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The World Intellectual Property Organization An Organization for the future.. Welcome.

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1 The World Intellectual Property Organization An Organization for the future.. Welcome

2 Presentation History of Intl IP System WIPO Today WIPOs Main Activities

3 Milestones : 1883 to 2007 Paris Convention 1883 1886 1891 1893 1925 1960 1967 1970 1989 2002 Berne Convention Madrid Agreement BIRPI Hague Agreement BIRPI moves to Geneva WIPO Convention WIPO established PCT Madrid Protocol Internet Treaties

4 Status: An intl intergovernmental organization Member States: 184 Staff: 915 from 94 countries Treaties Administered: 24 Decisions by: GA, CC, WIPO Conference Guiding Principles: Transparency, Accountability, Consensus To promote the protection of IP rights worldwide and extend the benefits of the international IP system to all member States WIPOs Mission: Basic Facts about WIPO

5 IP: A Tool for Development Intellectual Property Offices Public Sector & Policy-Makers General Public & Civil Society Building awareness

6 WIPOs Activities Norm- Setting Services to Industry Economic Development

7 n AIM: Progressive development of international IP law for an IP system that is: –balanced/responsive to emerging needs –effective in encouraging innovation/creativity –sufficiently flexible to accommodate national policy objectives n Address/provide info. on current & emerging issues in IP - (review/discussion of topical issues in standing committees). Norm Setting

8 Patents: Patents: - Operational issues / Political challenges: (gtr public scrutiny) - Clarify issues /Discuss improvements … in line with economic development strategies Copyright & Related Rights: Trademarks, Designs, Geographical Indications: Copyright & Related Rights: - encourage broader use of system - ensure it is in line with digital environ. - WCT/WPPT - major advance - implementation Trademarks, Designs, Geographical Indications: - develop intl TM law; Legal advice; - promote convergence of admin. Practices; soft law approach Aim: Aim: (i) Build consensus on topical issues; (ii) Take into account interests of all stakeholders for a balanced, reliable, efficient, user-friendly, cost-effective system

9 Norm Setting Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge, Access to Genetic Resources, Folklore Aim: Aim: Generate practical benefits from IPS to support: socio-economic development; cultural integrity of communities; address concerns of indigenous peoples … IGC (2000): IGC (2000): debate broad policy and legal questions; share practical experience; and develop practical tools and mechanisms Status: Status: Maturing process - common objectives/core principles. Mandate: Mandate: International dimension/no outcome excluded

10 Economic Development To maximize strategic use of IP for development by: - updating IP legislation - upgrading IP infrastructure - demystifying IP - promoting understanding of policy options offered by IPS Approach: tailored to specific national needs (NFAPs, etc. via regional offices)

11 Emphasis on …. n Networks n Outreach n Training n Collective Copyright Management Organizations n Innovation Promotion

12 Development Agenda for WIPO n Adopted in September 2007 n 45 agreed proposals covering 6 clusters of activities –Technical Assistance and Capacity Building; –Norm-setting, Flexibilities, Public Policy and Public Knowledge; –Technology Transfer, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Access to Knowledge; –Assessments, Evaluation and Impact Studies; –Institutional Matters including Mandate and Governance n New Committee on Development and Intellectual Property –develop a work-program for implementation –monitor, assess, discuss and report on implementation of recommendations and discuss IP and development issues

13 n Distance Learning Program n Professional Training n Policy Dvpt., Tchg & Rsrch n Training of trainers n Partnerships/IP educational materials … WIPO Worldwide Academy Training

14 Economic Development Innovators & SMEs n Aim: Improve IP awareness to enable formulation & implementation of policies; programs; strategies n Enhance strategic use of IP assets by SMEs e.g. licensing agreements; finance; IP information to monitor competitors, etc.

15 Services Enhancement of global protection systems to simplify and reduce costs of obtaining protection in multiple countries for: PATENTS (PCT): TRADEMARKS (MADRID) INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS (HAGUE) GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATIONS (LISBON) MICRO-ORGANISMS (BUDAPEST)

16 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) 139 Contracting Parties

17 International Trademark Registration: The Madrid System 82 Contracting Parties

18 Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) WIPO Arbitration & Mediation Center Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) I. Classical Arbitration & Mediation Services II. Tailor-made dispute resolution procedures: UDRP e.g.: UDRP Criteria: - identical/confusingly similar - legitimate interest - bad faith Criteria: - identical/confusingly similar - legitimate interest - bad faith cost-effective and expeditious procedure (

19 WIPOs Income 2008/09 Budget: 623.3 million Swiss francs

20 The World Intellectual Property Organization Thank you

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