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The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Future Communications Infrastructure – An update V1.0 ACP WGM Meeting May 17th, 2010 Nikos Fistas.

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1 The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Future Communications Infrastructure – An update V1.0 ACP WGM Meeting May 17th, 2010 Nikos Fistas SWP15.2

2 2 Agenda SESAR FCI projects P15.2.4 P15.2.6 P15.2.7

3 3 New Data Links Considered Airport surface: C bandGeneral terrestrial: L BandSatellite: Oceanic + Continental Multilink Concept

4 4 SJU WBS Network Operation TMA Operation En Route Operation Airport Operation Aircraft WP 5 WP 8 WP 6 WP 4 WP 14 WP 9 WP 10 W 11WP 15WP 13 WP 12 Validation Infrastructure R&D Transversal Areas Network Information Management Systems (NIMS) Information Management SWIM F/WOCCNS SWIM Thread Airport Systems WP 16WP 3 Master Plan Maintenance En-route APP ATC Systems Target Concept & Architecture Maintenance ATM Network R&D Programme SESAR Programme WP BWP CWP D WP 7

5 5 REFERENCE MATERIAL 9.20/9.24/15.2.8 New Terrestrial System(s) FCI: ATM Communications in 2020+ and SJU projects 15.2.6 9.44/9.49 15.2.4 9.21/9.22 VHF NETWORK 15.2.10 15.2.7/9.16 9.19

6 6 Project P15.2.4: Future Mobile Data Link Partners: Alenia, Airbus, DFS, DSNA, EUROCONTROL, Frequentis, Honeywell, INDRA, NORACON, and Thales Logistic split into two groups of activities: Early Tasks (Feb 2010 to Feb 2011) Follow on (full) Project (Feb 2011 to 2015?)

7 7 Project P15.2.4: Interactions with other activities P15.2.4 Project US/FAA activities WRC12 SESAR Projects WP9 WP14 WP15 S-JU Wireless COM study ESA/Iris FP7 SANDRA ICAO Other regions

8 8 REFERENCE MATERIAL Project P15.2.4: Full Project Activities Task 1:Operational requirements (refined COCR) Task 2:Transport layer management specification Task 3:Recommendation for the terrestrial a/g data link system Task 4:Description of work for Phase 2 (development of terrestrial a/g data link)

9 9 REFERENCE MATERIAL P15.2.4: Early Tasks Activities (links to Full Project Tasks) EWA1:Operational requirements refinement (T1) EWA2:Multilink Operational Concept - COM Architecture (T1, T2 and T3) EWA3:Upper layers and QoS mechanisms (T2) EWA4:LDACS selection facilitation activities (T3)

10 10 Project P15.2.4 ET: Schedule

11 11 Key activities linked to ICAO EWA02: Multilink Operational Concept EWA03: QoS management EWA04: LDACS evaluation criteria EWA01: Future ATM data link services characterization

12 12 Current Status Work is progressing Initial deliverables are expected in September 2010

13 13 Project P15.2.6: Future Satellite System Partners: Airbus, AENA, ALENIA, EUROCONTROL, FREQUENTIS, INDRA, NORACON and THALES Project Duration: May 2010 to 2014 Future Satellite System Developments ESA IRIS SESAR P15.2.6

14 14 Project P15.2.6: Main objective ESA Iris Programme aims to design, develop, validate a satellite-based communication system for ATM safety Coms supporting the future ATM Concept of Operations for 2020 and beyond. P15.2.6 aims to develop requirements, perform complementary activities of validation and support standardization.

15 15 REFERENCE MATERIAL Project P15.2.6 Specific objectives Define operational concept for future Satellite system in a multilink environment Identify and characterise interfaces and interoperability aspects of the satellite component within the overall SESAR infrastructure. Develop elements of Test-Beds for end-to-end validation and integration with other tests beds developed in Iris project and other SESAR WPs in accordance with SESAR Operational Concept. Validate the Iris development from an end-to-end point of view, verifying the compliance between the EATM Performance Target and the SATCOM system Concept of Operation in a simulated real time environment. Support and promote satellite communication system standardization process in regional international standardizations bodies (EUROCAE, ICAO etc.)

16 16 Current Status Project has just started (May 2010) Activity 5 (standardisation support) work plan is being discussed with partners ECTL NEXUS group is planned to be used to facilitate input to ICAO

17 17 Project P15.2.7 and 9.16: AeroMACS Partners: P15.2.7: AENA, DSNA, INDRA, NATMIG, Selex, Thales Airbus and ECTL P9.16: AIRBUS, Selex, Thales and ECTL Duration: March 2010 to 2013

18 18 REFERENCE MATERIAL Project P15.2.7 and 9.16: Overall Aim and Structure Define, validate and demonstrate a technical profile and architecture for a new airport surface communication system (AeroMACS) based on 802.16e IEEE standard by studying, developing, integrating and testing system prototypes Project 15.2.7 covers overall system aspects and ground component Project 9.16 covers airborne component

19 19 REFERENCE MATERIAL Project P15.2.7 scope Overall system functional and performance definition Definition of a new specific profile Development of validation plans and scenarios Specification of test objectives and procedures Specification and development of (prototype) ground segment Analysis, simulations and test campaigns addressing interoperability (multiple manufacturers) in laboratory and real airport environments Security and safety analysis Coordination with standardization bodies (RTCA and EUROCAE)

20 20 REFERENCE MATERIAL Project P9.16 scope System requirements and architecture definition for the airborne side Specification and development of airborne prototype for mainline aircraft Specification of test objectives and procedures for airborne side. Integration of the airborne prototype in a representative mainline aircraft environment Testing in real environment (on airport, using a/c representative platforms, and up to integration in a real flight test a/c), Advanced studies (limited effort): MIMO studies, integrated antennas, WiMAX evolutions (e.g. 802.16m)

21 21 Planned Testing Thales GS-MS Local integration In Thales lab Indra GS-MS Local integration In Indra lab Selex GS-MS Local integration In Selex lab Thales GS with Indra+Selex MS Interoperability Indra GS and MS Tests with cars On Alicante Airport Thales GS Thales MS Indra GS Indra MS Selex GS Selex MS Integration in A/C environment At Airbus lab Indra GS Indra MS Thales GS and MS Tests with cars On Toulouse Airport Thales GS Thales MS Selex GS and MS Tests with cars On Toulouse Airport Selex GS and MS Tests with A/C On Toulouse Airport Aircraft P9.16 P15.2.7 Indra GS with Thales+Selex MS Interoperability Selex GS with Indra+Thales MS Interoperability

22 22 Current Status Ongoing work on system requirements and profile definition (based on common and TDD WiMAX standard parts) Need for simulations and prototype testing Support EUROCAE WG82 / RTCA SC224 activities Project aim for a joint EUROCAE / RTCA Draft Profile Doc by end September 2010.

23 23 Other COM projects Project 15.2.8:Civil-Military Data Link Interoperability Project 15.2.10: Terrestrial communication infrastructure - SWIM backbone

24 24 Thank you

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