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EBU - European Broadcasting Union

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1 EBU - European Broadcasting Union
75 Active EBU members from 56 countries 45 Associate members around the world 470 TV channels and 904 Radio channels more than 200 million TV households and 600 million viewers every week more than 60 million people visit EBU members web services every day

2 Developments in broadcasting technologies
Information Meeting on ‘ Developments in Broadcasting’ WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organisation Lieven Vermaele Director EBU TECHNICAL European Broadcasting Union

3 Innovation Innovation happens Innovation creates Innovation causes
In devices (mobile phones, PDA, i-pod, PC, …) In networks (broadband, 3G, DVB-H, …) In services (on demand, interactive, breaking news, podcast …) Innovation creates Competitive markets New economic models New content, concepts and advertising models New (alternative) players or bring them together New offer or a better deal (service, price) for the consumer Innovation causes important changes in our eco-systems/value chain an (r)evolution and cannot be stopped As long as you are in control of new (techn) implementations, you can ‘control’ the (r)evolution (teletext, digital radio, CD) Today, BC org are less in control (mobile, Ipod, P2P, iPTV, Broadband)

4 From broadcasting to media organisatons
Market tomorrow Market yesterday organisations Traditional Cross- & Multimedia organisations more choice & quality Expanded linear programming radio & TV (more choice &quality) Current linear programming radio & TV (one-to-many) New non-linear programming radio & TV more control New media services i-Player, i-pod, Broadband media, ... more services Broadcasting organisations evolve to (multi-)media organisations and are (cross-)active in all media services on different platforms

5 Media usage context (network + platform)
intentional use: good companionship, interact, brief me interactivity: high screen: small content mainly for ad hoc usage Mobile context Shared context Personal context intentional use: wallpaper, lean backward, surprise me interactivity: easy, simple, low screen: large, HDTV, home cinema (high quality) rich and multimedia content intented for shared usage intentional use: Lean forward, brief/surprise me (inter)activity: high screen: medium rich multimedia and interactive content mainly for personal (deeper) usage

6 Area of media services and media context
LINEAR (audio-visual mat) NON LINEAR (audio-visual mat) MULTIMEDIA (data, text, pictures, game) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 SHARED (lean backward) PERSONAL (lean forward) MEDIA - CONTEXT MOBILE (on the move)

7 Triple play in content and in context
MEDIA - SERVICES LINEAR (audio-visual mat) NON LINEAR (audio-visual mat) MULTIMEDIA (data, text, pictures, game) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 SHARED (lean backward) Media companies: a integrated media service via one brand PERSONAL (lean forward) MEDIA - CONTEXT media experience adapted/presented for every context MOBILE (on the move)

8 Media organisations grow ...
MEDIA - SERVICES LINEAR (audio-visual mat) NON LINEAR (audio-visual mat) MULTIMEDIA (data, text, pictures, game) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 SHARED (lean backward) PERSONAL (lean forward) MEDIA - CONTEXT Media companies expected by tge public to be active on all platforms: Different services Different networks Different devices MOBILE (on the move)

9 Total media experience ... total value
Morgan Stanley – tech reports . Source: CBS Sports Interactive

10 Mature media services – ‘high customer value’
Mature media services – ‘high customer value’ ‘value of investment’ versus ‘protection of service’

11 Multi channel and multi-platform delivery
From Traditional channel Most important devices Traditional Media Analogue cable/terr FM analogue TV Radio Broadband DSL/Cable, PC Multi-Channel Multi-purpose devices Towards Analogue Cable Multi- and cross-media offer FM analogue iDTV TV Broadband Cable Digital Cable Radio HDTV ADSL/Broadband TV VDSL GSM PCTV GPRS UMTS/3G Game Cons PC DAB Others: PDA, … Satellite, … Media content will be delivered via different technologies (=channels) to different devices (=platforms). The media users expect that this content (brand) will be accessible continuously and via interoperable devices.

