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Active Aerobics and Recreation

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1 Active Aerobics and Recreation
Chapter 8 Active Aerobics and Recreation

2 Active Aerobics Activities vigorous enough to elevate the heart rate above the heart rate threshold Aerobic activities are among the most popular and the most beneficial to all activities in the physical activity pyramid

3 Benefits of Active Aerobics
They often do not require high levels of skill They frequently are not competitive They often can be done at home or near home They often do not require a partner or a group

4 Types of Aerobic Class’ Gyms Offer
Step Aerobics Aerobic Dance (Zumba) Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Combat Martial Arts Yoga RPM (cycling or spinning)

5 Other Types of Aerobic Activity
Aerobic Machines (treadmills, bikes, elliptical machines, stair steppers Bicycling Dance Jumping Rope Swimming Water Aerobics

6 Circuit Training Performing several different exercises one after the other This can be done using weights, aerobic type exercises, calisthenics, etc.

7 Active Recreation All activities that are fun and typically non-competitive

8 Leisure Time Free time for you to do whatever you want
Recreational activity Activity that you want to do during your leisure time

9 Types of Leisure Activities
Backpacking and hiking Boating, canoeing, kayaking, and rowing Skating Skateboarding Rock climbing Skiing Jogging

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