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Overview of Commercial Patent Databases

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1 Overview of Commercial Patent Databases
Presented by Sunny Wang WIPO Regional Conference on Technology and Innovation Support Singapore, May 2010

2 Disclaimer Inclusion policy: This document describes services of value in patent searching, patent information, patent documentation, patent document delivery, and patent publishing. It has been assembled largely from input solicited on the PIUG-L list and wiki, contributions of service providers, and information selected from commercial source websites. Disclaimer: PIUG does not endorse, sanction, or verify the information that is provided on commercial sites. PIUG has no affiliation with any organization mentioned or described in this document.

3 Agenda Advantages of commercial databases
Major commercial vendors/suppliers LexisNexis Minesoft ProQuest Questal STN® International Thomson Reuters Additional vendors/suppliers Special search & analyze features Chemical Structure Bio Sequence Analyzing tools Summary

4 Advantages of commercial databases
Commercial providers add value to enhance retrieval and precision Provide integrated access to multiple sources of patent and non-patent literature (NPL) Enhance understanding of primary data through enhanced titles and abstracts Include precise indexing to target search Provide online thesauri to develop search Offer unique search tools to find specific or Markush structures and sequence information

5 Major Providers & Patent Databases
TotalPatentTM PatBase Dialog QPAT, STN International, CAS DWPI, Thomson Innovation

6 LexisNexis® TotalPatentTM
LexisNexis® is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions to professionals in law firms, corporations, government, law enforcement, tax, accounting, academic institutions and risk and compliance assessment. TotalPatent™ - Patent Research Services The TotalPatent™ service, now featuring semantic search technology, is a patent research, retrieval and analysis solution designed with the broadest and deepest collection of online first-level patent information available anywhere. Patent Search: leave nothing to chance. Improve patent integrity and corporate confidence with 22 full-text databases® virtually all the major patent authorities around the globe. And you can search in machine-translated English or the original language of publication. And now combine specific keyword searching with the new semantic search option to uncover related concepts to cover all the bases. Protect, develop, and maintain your IP assets. Improve the quality of your research and stay fully informed with easy access to the world's largest collection of searchable full-text and bibliographic information®with images, citations, legal status, and patent family collections all in one place. Download the free LexisNexis Toolbar to enhance the speed and depth of your patent research. It can be used to immediately launch a search in other LexisNexis services for seamless access directly from TotalPatent to full text non-patent prior art sources, caselaw, expert commentary and analytical content, current news, and other sources on®. Download the Toolbar now.

7 TotalPatentTM (cont.) Patent coverage
27 full-text authorities, some dating back to 1800s including English Machine Translations Bibliographic and abstract data from 96 authorities Includes clipped images, citations, legal status (INPADOC/US/Asia), patent families 70 million searchable compressed PDFs

8 TotalPatentTM (cont.) Features
The LexisNexisToolbar is integrated to other LexisNexis services including full-text non-patent prior art sources, caselaw, expert commentary,analytical content, current news, and other sources on Partnership between LexisNexis Univentio and Asia Online to translate between Asian and European languages; patent documents can be translated in multiple languages within 24 hours after publication in their original language and loaded onto TotalPatentTM LexisNexis® Semantic Search powered by PureDiscovery may help improve search results by adding concepts related to your search query Includes CourtLink for docketing details for US patents in litigation Unlimited PDF Downloads at no additional cost, as well as, analytics, reporting, alerts, combination searches, and de-duplication of patent families

9 TotalPatentTM (cont.) Semantic Searching: Identifies key concepts
Once identified, there is the ability to re-rank key terms before doing your searching

10 Minesoft PatBase Minesoft, founded in 1996, develops patent information services and solutions, linking technical, legal, bibliographic and full text patent information for patent professionals and research specialists. PatBase is a searchable patent database covering over 38 million patent families with historical information dating back to the early 1900s. 10 10

