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SMEs Division April 2009, Warsaw Mr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya Director Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Division World Intellectual Property Organization.

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1 SMEs Division April 2009, Warsaw Mr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya Director Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Division World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) WIPOs Experience on Capacity-Building on IP for SMEs and IP PANORAMA as an Effective Capacity-Building Tool

2 SMEs Division SMEs Division: Background In September 2000, the WIPO Assemblies approved the creation of a substantial new program of activities, focusing on the IP-related needs of SMEs worldwide SMEs Division established in October 2000

3 SMEs Division Producing Guides WIPO/ITC Guide on Marketing of Crafts and Visual Arts; Role of Intellectual Property; A practical guide WIPO/ITC Guide on Secrets of Intellectual Property: Guide for Small and Medium Sized Exporters WIPO/ITC Guide on Exchanging Value: Negotiating Technology Licensing Agreements - A Training Manual ITC Guide on Exporting Automotive Components

4 SMEs Division

5 IP for Business Series Published Making a Mark (Trademarks) Looking Good (Designs) Inventing the Future (Patents) Creative Expression (Copyrights)

6 SMEs Division Translation and Customization Completed and/or Under way, with funding from several sources, in the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Estonia, Hungary, Iran, Italy, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Lao PDR, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Moldova, Mongolia, Mozambique, Morocco, Nepal, New Zealand, Panama, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Rwanda, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, Vietnam, Zimbabwe 16 Countries members of the OAPI

7 SMEs Division Website of SMEs division

8 SMEs Division SMEs Newsletter Monthly e-newsletter in the 6 UN languages (Free) Content includes articles, updates with information, links and documents Launched in August 2001 More than 33,000 subscribers

9 SMEs Division Articles Some articles recently published: IPR Protection at Trade Fairs or Exhibitions in China Role of Intellectual Property in Enhancing the Competitiveness of the Tourism Industry IP Due Diligence Readiness Get Your Assets in Gear: Aligning IP Strategy and Business Strategy Trade Secrets and Employee Loyalty

10 SMEs Division Partnership National and Regional IP Offices National SMEs support institutions Chambers of Commerce and Industry Universities and R & D Institutes Incubators, Science Parks, Technology Parks Other UN Agencies (ITC, UNCTAD, UNESCAP, ILO, etc)

11 SMEs Division IP PANORAMA Project May 2003, WIPO OECD Forum IP Academy as a best practice of KIPO and KIPA Nov 2004, Trilateral Agreement Joint Development of E-learning Content (JDEC) JDEC Article 1. Purpose to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially of developing countries, and universities with an effective educational tool for sharing IP-related knowledge

12 SMEs Division Current Modules and Further Development Basic ModulesAdvanced Modules 1. Importance of IP for SMEs 2. Trademarks and Industrial Designs 3. Invention and Patent 4. Trade Secrets 5. Copyright and Related Rights 6. Patent Information 7. Technology Licensing in a Strategic Partnership 8. IP in the Digital Economy 9. IP and International Trade 10. IP Audit Trademark Licensing (by December 2008) Valuation of IPRs (by December 2008) Franchising and IPRs (in 2009) Merchandizing (in 2009) Enforcement of IPRs (in 2010)

13 SMEs Division Target Audience Employees of enterprise, especially SMEs and SME support institutions Students of engineering, MBA schools or law schools, and various other educational institutions General public and policy makers

14 SMEs Division Free Access Through the Internet Publicly available from the website of SMEs Division

15 SMEs Division

16 SMEs Division Distribution of IP PANORAMA on CD-ROM Member States of WIPO Partners of the SMEs Division

17 SMEs Division Translation and Adaptation For wider use of IP PANORAMA, it is necessary to translate the content into various languages; options: -Translate only the narration -Translate the narration and the learning points -Translate the entire content plus sound recording of the translated narration Each company, educational institute or country may adapt IP PANORAMA as per their respective needs -IP PANORAMA adapted for your company -Adapting IP PANORAMA for IP for business courses

18 SMEs Division IP for Business Courses We strongly encourage the establishment of an IP for Business Course in educational institutions of higher learning by using IP PANORAMA. -On-line, Off-line or Blended Learning -Using IP PANORAMA as main material, sub- material or as a reference KIPA runs IP for Business Courses in partnership with two universities in the Republic of Korea.

19 SMEs Division Weekon/off-linethemecontentslecturer 1stOff-line IP for business in knowledge-driven society - Introduction of intellectual property (IP) for business - Importance of IP management 2nd On-line (module1,2,3) - Invention and patent (A story about Fox Telecom's folder mobile phone) - Trademarks and Industrial Designs (A story of Seona and its MP3 pleayer) self-study 3rdOff-line Development of technology and patent - The basic of patents (International and domestic views) - What is patent, how to protect patent and how to untilze patent for your business 4thOff-line Trademarks and industrial designs - The basics of trademarks and industrial designs (International and domestic views) - The role and importance of trademarks and industrial designs for creating and strengthening the brand of your business. 5th On-line (module4,5) -Trade secrets (A story about the leak of trade secrets of Fox Telecom) - Copyright and related right (A story about Seona s copyright infringement) self-study 6thOff-line Trade secrets and copyright - How to protect confidential information of company - The basic concepts of copyright and related rights 7thMidtermOnline multiple-choice test (in English) 8th On-line (module6) - Patent Information (A story about the development of new digital camera in Tolmnex)self-study 9thOff-linePatent Information - The concept, role and importance of patent information - Practice in patent information search (Keyword searching) 10th On-line (module7) - Technology licensing in a strategic partnership (A story about technology licensing between Tolmnex and Picmara) self-study 11thOff-line Strategic Technology Licensing - The concept, strategies and main considerations of licensing - The case study on technology licensing 12th on-line (module9) - IP and international trade (A story about Knoxx Electronics)self-study 13thoff-line Strategic IP management in the overseas market - The protection and management of IP in the export market - IP in international outsourcing 14th on-line (module 8, 10) - IP in the digital economy (A story about online market of Saomink) - IP audit (A story about IP audit of Knoxx Electronics) self-study 16thFinal examTeam Project (Make presentation about IP management of overseas and domestic company)

20 SMEs Division World Wide Promotion and Use No cost or royalty payment for use of IP PANORAMA by non-profit institutions Formal agreement with the IP Office of Thailand (Nov. 2007) and of Portugal (Apr. 2008) to create translated versions of IP PANORAMA Permitted the IP Office of the Philippines (July. 2008) to reproduce IP PANORAMA CD for wide distribution in the country Organizing education programs with KIPA, MNCCI, VCCI, KWIA, NID, Napoli University, etc. Asian Regional Seminar held in Jeju, Korea, from Dec 13 and 14, 2007, to promote the use of IP PANORAMA in creating awareness and building capacity of entrepreneurs, SMEs and university students Referred and used by various institutions world wide

21 SMEs Division











32 Suggested Cooperative Activities Translation and Adaptation -IP for Business Series, IP PANORAMA -Open Source Model / Various Business Models Establishing Education Programs -Seminars and Academic Programs for enterprises, students or policy makers IP PANORAMA Business School for Korean Companies in October 2008, Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs in May 2009

33 SMEs Division Guriqbal Singh Jaiya Tel)+41-22-338-9718 Fax)+41-22-338-8760 WIPO SMEs Web-Site IP for Business Series in Publications IP PANORAMA in Multimedia E-NEWSLETTER

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