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2 Aeronautical Surveillance Identification Position (at what time?) Additional info (e.g. velocity) Airborne Surveillance Ground Surveillance

3 Use of Surveillance Surveillance System Separation application people Procedure Equipment Surveillance Communication, Navigation, other…

4 Evolution of Surveillance Voice Position Report Primary surveillance radar Secondary surveillance radar (SSR) ADS-C By Comms.

5 Evolution (continued) Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B) (1090 ES, VDL M4 or UAT)) Multilateration system

6 Traditional ICAO approach: Define the signal in space for various technical systems to ensure interoperability and leave to States to decide which system (s) should be implemented in their airspace. PSR (not standardized ) SSR (Mode A/C and/or S) ADS-B (ES, VDL M4 or UAT) MLAT (being standardized) What is the decision based on?

7 Sensor characteristics Operational requirements Regional agreements Cost considerations Other factors Aircraft equipage

8 An ideal situation? Operational scenario Determination of Performance requirements Choice of surveillance system (s) Regional issues Identification of application (s) Other factors

9 The decision process requires a well- defined required surveillance performance (RSP). In other words, we need to define what we mean by Performance in the context of surveillance. Work on RSP has started in ICAO (by the Aeronautical Surveillance Panel (ASP)) A framework for RSP has already been defined.

10 The RSP framework shows a set of RSP values (e.g. from A1 to A10) each of which is associated with set figures for: Accuracy Availability Integrity Latency Update rate Continuity Coverage

11 Work on RSP faces challenges like; * How would RSP fit in the overall picture? * How does it relate to RNP, RCP and RTSP? * Would it be sufficient to set an RSP value for a given airspace/application? * What other work needs to be undertaken (by ICAO and States) to make meaningful use of RSP? * How is the work on RSP affect the standardization of new surveillance systems?

12 Conclusions * RSP is much desirable * Work on RSP is in its early stages * Significant operational input is required to progress the work * Setting an RSP value is not enough! (Other studies are needed as well) * Safety and interoperability (e.g. over contiguous FIRs) must be ensured

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