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WIPO Forum 2008 Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales September 10 th – 11th 2008 Dr Brian More –Coventry University Business Support Services.

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2 WIPO Forum 2008 Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales September 10 th – 11th 2008 Dr Brian More –Coventry University Business Support Services

3 The region and its industrial significance 5.27 million people 9% of UK population more than half in cities 20.4% in the manufacturing sector 32,000 listed buildings 5 areas of outstanding beauty 13 Universities/HE Colleges Source: GOWM At the heart of Innovation since 1700

4 Patent Activity The West Midlands has the 3 rd lowest R&D expenditure of the English regions

5 Trademark Activity There was a 30% reduction in design applications 2004 to 2005

6 Barriers to SME IP Activity 1.Cost – Both direct fees and opportunity costs 2.Value for money 3.Complexity 4.Time 5.Need for secrecy 6.Difficulty in enforcing IP rights Still the case since the mid 1900s

7 Targeted SME Support West Midlands IP Forum – Fillip Funded by the RDA – Advantage West Midlands Managed by Coventry University Enterprises Ltd Remit –To raise awareness of IP –To form a Forum of IP Professionals in the West Midlands to provide businesses with a one stop shop for IP –To establish a website for IP Resources –Managed Grant Funding for IP related work

8 Achievements In the West Midlands Fillip has: Engaged with 327 individuals Engaged with 305 businesses Held 12 events Managed a competition to win IP funding; providing £149,500 of funding to small and medium sized businesses

9 Fillip Awards Fillip Awards Process –63 applications received for national and international patent and trade mark registration, legal support and commercialisation –eleven stage one winners –Applications judged by an independent panel –Intervention rate 90%, £4,500 grant, £500 company –Five of the eleven stage one winners received up to £20k in additional stage two funding –Intervention rate 80%, £20,000 grant, £5,000 company

10 Diversity and Business Requirements Competition Winners Bayport Medical Medical – Rehabilitation product Diesel International Automotive Fuelling device Fingerpin –Software development- authentication product Forensic pathways ICT & Manufacturing- management of information Hyfinity Computer software –enterprise applications Environment - reusable seal Makmarine Leisure Industry – Jet ski Nailseal Construction industry improved performance & productivity of nail guns Oneswitch Environmental electronics – energy saving device Piezotag Automotive - Sensors Surface Processing Metal Processing – processing in the motor industry

11 Case study 1 Mak Marine The Fillip grant has enabled Mak Marine to under pin core IP value (Simon McLoughlin, MD of Mak Marine) The grant was used in international patent and trade mark applications in order to build a strong and defensible world- wide brand

12 Case study 2 Surface Processing Limited I'd not realised how important patent protection was for our company until we started licence negotiation, suddenly we were taken seriously by all concerned (Adrian McMurray, MD of SPL) The grant was used for extending the TM to CTM, international patent application, drafting and negotiating a license agreement.

13 Case study 3 'The IP has provided the backbone around which all else has been built' (Peter Martin, MD of Martin's routes to market are now clearer...............the route he now favours is going directly to the caps and closure packaging manufacturers and striking a licensing deal there Breaking into new markets with the RE:tie

14 The future of Fillip 1.Proposed company limited by guarantee 2.Subscription from IP professional companies and SMEs 3.Extend the network to cover other legal and commercial professions 4.Training, education and networking event organisation 5.Investigate further funding from DG Enterprise EU FP7 Project 6.Annual award for IP and innovation in SMEs Stage a prestigious event to disseminate all the case study companies Covers aspects of IP use in business, including raising finance November 11 th at West Bromwich Albion Football ground

15 Member Companies Anthony Collins Solicitors AutoGlobal Business Network Ltd Barker Brettell LLP Browne Jacobson Chapman Molony Coller IP Management Forresters Leaman Browne Marks & Clerk Martineau Johnson MS Research & Consulting Roome Associates Swindell & Pearson Varley Hibbs Wilson Gunn Withers & Rogers Wright Hassall LLP

16 Contacting the Fillip Network Contact Details Corinne Edwards -07974 984350 Email - Thank you for listening – Fillip would like you to become a member

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