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Affinity Groups: What, Why and How? Cary Academy Office of Diversity.

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1 Affinity Groups: What, Why and How? Cary Academy Office of Diversity

2 What is an affinity group? The term affinity group is used as a bringing together of people who have something important in common, e.g. race, gender, profession, or special interests. Any significant historical movement or everyday social interaction could probably be traced to the actions of people who share a common experience and passion. - NAIS

3 Types of Affinity Groups Ability Age Ethnicity Gender Race Religion Sexual Orientation Socio-economic Status (Class) Appearance Educational Background Family of Origin, Family Make Up Geographic/Regional Background Language Learning Style Beliefs (political, social, religious) = have existed at CA

4 Why do affinity groups exist? To build community among their members To identify common issues faced among the group To share successes in members’ environments To promote ideas for action To provide opportunities for affirmation and celebration To prepare for deep and honest cross-cultural dialogue with other affinity groups NAIS has long supported affinity groups in independent schools. A large number of successful diversity initiatives in independent schools across the country originated out of conversations in these groups.

5 Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) Students of Color Affinity Groups – Multicultural – Gender-based – Homogenous (same-race or ethnicity) – Trans-racial adoption “Minority” Religion Affinity Groups (ex. Jewish, Muslim, etc.) Students with Learning Differences Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered (GLBT) Student Affinity Groups In Independent Schools

6 Existing/past affinity groups Updated student organizational policy fully recognizes affinity groups Need is “organic,” comes from the students and not administration Interested? Contact Office of Diversity! How does this relate to CA?

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