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World Intellectual Property Organization Using the Madrid System as a Strategic Tool for Business Success Geneva, October 9, 2008 Federico Guicciardini.

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2 World Intellectual Property Organization Using the Madrid System as a Strategic Tool for Business Success Geneva, October 9, 2008 Federico Guicciardini Corsi Salviati Officer-in-charge Information and Promotion Division (IPD) Sector of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications

3 Madrid System Introduction The WIPO-administered Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks offers a worldwide oriented route to trademark protection in multiple countries by filing a single applicationMadrid Systemapplication The system is governed by two treaties: The Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (1891) and the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement (operational since 1996)

4 Madrid System One System – Two Treaties Madrid Agreement (1891), latest revision of 1979Madrid Agreement Madrid Protocol (1989), operational since April 1, 1996, latest revision as from September 1, 2008Madrid Protocol Common Regulations and Administrative Instructions, latest revisions on January 1, 2008Common Regulations

5 Madrid System Objectives of the System Facilitates the international registration and administration of Marks in up to 84 Contracting Parties: –through a single administrative procedure –in a single language and currency –by centralizing the filing of applications –through central management of registrations

6 Madrid System Criteria for Using the System Natural person or legal entity with a connection with a Country and/or with an intergovernmental organization which is a member of the Madrid System (referred to as Contracting Parties) A basic application or a basic registration in that given Contracting Party

7 Madrid System Accession to the System Any State which is a party to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property may become a party to the Agreement or the Protocol or both by depositing an instrument of accession An intergovernmental organization may also become a party to the Protocol (but not the Agreement), on certain conditions

8 Madrid System The Registration Procedure A basic registration and/or application is needed The international application is presented to WIPO by the Office of Origin Formalities carried out by WIPO Role of Designated Contracting Parties Centralized management by WIPOmanagement

9 Madrid System International Registration Forms

10 Madrid System Examination by the DCP The Office of a designated CP examines the registration in exactly the same way as a national application Provisional refusal to be expressed within 12/18+ months Provisional refusal recorded in the WIPO Gazette and transmitted to the holderGazette If no provisional refusal/withdrawal is expressed, the designated CP issues a grant of protection

11 Madrid System Effects of the Registration An international registration designating one or more Contracting Parties through the Madrid System is equivalent to a bundle of national registrations unless a provisional refusal is notified to WIPO within the relevant time limit (Protocol, Article 4)Article 4

12 Madrid System Dependence on the Basic Mark An IR remains dependent on the mark registered or applied for in the Office of origin for a period of five years from the date of registration After this period, the IR becomes independent of the basic registration or application

13 Madrid System Subsequent Designation A registration can be extended to CPs not covered by the international application by filing a subsequent designation This makes it possible to extend protection to new CPs which were not members of the System at the time of the initial application

14 Madrid System Changes in the International Register Change in the name or address of the holder may be processed by WIPO, as well as: –Limitation of the list of goods and services in respect of all or some of the designated CPsLimitation –Renunciation in respect of some of the designated CPs for all the goods and servicesRenunciation –Cancellation of the IR in respect of all the designated CPs for all or some of the goods and servicesCancellation –Licence granted in respect of all or some of the designated CPs for all or some of the goods and servicesLicence

15 Madrid System Duration of Registration An international registration is effective 10 years and may be renewed for further periods of 10 years on payment of the prescribed fees The renewal is possible in respect of all the designated CPs or in respect of only some of them

16 Madrid System Effects for the Office of Origin Singapore 2000 – 2007 No. of Applications Received Courtesy Mr. L. Chan, IPOS

17 Madrid System The International Application Simulator

18 Madrid System Searching Procedure

19 Madrid System Information Required

20 Madrid System List of DCPs

21 Madrid System Calculation CHF 8,622

22 Madrid System Results

23 Madrid System The ROMARIN

24 Madrid System The ROMARIN

25 Madrid System The ROMARIN

26 Madrid System Conclusions Administrative efficiency and flexibility Overall management by WIPO (savings on costs) Business asset increasing commercial value of a company and its products Allowing right holders to target national, regional or global markets International protection with a minimum of formalities and expense Advantages for the Offices of Origin

27 Madrid System Madrid Union (84 Members)

28 Madrid System Madrid Union Members (84) 1996 - 2008

29 Madrid System International Registrations in Force On June 30, 2008, the International Bureau of WIPO declared: Some 499,000 registrations in force Some 5.5 million active designations Some 164,000 different right holders (many of them SMEs) Average of 8.2 CPs in which protection is required As of June 2008, the International Bureau received 20,946 applications, representing 6.8% increase over 2007