11 PatBase (cont.) Patent coverage
38 million patent families early 1900s–present 25 million full-text searchable documents from US, EP, PCT, GB, DE, FR, CA, CN, JP, KR and RU patent authorities Over 27 million patent images Updated daily Searchable by major patent classification Searching can be conducted by subject matter using IPC, USPC, ECLA, JP and DE classification systems. The PatBase statistical analysis feature enables users to analyse the frequency of a particular classification. For example, within keyword search results. Using the statistical analysis tool users can also analyse filing patterns of their competitors, locate the main patent filers within a specific area of technology, or simply identify the most appropriate classification for a particular subject. PatBase and IPC 8-9 The introduction of IPC 8-9 to PatBase will further enhance the valuable classification searching tool, adding another dimension to the existing International (IPC), European (ECLA) and US (USPC) Classifications. The old IPC (editions 1-7) remain as legacy data and continue to be searchable at all levels. IPC 8-9 is searchable at Core and/or Advanced levels, with further options to restrict to Invention and/or Non-invention classification(s). IPC 8-9 will be propagated across families for the backfile (prior to 2006), but the frontfile will not, and so each family member may have different classifications (as is the case with existing IPC classification). As PatBase is based upon one record = one extended family the frontfile classification will automatically be propagated across families. IPC 8 in PatBase, will therefore be searchable across families for the entire search period. 11 11

12 PatBase (cont.) Features Searchable detailed bibliographic data
Keyword searches of abstracts and full text Classification searches provided for IPC, USPC, ECLA, Japanese F-terms, and German Codes (DEKLA) Statistical analysis feature enables users to analyze the frequency of a particular classification, patent assignee, inventor, country or keywords within their set of results Hit view provides additional links 12 12

13 PatBase (cont.) Hit View provides additional links Links to:
Citation tree Family status Full text Classification Register Click to order PDF The display format can be selected from a number of options. There are four main display formats – Scan, Biblio, Full and Classic (Scan for a quick review of the results; Biblio for Applicant/Inventor searches; Full or Classic for subject matter searches) and eight further specialised display formats. The default is Full, but you can adjust the default setting. There are also many different sort options. Links are provided to look at the status, patent register (only for those countries with Patent Offices that have web-based patent registers), or full text. PatBase is divided into families, with each record (or family) a family number (fn). The fn is displayed at the top of each record. Each fn has a designated Master Patent. The purpose of this is that when you view the results list, you see more than just a family number. In addition, we make the Master Patent the US patent (if one exists in the family), else a WO, else EP, else GB, else FR, else DE. The idea is that the Master Patent will be in English whenever possible, and hence the abstract and title will also be in English. Hit View provides additional links 13 13

14 ProQuest Dialog Focus on Engineering and Technology
ProQuest creates specialized information resources and technologies that propel successful research, discovery, and lifelong learning. A global leader in serving libraries of all types, ProQuest offers the expertise of such respected brands as CSA™, UMI®, Chadwyck-Healey™, SIRS®, and eLibrary®. Focus on Engineering and Technology Dialog's premier collection of scientific and technical content supports scientists, engineers, and product managers as they seek to discover and pursue new R&D opportunities. Use Dialog's comprehensive collection of engineering and technology databases to monitor technology advancements, track standards and regulatory information, identify environmental issues, and discover alternative applications for products

15 Dialog (cont.) Coverage 470 million scientific literature records
187 million intellectual property records 733 million business and news information records

16 Dialog (cont.) Features
The largest collection of authoritative content accessible through a single search, focused on science and technology, intellectual property, and business and news Precision search for information professionals and knowledge workers Robust post-processing tools Sophisticated analytical and visualization tools

17 Patent Databases in Dialog
Interfaces supported: DialogLink 5 DialogClassic Web Dialog Alerts   File 123: CLAIMS(R)/Current Legal Status   File 324: GERMAN PATENTS FULLTEXT File 325: Chinese Patents FullText   File 331: Derwent WPI First View   File 340: CLAIMS(R)/US Patent   File 342: Patents Citation Index   File 344: Chinese Patents Abs   File 345: Inpadoc/Fam.& Legal Stat   File 347: JAPIO   File 348: EUROPEAN PATENTS   File 349: PCT FULLTEXT   File 351: Derwent WPI   File 353: Ei EnCompassPat(TM)   File 371: French Patents   File 447: IMS Patent Focus   File 652: US Patents Fulltext   File 654: US PAT.FULL.   File 670: LitAlert

18 Questel Questel has been focusing on its core business, Intellectual Property, for more than 30 years. Our worldwide recognized expertise is the result of privileged relationships with our customers and partners, and a constant integration of their needs in our offering. Our company is the result of the merging 10 years ago of Questel, a European-based company, and Orbit, a US-based company. Both companies also had a solid basis in Asia and Oceania. 20 of the 90 patent authorities are full-text based, the new state-of-the-art online portal applies the most advanced Web technologies to IP information services – all in one place: Search patents and designs Manage your portfolio Watch patents and legal status Order and Download copies    

