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The World Intellectual Property Organization An Organization for the future.. Welcome.

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1 The World Intellectual Property Organization An Organization for the future.. Welcome

2 Presentation History of Intl IP System WIPO Today WIPOs Main Activities

3 Milestones : 1883 to 2007 Paris Convention Berne Convention Madrid Agreement BIRPI Hague Agreement BIRPI moves to Geneva WIPO Convention WIPO established PCT Madrid Protocol Internet Treaties

4 Status: An intl intergovernmental organization Member States: 184 Staff: 915 from 94 countries Treaties Administered: 24 Decisions by: GA, CC, WIPO Conference Guiding Principles: Transparency, Accountability, Consensus To promote the protection of IP rights worldwide and extend the benefits of the international IP system to all member States WIPOs Mission: Basic Facts about WIPO

5 IP: A Tool for Development Intellectual Property Offices Public Sector & Policy-Makers General Public & Civil Society Building awareness

6 WIPOs Activities Norm- Setting Services to Industry Economic Development

7 n AIM: Progressive development of international IP law for an IP system that is: –balanced/responsive to emerging needs –effective in encouraging innovation/creativity –sufficiently flexible to accommodate national policy objectives n Address/provide info. on current & emerging issues in IP - (review/discussion of topical issues in standing committees). Norm Setting

8 Patents: Patents: - Operational issues / Political challenges: (gtr public scrutiny) - Clarify issues /Discuss improvements … in line with economic development strategies Copyright & Related Rights: Trademarks, Designs, Geographical Indications: Copyright & Related Rights: - encourage broader use of system - ensure it is in line with digital environ. - WCT/WPPT - major advance - implementation Trademarks, Designs, Geographical Indications: - develop intl TM law; Legal advice; - promote convergence of admin. Practices; soft law approach Aim: Aim: (i) Build consensus on topical issues; (ii) Take into account interests of all stakeholders for a balanced, reliable, efficient, user-friendly, cost-effective system

9 Norm Setting Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge, Access to Genetic Resources, Folklore Aim: Aim: Generate practical benefits from IPS to support: socio-economic development; cultural integrity of communities; address concerns of indigenous peoples … IGC (2000): IGC (2000): debate broad policy and legal questions; share practical experience; and develop practical tools and mechanisms Status: Status: Maturing process - common objectives/core principles. Mandate: Mandate: International dimension/no outcome excluded

10 Economic Development To maximize strategic use of IP for development by: - updating IP legislation - upgrading IP infrastructure - demystifying IP - promoting understanding of policy options offered by IPS Approach: tailored to specific national needs (NFAPs, etc. via regional offices)

11 Emphasis on …. n Networks n Outreach n Training n Collective Copyright Management Organizations n Innovation Promotion

12 Development Agenda for WIPO n Adopted in September 2007 n 45 agreed proposals covering 6 clusters of activities –Technical Assistance and Capacity Building; –Norm-setting, Flexibilities, Public Policy and Public Knowledge; –Technology Transfer, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Access to Knowledge; –Assessments, Evaluation and Impact Studies; –Institutional Matters including Mandate and Governance n New Committee on Development and Intellectual Property –develop a work-program for implementation –monitor, assess, discuss and report on implementation of recommendations and discuss IP and development issues

13 n Distance Learning Program n Professional Training n Policy Dvpt., Tchg & Rsrch n Training of trainers n Partnerships/IP educational materials … WIPO Worldwide Academy Training

14 Economic Development Innovators & SMEs n Aim: Improve IP awareness to enable formulation & implementation of policies; programs; strategies n Enhance strategic use of IP assets by SMEs e.g. licensing agreements; finance; IP information to monitor competitors, etc.

15 Services Enhancement of global protection systems to simplify and reduce costs of obtaining protection in multiple countries for: PATENTS (PCT): TRADEMARKS (MADRID) INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS (HAGUE) GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATIONS (LISBON) MICRO-ORGANISMS (BUDAPEST)

16 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) 139 Contracting Parties

17 International Trademark Registration: The Madrid System 82 Contracting Parties

18 Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) WIPO Arbitration & Mediation Center Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) I. Classical Arbitration & Mediation Services II. Tailor-made dispute resolution procedures: UDRP e.g.: UDRP Criteria: - identical/confusingly similar - legitimate interest - bad faith Criteria: - identical/confusingly similar - legitimate interest - bad faith cost-effective and expeditious procedure (

19 WIPOs Income 2008/09 Budget: million Swiss francs

20 The World Intellectual Property Organization Thank you

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