30 Madrid System Major User CPs (2007) CountryNo. FilingGrowthShare Germany6,0907.5%15.2% France3,9306.1%9.8% US3,74118.8%9.4% EC3,37137.9%8.4% Italy2,664-9.9%6.7% Switzerland2,6577.7%6.7% Benelux2,510-4.9%6.3% China1,4448.7%3.6% UK1,17811.8%2.9% Australia1,1696.3%2.9% Austria1,1341.5%2.8% Japan98416.2%2.5% Russian Fed.88942.9%2.2%

31 Madrid System Some Top Users (2007) Henkel (DE); Janssen Pharmaceutica (BE); Novartis (CH); L'Oreal (FR); Unilever (NL); Société des Produits Nestlé (CH); Sanofi-Aventis (FR); Siemens Building Technologies Fire & Security Products (DE); BASF (DE); ITM Enterprises (FR); Bayer (DE); BIOFARMA (FR); Richter Gedeon (HU); Lidl Stiftung (DE); Kraft Foods (CH); Philips Electronics (NL); Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma (DE); Syngenta (CH); Ecolab (DE); Merck (DE); Fiat Auto Financial Services (IT); Deutsche Postbank (DE); Bongrain (FR); Hofer (AT); Lancome Parfums (FR); Plus Warenhandelsgesellschaft (DE); Migros (CH); DaimlerChrysler (DE); Wella (DE); MIP Metro (DE); Nycomed (DE); Renault (FR); Cognis (DE); Kodak (FR); Michelin (FR); Beiersdorf (DE); Akzo (NL); Sony (CH); Schering (DE); DSM (NL); Eckes (DE); Peugeot (FR); Pierre Fabre Médicament (FR); Citroën (FR); Gervais Danone (FR); KRKA (SI); Pierre Fabre (FR); Philip Morris (CH); Parfums Christina Dior (FR); Ferrero (IT); Volkswagen (DE); Groupe Auchan (FR); Alcon (CH); UCB Pharma (BE); Heraeus-Asalmaz-Katalysatoren (DE); BSH Bosh und Siemens Hausgeräte (DE), Reckitt Benckiser (NL); SEB (FR); Bayerische (DE); 3 SUISSES (FR); N.V. Organon (NL); Deutsche Telekom (de); Ciba (CH); OSRAM (DE); Zentiva (CZ); Intervet International (NL); Mülhens (DE); Chanel (FR); Reemstsma (DE); Bayer CropScience (FR); F. HOFFMANN LA ROCHE (CH); Accor (FR); Société dImportation Leclerc (FR); Glaxo Group (GB); Clariant (CH); Hans Schwarzkopf & Henkel (DE); Solvay (BE); Avon Cosmetics (DE); Pirelli (IT); Buttress (NL); Otto (DE); Barilla (IT); Aldi (DE); Triumph International (DE); Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck (DE); Aventis Pharma (FR); Hoechst (DE); Sara Lee (NL); N.V. Internationale Drukkerij en Uitgeverij Keesing (BE); Beauté Créateurs (FR); Saint-Gobain Emballage (FR); Ceva Santé Animale (CH); Esso (CH); Grünenthal (DE); Laboratoire Garnier (FR); Richemont International (FR); Austria Telecommunication (AT); Bourjois (FR)

32 Madrid System Most Designated CPs (*) 2007 (*) In applications and subsequent designations

33 Madrid System No. of Designations per Registration

34 Madrid System Registrations 2003 - 2007

35 Madrid System Renewals 2003 - 2007 - 2'000 4'000 6'000 8'000 10'000 12'000 14'000 16'000 18'000 20'000 R 6'637 7'345 7'496 15'205 17'478 g 10.2%10.7%2.1%102.8%14.9% 20032004200520062007

36 Madrid System Applications 2003 - 2007

37 Madrid System Trademarks in Force (June 2008)

38 Madrid System Fees At June 30, 2008, applicants paid on average 3,656 CHF for an international registration 53% of international registrations are less than 3,000 CHF Average of 8.2 designations per each registration A Fee Calculator is available on WIPO WebsiteFee Calculator

39 Madrid System The Madrid System Website The Madrid SystemMadrid System Filing InformationFiling Madrid System Information NoticesInformation Notices Multimedia, Guides and Information MaterialMultimedia Material Annual Statistics Contacts The SMEs Division of WIPODivision

40 Madrid System Information Products & Services Various legal texts and guides: paper material and on-line publication (free access) WIPO Gazette: paper and CD subscription, on-line free accessGazette Fee Calculator: on-line costing service (free access)Calculator Madrid Simulator: on-line help guide (free access)Simulator ROMARIN: on-line search database (free access) and DVD (subscription)ROMARIN

41 World Intellectual Property Organization Many thanks!

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