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THARAKA MOHOTTY CEng (UK), PGDip (Elect &Telecomm)SL, MSc (Business Mgt)SL, Dip in J (SL), MIEE (UK), MIEEE (USA), MIET (UK) Director Engineering – MTV/MBC.

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Presentation on theme: "THARAKA MOHOTTY CEng (UK), PGDip (Elect &Telecomm)SL, MSc (Business Mgt)SL, Dip in J (SL), MIEE (UK), MIEEE (USA), MIET (UK) Director Engineering – MTV/MBC."— Presentation transcript:

1 THARAKA MOHOTTY CEng (UK), PGDip (Elect &Telecomm)SL, MSc (Business Mgt)SL, Dip in J (SL), MIEE (UK), MIEEE (USA), MIET (UK) Director Engineering – MTV/MBC Sri Lanka Chairman-Training & Resources (ABU) Chairman-Developing Broadcasters Forum (ABU) Bureau Member (ABU)

2 207 members in 57 countries 58 Full Members 40 Affiliated Members 42 Associated Members 67 Affiliated Members

3 It is certainly not easy to summarize the status of Broadcasting of Developing countries as different as Bhutan and Sri Lanka or Afghanistan and Laos. But they have some common roots and experience common technical developments. Therefore there are a number of similarities, which are worth being pointed out and may lead to general conclusions.

4 Today all of the broadcasting stations basically have analogue equipment,tapes or record archives. Many of the stations have started some isolated projects to digitize some of their analogue holdings. The catalogues of most of the archives are kept in lists, books or index cards. Many of the stations have either partly or fully changed their programme production to digital and computer based systems. The newsrooms in most of the stations use computers for news access (Internet) and news editing.

5 HDTV and DTV Mobile TV IPTV Digital Radio Emergency Broadcasting

6 In the face of today's competitive, budget, and deadline pressures, even developing broadcasters do not have the time or resources to fill the holes in their production workflow. Digital systems must be integrated with legacy systems and software. Most of the DBs able to make the transition to digital production smoothly.( Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.)

7 - Lack of attention - Lack of funding - No consistent catalogue - Archive's services are not often requested - Low qualification of archive personal - Difficult environmental conditions - Poor storage conditions - Lack of a collection policy

8 Countries/ TerritoriesSystem StatusT-A-DASO Afghanistan BahrainRRC06 Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei(Negara Darussalam)DVB-T trial broadcasts 2006/01_T 2005/08/29_A 2008/08/D CambodiaDVB-T adopted2007/05_A China, Peoples Republic of (incl. Tibet) DMB-T/H adopted, Commercial DVB-T services 2005_T 2006/08/18_A 2008_D 2015-2018 East Timor (Timor-Leste) Hong KongDMB-T/H 2006/08/18_A 2007/12/31_D 2012 IndiaDVB-T adopted 2000_T 1999/07/08_A Indonesia (incl. Iran Jaya)DVB-T trial broadcasts2007/05_A

9 Countries/ TerritoriesSystem StatusT-A-DASO IranDVB-T trial broadcasts 2006_T 2001_A 2009_D Iraq JapanISDB-T2003/12_D2011/07/24 JordanRRC06 Korea, North Korea, SouthATSC 1997/11/21_A 2001_D 2012/12/31 KuwaitRRC06 KyrgyztanRRC06 LaosDVB-T trial broadcasts2007/05_A LebanonRRC06 Macao (Macau)DMB-T/H adopted2006/08/18_A MalaysiaDVB-T trial broadcasts 2006/09_T 2005/08/29_A 2015 Maldives Mongolia MyanmarDVB-T adopted2005/08/29_A

10 Countries/ TerritoriesSystem StatusT-A-DASO Nepal OmanRRC06 Pakistan PhilippinesDVB-T trial broadcasts 2007/01_T 2006/11_A 2015/12/31 QatarRRC06 Saudi ArabiaDVB-T 2004_T 2006/06/11_D SingaporeDVB-T 2000/12_T 1999_A SocotraRRC06 Sri LankaDVB-T trial broadcasts2008/01/23_T SyriaRRC06 TaiwanDVB-T 2001_T 2001_A 2004/06_D 2010 Tajikistan ThailandDVB-T trial broadcasts2007/05_A Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates, UAE (incl. the Emirates Abu Dhabi and Dubai) DVB-T trial broadcasts2007_T UzbekistanRRC06 VietnamDVB-T trial broadcasts 2001_T 2007/05_A 2015 YemenRRC06

11 Broadcast to hand-sets (mobile phones, PDAs), notebook PCs, etc. Interactive and audio services. T-DMB (Terrestrial-DMB) Evolved from DAB. Allows video, audio and data to be transmitted to mobile devices. More efficient audio coding. Backward compatible with DAB audio (MUSICAM). DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld) Tailored for transmitting multiple TV channels to mobile devices. Time-slicing technology conserves battery power of mobile devices.

12 South Korea and Japan Launched 3G and commercial mobile TV broadcast South East Asia Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Brunei - launched 3G DVB-H trials in a number of the countries

13 South Korea and Japan Launched 3G and commercial mobile TV broadcast South East Asia Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Brunei - launched 3G DVB-H trials in a number of Developing countries

14 According to ASIA PACIFIC MULTICHANNEL MARKETS,cable could lose its grip on the region in the next ten years, as DTH and IPTV services capture market share. IPTV platforms operated by Telco's over DSL or fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks are forecast to develop even in the developing countries. All countries have IP telephony and VoIP in some manner and the market is growing October 1, 2008 Sri Lanka Joins World IPTV Club- uses Optibase H.264 streaming platformsSri Lanka Joins World IPTV Club

15 The Asia-Pacific region offers huge potential, but the regulatory environment is restricting development. Countries do not have the sufficient connectivity infrastructure to support streaming video over IP. Consumer spending power.

16 The few radio stations in Asia trying to turn the news and production system digital. The main features of the system are: » Text Editing » Audio Editing » Auto recording » Wire Service » Prompter for the news delivery » Archiving

17 Exploring DRM MW Simulcast in the Region MW Tx conversion to DRM Examining simulcast modes HD Radio Trials in Vietnam

18 Services operating from Japan, China, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Korea Republic Newcomers: Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Bhutan,Papua New Guinea

19 SIMULCAST - Transmitting Analogue, Digital together,Analogue 9 kHz, Digital 9 kHz

20 Digital Radio Transmission Workshop and Field Measurements in MW & FM Band took place from 10-13 February in Hanoi. It tested digital radio HD Radio transmissions using the In- Band On-Channel (IBOC) approach, where broadcasters are able to transmit digital signals along with analogue signals within the existing allocated spectrum.

21 Radio and Television broadcasters are planning for more effective early warning systems in the Asia-Pacific region by increasing the rate and accuracy of information flows from meteorological and disaster management organisations to broadcasters.

22 Convergence of Operators Convergence of Services Convergence of Technology Convergence of Markets Convergence of Regulation

23 Telecommunications technologies are changing rapidly. The quality of the pictures and sound available is increasing. The number of available programs is multiplying. New delivery mechanisms are appearing every day. Viewers are becoming used to interactivity. Consumers can now decide where, when and what they want to see or hear; not the broadcasters.

24 Viewers don't 'buy' brands or technology - they 'buy' content. Technology is simply the gateway to deliver entertainment services and programming. Piracy-the unlicensed use, reproduction, sale, or distribution of copyrighted material-is a plague of the digital era. It is the largest single threat to the survival of creative enterprises


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