12 Different networks to reach the public (‘New’: broadband)
Different networks to reach the public (‘New’: broadband) ‘IPTV over DSL’ compared with DVB-S and DVB-C Satellite DVB-S Digital-Bouquet DVB-C Broadband- cable- head end Distribution ARD linear IPTV and IP Radio DSL- head end IPTV Multicast Unicast WWW + IPTV IP Radio DSL-Access Broadband-Internet PoP DSLAM Voice-phone © WDR November 2008, Technology and Innovation Management

13 IP/Broadband based media services Managed & Un-Managed solutions

14 Dedicated-device approach
Consumer Access to Internet Content on/for the TV Different devices come to the market PC-centric Vertical operators + CE-centric Integrated Philips NetTV Sony’s Bravia Link ActiVila in Japan Dedicated-device approach Vudu Xbox 360 Game consoles PS3 TiVo Apple TV + Easy experience + Cost effective +/- (semi-) open system Differentiators Media Center PC for the living room Media Center Software Multi-play bundles HD on-demand PVR functionality Media Guide Local content + Desktop PC Windows Media Extender + Flexible platform + Processing power Complicated Costly + Television focused + Managed Service Closed system Limited offer Monthly subscription charge

15 What is P2P (Peer-to-Peer)?
P2P is a distribution network using the users‘ infrastructure each user receives and transmits segments to other users Users must allow to use their machine‘s storage, processing power and upload capacity Both linear and on-demand services over the internet real time video/audio streaming file downloading © WDR November 2008, Technology and Innovation Management

16 P2P – ease to use – roles? Tracker-Server organises and updates
sources (Peers) of the Torrents 5. BT- Client opens Torrent and receives sources from the tracker x.. 2. SHA1- Hash of pieces and source a. x.. 0. 7. BT- Client signs on at the tracker as a source 6. Download of 1st Piece 1. break down into pieces Seeder of media file 2 kB 4. Transfer of Torrent- file via Mail, Webserver or RSS 3. Torrent-file with metadata and Hashs © WDR November 2008, Technology and Innovation Management

17 P2P - legal usage P2P usage by broadcasters
P2P assisted Live-Streaming Octoshape: DW-World, TVE - Televisión Española, ESC 2008, EBU Media Portal … P2P based on-Demand Streaming respectively Download: - BBC‘s iPlayer P2P usage by content aggregators P2P supported Live-Streaming: Zattoo (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Spain) Miro combines a Software based open content guide with RSS and BitTorrent (BT): platform for video podcasts from NBC, PBS, NRK, … according to -1 Million users in Germany in October 2008 Miro, started as Democracy Player; combining RSS based subscription to video podcasts and BT based P2P distribution (we already know from µTorrent) (developed as Open Source by the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF))  decoding and rendering by VLC,.. - NBC meet the press: interviews with newsmakers from around the world every Sunday morning -PBS e2 is an ongoing PBS documentary series that chronicles efforts to solve the world's most pressing ecological - NRK So… if guys from NBC, PBS or NRK are here, I am curious to hear if this is an official co-operation. There’s also content of WDR, but it seems to be a gray area we may describe as toleration

18 P2P – illegal usage Music was my first love ... but others follow

19 P2P – illegal usage Media types: traffic volume content type (Germany, BitTorent)

20 Future outlook Bandwidth growth

21 Future outlook Subscriber growth

22 Future outlook Performance growth
more performant systems arrive in the home professional tools enter and can be run at home

23 Future outlook Storage growth

24 Conclusions Today, unlawful copying and redistribution of broadcasts can be done more easier by anybody without special technical knowledge New technologies and services to improve the consumption of broadcasts will be developed only if the broadcasters' investments therein are adequately protected Broadcasters need effective protection against any unauthorized retransmission of their broadcasts, i.e. via any platform, and be it simultaneously, deferred, or only partly

25 Thank you Lieven Vermaele

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