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® ® Intellectual Property and Financing Ronald Crawford - IP and Brand Protection Manager.

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1 ® ® Intellectual Property and Financing Ronald Crawford - IP and Brand Protection Manager

2 ®® NIKE FOOTBALL BRAND OVERVIEW Its all about the football!!!

3 ®® Contents

4 ®®

5 ®® Mission Statement To provide Arsenal with increased income, profitability, cash generation and financial strength which would allow the Club to compete at the very highest level of domestic and European football.

6 ®® Arsenal Objectives and Values

7 ®®® History of innovation and firsts in football Introduction of shirt numbers Introduction of white ball Most technologically advanced football Club stadium in Europe Founded in 1886 Highbury stadium - 1913 – 2006 Emirates Stadium – Opened 2006/07 season Club built on stability – 19 Managers in 122 years Key Facts

8 ®® Fan profile Demographic 54% of Arsenal season ticket holders drawn from the AB Professional and Managerial social classes Customer spend potential 9,000 premium seats at Emirates, delivering more revenue than our entire old stadium each game Luxury surroundings Diamond Club, invite only with 84 members each spending £25,000 per year Revenue Highest revenue generating stadium in world football with the fans to match

9 ®® 168 Diamond Club Seats Waiting list in operation 150 Box holders Waiting list in operation 7,000 Club level members Waiting list in operation 27 Million Fans worldwide Fan base 35,000 Season Ticket holders (Gold members) Waiting list in operation 23,000 Silver members Waiting list in operation 100,000 Red members Active database of 400,000 40,000 Junior Gunners

10 ®® INDEX

11 ® Source: Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance May 2oo8 m Premier League (England) Serie A (Italy) Bundesliga (Germany) La Liga (Spain) Ligue 1 (France) THE LEAGUES TABLE Revenue growth in top 5 leagues 1996-2008 (Source: Deloitte) 11Page

12 ®® WHY ARE THEY TOP? The Barclays Premier League is broadcast in 204 countries 533m homes receive the channels which broadcast Barclays Premier League Average cumulative audience of 75m each week throughout the season Total global cumulative audience across the season as a whole of 2.95bn

13 ®® Revenue Breakdown By League ® Big 5 League Revenue Sources 2006/07

14 ®®

15 ®® Arsenal Revenue Sources and Totals Source: Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance February 2009


17 ®® MediaSponsorship Licensing- Retail PartnershipsNaming Rights Corporate Partners Retail Partners Soccer School Partners Corporate Partners Retail Partners Soccer School Partners Television Radio New media Mobile Internet Kit Shirt Trademark Licensing Retail Stores Stadium Intellectual Property Revenue – A closer look

18 ®® Media Arsenal TV Arsenal Mobile Arsenal Magazine

19 ®® Sponsorship Official Kit Sponsor Official Sponsor

20 ®®

21 ®® Branded Merchandise On Site Retail Licensing-Retail Overseas Retail Online Shop

22 ®® Partnerships Naming Rights PARTNERSHIPS

23 ®® Technical partnerships Arsenal develops local on-field talent through local Clubs such as BEC Tero Sasana in Thailand and Ho anh Gia Lia in Vietnam. Project also includes commercial and marketing initiatives to aid these Clubs Club partnerships have included investment in Academies in Vietnam, and Thailand to help develop local talent Local media platforms local websites mobile services and publishing partners - provide channels to leverage value and target millions of Arsenal fans.

24 ®®

25 ® Naming Rights NAMING RIGHTS Naming Rights

26 ®® Factors for evaluating a sports brand future The fan base Sports brands must have a strong fan base. Size of home and international reach. Wealth of fans and franchise region. Historical success Sports brands values increase with the longevity and extent of playing success. Exploitation of the brand Sports brands attain more value if they are being skilfully marketed and maximising their financial value. Scarcity Sports brands are valued higher if there are fewer teams, limited access and fewer competitions. Values Brands which have clearly identifiable values and propositions are rated more highly, i.e. Man Utd Theatre of Dreams, Dallas Cowboys Americas team. Stars Past and present, fans and players. This factor adds glamour and desire to associate.

27 ®® INDEX

28 ®® Sponsorship Naming Rights Challenges

29 ®®

30 ®®

31 ®® INDEX How I help?

32 ®® Brand Protection IP TEAM Branding Sponsoring Communication Advertising Marketing Products & Services Human Resources

33 ®® IP SUPPORT WHEEL Design Guidelines Licensing Guidelines Trademarks Domain Names Keywords Trademarks Domain Names Internet Litigation Co-existence agreements Take down websites

34 ®® IP SUPPORT : Challenges Brand strategy vs. creativity Brand architecture vs. trademark strategy Machine vs. brain Quick wins vs. legal proceedings Quality vs. quantity Control vs. marketing Quality vs. quantity Quality vs. quantity "Use it or lose it"

35 ®® © 2008 Guardian online


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