groups and experience levels. Personal Notebook Computer ownership would be most advantageous Must have good writing skills Must have good understanding of CRM Remember, these are the Authors of your LOSA

17 Problems We have never done this before Decide early if the Flight Safety Department requires more full time staff dedicated to LOSA. New procedures should be clear and well documented People will be reluctant to do things differently – Divisional Briefing Helps People can be very suspicious of anything new

18 The LOSA Observation schedules should be drawn up and handed to fleet schedulers. Observations begin immediately after training is concluded. Training Week includes 2 days of Training Observations and ends with a day of Observer Calibration LOSA duties should appear on the observers individual roster to prevent FTL breaches.

19 The LOSA Observers dispatch completed reports directly to The LOSA Collaborative (TLC) Ensure Observers send in their reports as soon as they are completed – Reports can be edited after submission and resubmitted to TLC. Be prepared for computer problems such as hard drive crashes and lost reports - Backups TLC should periodically report number of reports received, in case there is a need to schedule additional observations

20 Beware ! - The Rogue Observer Poorly written or weak reports will be discarded and of no value to the analysis Contingencies should be factored into the planning to ensure sufficient acceptable reports are submitted. Writing LOSA reports is not an easy process. Some observers may have difficulty completing their reports

21 Closing LOSA Observations Support staff can begin processing observers claims It may be necessary to plan additional observations during the last week of the LOSA programme to make up the minimum numbers required When TLC confirms sufficient reports have been submitted Once TLC says yes LOSA Manager can go to the beach Everyday, for 2 months

22 Straight to the BoSS The LOSA Report Board warned of consequences Red-faced Need to be dealt with carefully – shooting duck Joint presentation with TLC Divisional commitment for change

23 Selling LOSA to the BoSS & Bean counters Summary Union participation & stake holders Observers: The Authors of your LOSA Handle findings with care Communicate the results Planting seeds Do not get over-enthusiastic for SCP..*

24 The End…. Thank You

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