19 Questel (cont.)
Coverage 90 patent offices, 1 family-grouped database Full text for 20 countries including China, Japan, and Korea Up-to-date classifications: European, U.S., IPC8, Japanese FI and F-terms Citations: AU, BE, CH, CY, DE, DK, EP, ES, FI, FR, GB, IT,JPA, JPB, NL, PCT, TR, US publications plus others to come INPADOC legal status with simplified DEAD and ALIVE indicators Exclusive PATOLIS-e comprehensive JP legal status 130 trademark, company, pharmaceutical and domain name databases 13 design databases

20 Questel (cont.)
Features Duplicate-free search results Multi-colored dynamic keyword browsing Real-time register information Family details with full- text Instant machine translation for 35 languages PatentExaminer sorts and filters documents according to user-controlled criteria Analyze documents by date, publication country, priority country, publication country timeline, and priority country timeline using online analyzing tool

21 Questel (cont.)

22 STN International CAS, the world’s most authoritative and comprehensive source of chemical substance information, offers the CAS REGISTRYSM - the largest collection of substance information - as well as indexed references from more than 10,000 major scientific journals, 60 patent authorities around the world, and other reputable web sources. STN is an online database service that provides global access to published research, journal literature, patents, structures, sequences, properties, and other data.  STN is operated jointly by CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe worldwide and is represented in Japan by JAICI.

23 STN (cont.) Selected Bibliographic Full-text Patents
The unsurpassed collection of essential science and technology databases on STN covers a wide range of topics, including: Patent family CAplusSM Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) IMSpatents – Pharmaceutical focus INPADOCDB INPAFAMDB Selected Bibliographic JAPIO KOREAPAT RUSSIAPAT Full-text Patents EPFULL FRFULL GBFULL IFICDB/IFIPAT (US) PATDPAFULL PCTFULL USPATALL

24 STN (cont.) Coverage Optimal Versions of CAS-Produced databases
CA/CAplus, CASREACT, CAS REGISTRYSM, CHEMCATS, CHEMLIST, CIN, MARPAT, TOXCENTER The CAplusSM database focuses on chemically-related content from patents and NPL from late 1800’s to date More than 32 million records from: 60 patent authorities including CN, EP, IN, JP, KR, PH, SG, TW, US, WO More than 10,000 journals from >185 countries plus conferences, books, dissertations, etc English language summaries and indexing for documents published in > 50 languages

25 STN (cont.) Features CAplus provides controlled vocabulary
for comprehensive searching Detailed concept indexing Controlled Terms describing the new and novel aspects of a record CA Lexicon – Thesaurus of chemical indexing Substance indexing CAS Registry Numbers® (CAS RN) for comprehensive substance retrieval CAS Role qualifiers for substances (e.g., Preparation, Therapeutic Use) STN AnaVist – analysis tool

26 STN (cont.) Each color in the charts and Research Landscape represents a publication year. STN AnaVist provides interactively linked analysis.

27 Thomson Reuters Legal: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial, legal, tax and accounting, healthcare, science and media markets, powered by the world’s most trusted news organization. Legal: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Thomson Reuters is the world's leading provider of intellectual property solutions. Our offerings are used by professionals across the IP lifecycle to develop, maintain and extract maximum value from their intellectual assets.

28 Thomson Reuters (cont.)
Selected patent related products: Thomson Innovation: Combines intellectual property, scientific literature, business data and news with analytic, collaboration and alerting tools. Aureka: IP management and analysis platform that provides a secure, online environment for searching and storing IP information. Delphion: Patent research and analysis solution covering 40 million patent documents and the analysis and visualization tools to help you make sense of the data. Derwent World Patents Index: Contains over 18.9 million unique inventions covering more than 41 million patent documents, with coverage from over 41 major patent issuing authorities worldwide.

29 Thomson Reuters (cont.)
Features Covers more than 40 million documents from the world's top patent collections to get a comprehensive perspective of a particular technology or industry Quickly view, download, and print high-quality patent images one at a time or in bulk, order File Histories or extract bibliographic data to make your search more productive and effective Offers a complete set of analysis and visualization tools that can help you learn about technology or industry trends and track the citation history of an invention

30 Thomson Reuters (cont.)
Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) Bibliography for 43 patent issuing authorities Detailed member information from 10 authorities Enhanced abstracts and titles Derwent classification and subject indexing Classification codes include reformed IPC, ECLA, ICO, NCL, and F-terms Patent Assignee Codes (PACO) Non-convention equivalents Dates back to 1963

