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Blooming Inc. The Living Frame & Greeting Card Tel +82-2-6263-1177 Fax +82-2-6263-1199.

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1 Blooming Inc. The Living Frame & Greeting Card Tel +82-2-6263-1177 Fax +82-2-6263-1199

2 2 Company Information Frame cardPocket card Pop-up card Company Information Name : Blooming Inc Head : Cho Young-Ju Address : 303 Nambu Women Development Center Shiheung 4 dong Geumcheon- gu Seoul 153-034 Tel +82-2-6263-1177, Fax +82-2-6263-1199, / Main Products Frame card frame-cum-post card flowerpot environment friendly product made of recycled pulp of no chlorine bleach method and natural materials Pocket card frame-cum-card flower pot environment friendly product that makes easy the separation collection and is made of natural material Pop-up card mini garden that builds a house and raises a plant Water culture, raising a plant anytime anywhere Production volume 100,000 PCs/Monthly

3 3 Company Information Business preparation summary Blooming (Business) Blooming Lab (Development) Cooperation company Buyer Marketing Design Production Development of product Domestic and overseas distribution company Domestic and overseas general company Educational institution and public organization Small and Medium Business Corporation Overseas private center business Korea Agro Fisheries Trade Cooperation Marketing support Small and Medium Business Administration Export specialization business support Korea Women Inventors Association Trial product production support Seoul Business Agency Product development support Rural Development administration Garden product technology assistance Overseas local company Localization business Institute of Korea Entrepreneurship Development Overseas marketing support Korea Intellectual Property Service Product development support

4 4 Company Information Overseas business network summary plan : Japan, U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Dubai, Hong Kong current : Japan(1), Hong Kong(1), Italy(1), Jordan(1), India(1), Canada(1)

5 5 Company Information Company History 2005/06 : established 2005/10 : Blooming card trial product development 2005/10 : Venture design, won gold/bronze prizes (Korea Institute of Design Production) 2006/01 : Blooming pocket card released 2006/01 : participated in German paper world (Frankfurt) 2006/03 : selected as export business company 2006/08 : won the prize of excellence at the 100th anniversary of Korea modern and contemporary agriculture (Rural Development Administration) 2006/12 : won the gold prize at Seoul International Invention Exhibition 2007/04 : participated in Hong Kong Gift Exhibition 2007/07 : participated in California Gift Show, U.S. 2007/09 : participated in Tokyo Gift Show, Japan 2008/04 : Blooming frame card released 2008/04 : participated in Hong Kong Gift Exhibition 2008/09 : participated in Tokyo Gift Show, Japan 2009/04 : Blooming pop-up card trial product development 2009/08 : participated in Beijing Korea Excellent Product Exhibition, China 2010/04 : Blooming pop-up card series launching 2010/04 : participated in China Gwangju trade association, and Hong Kong Gift Exhibition

6 6 Company Information Patents Patent registered0402280 Utility model 0373478Utility model 0373479 Utility model 0377891 Utility model 0389351 Patent registered0578590 Patent registered/KR2006/001772 Patent registered 0638136

7 7 Company Information Awards and Certification Venture design gold prize Venture design bronze prize Seoul International Invention, gold prize Rural Development Administration, prize of excellence Venture company certification

8 8 Company Information KBS2 TV, news SBS TV, Moohanjidae QKBS2 TV, Morning wide SBS TV, news Publicity SBS TV, Small and medium businesss power

9 9 Company Information JoongAng Daily Kyunghyang Daily Publicity

10 10 Company Information Maekyung buyers g uide Publicity Japan, Nikkei dailyHong Kong, Fair DailyCredibility and society

11 11 Products Information Products development plan Blooming Clip Series Blooming Frame Series Blooming EDU Series Blooming POPUP Series Blooming Farm Series Blooming Book Series Post card type mat+card/post card+pot+seed frame+flowerpot+sapling For a gift Combining education and play mat+pot+seed Flowerpot for aquiculture Product of aquiculture Home gardening Product to raise a plant at home Home gardening Read a book, raise a plant in the book Blooming Premium Gift combining plant cultivation related product chamomile+chamomile tea etc. Blooming Card Series Card type post card with a plant that grows with water mat+case+card(photo) Blooming Series

12 12 Products Information Blooming Card Series Flowerpot of stand-type picture-frame shape Print is possible on the surface and pictures can be placed While the plant is growing, it constantly shows messages, no need for placing a cup under the flowerpot Pocket card Single card

13 13 Products Information Blooming Clip Series Thin flowerpot which can be placed in papers or other products Enhancing the PR effect of printed materials such as cards and calendars Various expressions through UV offset print on the surface of the flowerpot Development of various shape of the flowerpot at a low cost Picture-frame card Clip card

14 14 Products Information Blooming Frame Series High-end interior item that combines a flowerpot and a frame Printed matters such as pictures and cards can be placed Sold with a sapling planted Convenient to manage the plant that is strong in dry condition Lumber flowerpotTV flowerpot frame

15 15 Products Information Blooming EDU Series Planting seeds, observing plants Educational material of combining plant cultivation and playing Various shapes and various plants Seed tag Flowerpot of stick-shape

16 16 Products Information Blooming POPUP Series Aquiculture, convenient for anyone to use Photo or postcard can be placed Puzzles are assembled for making a structure like a house Convenient to develop products in various shapes Puzzle typeFrame type

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