31 Thomson Reuters (cont.)
Thomson Innovation (TI) Easy-to-use interface Patent coverage includes full-text and valued-added databases Derwent World Patents Index (1963–present) Searchable full-text for WO, US, EP,  GB, FR, and DE Selected full-text from CN, JP, KR with some English availability INPADOC bibliographies Translations on demand to major languages Patent file histories Analytical and visualization tools including ThemeScape Easily access full-text patents and published applications from the United States, Europe, WIPO, England, France, Germany, Japan and Korea; patent file histories, INPADOC bibliographic data and Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) content. Asia-Pacific countries with full text (English translations)  Chinese Applications/Utility models with English abstracts, claims, bibliographic data, author title (2007–present) Japanese Granted 1998–2004 (English–present) Japanese Applications 1976–2003 full text (English 2003–present) Japanese Utility Models full text (English 2008–present) Korean Unexamined Applications 1978–2007 (English 2008–present) Korean Examined Applications & Grants, 1978–2007 full text (English from 2008) Korean Utility Models, 1979–present bibliographic (English 2008–present) The translation capabilities of Thomson Innovation can enhance your productivity, save you money and improve the quality of your research. Our ‘translations on demand’ feature lets you immediately translate search results into many major world languages, making it faster and easier to determine the relevancy of a patent..

32 Other Commercial Databases - Provides patent data, sales statistics, industry trends, and comprehensive data on all FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs. DrugPatentWatch also offers a free industry dashboard and patent expiration bulletin. IFI Claims family of US Patent databases. IP Data Corporation - Truly affordable Patent Image Delivery system, or Full Text Search System with or without images right in your office (on your intranet) with the entire US, EP or PCT inventory, or all three. We also have Full Text and Image collections to build your own. - is committed to helping our customers protect their intellectual property. enables innovative companies to quickly and easily protect their inventions by offering security services for many aspects of the invention process: from the safeguarding of sensitive information (such as R&D lab notebooks) to the rapid publication and creation of prior art (technical disclosures).

33 Other Commercial Databases
JPDS (Japan Patent Data Service) provides web-based English language search engine "JP-NETe" for Japanese unexamined patents after 1989 including legal status information, and Japanese search engine "JP-NET" for Japanese patents, utility models, designs and trademarks including legal status information, together with US patent data after 1985. MicroPatent - Featuring the world's largest commercial collection of searchable full text patent data in PatSearch® FullText, as well as the most timely, complete bibliographic data (from 70+ countries with legal status from 42 of them) in MicroPatent's Patent Index Database (MPI). Patents360 - Provider of complete, accurate, and current U.S. patent data in clean, relational database form. Our data offers a unique, truly contemporaneous source of patent data directly to the public at very affordable prices. Our Data Services team can help you identify the appropriate Scorecards, Custom Data Extracts, Patent Indicators, and USPTO Bibliographic Patent Data to meet your needs. Raytec PAT-LIST-CN/WEB - A Patent Information Retrieval Web System Specializing in Searching Patent in China

34 Special Search & Analysis Features
In general, most databases can be searched by: Inventor name Patent assignee name Filing date, (priority date), publication date Application number, (priority number), issue patent number Keywords IPC, (ELCA), (USPC), (FT) Citation

35 Chemical Search Databases
STN CA/CAplus CASREACT CAS REGISTRYSM MARPAT Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) Questel, Merged Markush Service

36 Sequence Search Databases
GenomeQuest - "The first intranet sequence search engine with percent identity and biological searching. GenomeQuest works similar to premier web search engines, rapidly bubbling relevant records to the top. The software automates the reporting of the most important and relevant matches, minimizing tedious research, while providing advanced search algorithms so no relevant sequences are ever missed.”  STN DGENE(Thomson Reuters GENESEQTM): USGENE® (The USPTO Genetic Sequence Database) PCTGEN (WIPO/PCT Patent Application Biosequences, the complete collection of e-published sequences from WIPO) CAS REGISTRYSM (Chemical Abstracts Service REGISTRY, worldwide value-added patent and non-patent sequence data)

37 Databases with Analysis Tools
STN: STN AnaVist Thomson Innovation: ThemeScape Dialog: Innography* Questel: Intellixir* Patbase: VizPat & Minesoft INSIGHT PRO

38 For More Information Visit the providers’ websites:
Dialog PatBase Questal STN Thomson Innovation Total Patent

39 Summary No one database covers all available information
Each has different coverage Each has different indexing methods Each has unique features

40 Thank you Happy Searching!

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