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Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing SINCE 1941 March 2013.

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1 Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing SINCE 1941 March 2013

2 TAM (formerly Tbilisi Aircraft State Association) was established on December 15, TAM is one of the largest military aircraft manufacturers in the former Soviet. Over 65 years, TAM had produced mostly fighter aircrafts, including LaGG-3, Yak-15, Yak-17, Yak-23, Yak-23, MiG-15, MiG-17, MiG-21, and most notably, a close support aircraft Su-25 (known in the west as the Frog foot). More than 800 Su-25s have been delivered to the customers worldwide. TAM has always been the only manufacturer of this type of aircraft in the world. Along with military aircrafts, TAM has been manufacturing K-10 air-to-surface guided missile. It has also pioneered in the large scale production of air-to-air R-60 and R-73 IR guided missiles. In the mid 1980s, TAM participated in the space program BURAN (the Soviet equivalent of the Space Shuttle) by manufacturing and assembling various parts. In the late 1990s, TAM and the Georgian Space Construction Institute designed and produced the space antenna-reflector, which was successfully installed on the Russian MIR space station. Company Profile SINCE 1941

3 In 1999, TAM began process of business diversification: engineering and production of business jets, and production of the civil goods. In March 2002, TAM became a Joint Stock Company with 100% governments ownership. In 2003, Tbilaviamsheni LLC (parent company) obtained management rights to 100% of governments shares of JSC TAM. The former was formed by the TAM top management , 90% of the governments shares of JSC TAM were privatized and Tbilaviamsheni LLC became the owner. In 2010, TAM became the government company and is currently involved in the manufacturing and repair of military aviation production. Currently TAM employs 990 workers. Company Profile SINCE 1941

4 Certificates and Licenses TAM has an excellent reputation in the industry, meets western technical standards as evidenced by its past and existing partnering arrangements. Certificates issued by the Germany certification board, TUV CERT, on quality management systems conformity: ISO 9001:2008 – Design, production and maintenance of military and civil aircraft, components and parts; Design and production of non aviation industrial goods. EN 9100:2003 – Design, production and maintenance of military and civil aircraft, components and parts; Design and production of non aviation industrial goods. EN 9110:2005 – Maintenance of civil and military aircraft components and parts. Certificate issued by the Israeli company IAI-LAHAV (2690/18/008) for JSC TAM regarding quality management systems conformity with requirements of this company. SINCE 1941

5 Certificates and Licenses Licenses issued by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia for JSC TAM on: Manufacture of military weapons (all types of aircrafts, helicopters, missiles, mortars, bombers, its component parts) Repair (including modernization and maintenance on site) of military weapons (all types of aircrafts, helicopters, missiles, mortars, bombers, its component parts) Sale of military weapons (all types of aircrafts, helicopters, missiles, mortars, bombers, its component parts). SINCE 1941

6 Business Overview Core Businesses Aircrafts Production and Services SU-25 and MIG-21 military Aircraft Production, Maintenance, Overhaul & Upgrade MI Helicopter Overhaul, Maintenance & Upgrade ELITE Jet 6-8 seat business jet TAM Jet 4 seat business jet None Core Businesses Civil Goods Manufacturing Hydro-power turbines Solar water heating systems Residence heating appliances HDPE/LDPE Pipes High-tech machined tools manufacturing SINCE 1941

7 Manufacturing, Reconstruction, Major Repair, Current Maintenance & Overhaul of SU-25 Attack Aircraft SINCE 1941 Major repair of wings; Major repair of armaments; Renovation of glass cockpits; Major repair of all types of aircraft pipeline systems; Major repair of electricity systems; Major repair of electricity distribution boxes, LCD displays and avionic systems; Testing of all systems and aggregates; Complete assembling of repaired aircrafts; Flight and ground testing, etc.

8 Major Repair, Current Maintenance, Overhaul & Upgrade of MI Military and Civil Helicopters SINCE 1941 Complete dismantling of helicopter and its systems; Repair of transmission systems; Repair of helicopters major and minor components; Repair and renovation of fuselage; Painting with modern technologies; Testing all aggregates and devices after repair; Repair and technical service of main gears, engines and other major parts; Following all repair works, helicopters are tested and assigned to technical service and flight duration.

9 Engineering and Design capabilities The company successfully applies modern technology and engineering techniques, using the CAD/CAM/CAE design process, CATIA v5, Mechanical Desktop, Nastran, Patran, and other advanced programming. TAM is committed to continual upgrade of its IT systems with installation of the most modern computer programs. SINCE 1941 Aerodynamics; Flight control; Preliminary design Structure design and analysis Calculation of stresses and resources Structure calculations for dynamic loads Design of fuel systems, mechanical systems, hydraulic and fuel systems, engine systems Design of electrical supply systems, integration and systems and antenna installation

10 Production Capabilities Machining SINCE 1941 Machining of metal parts 3&4 axis CNC milling and turning machines Machines are equipped with modern software with digital control system, enabling to produce the parts of different sizes, configuration, surfaces with great accuracy and cleanliness In 2010 and 2011 TAM obtained new 5 axis machines that will significantly increase its production capabilities in machining

11 Production Capabilities Some Products SINCE 1941

12 Production Capabilities Composite Materials SINCE 1941 TAM manufactures parts from carbon-fiber and fiber-glass with honeycomb filler TAM plans to order Autoclave with following parameters: 3.5 Meter working diameter by 15 Meter working length Maximum working pressure: 10 Bar Maximum working temperature: 230ºC

13 Production Capabilities Sheet Metal & Welding SINCE 1941 Forging, press forming capabilities: steel alloys aluminum alloys forging and die work of aluminum alloys Stamping: Cold stamping of sheet material with mechanical presses, hydraulic presses and drop hammer Stamping the parts with complex- configuration surfaces with drop hammers with lead and zinc moulds Welding capabilities: aluminum - magnesium alloys Aluminum alloys steels and titanium alloys constructional steel Soldering capabilities: constructional steels copper stainless steels aluminum alloys

14 Production Capabilities Non-metal (rubber, glue, plastic) SINCE 1941 Manufacturing of details by compacting method Manufacturing rubber diaphragms by casting method Manufacturing rubber-metal reinforcement for flexible tanks

15 Production Capabilities Heat Treatment & Coating SINCE 1941 Chemical-thermal processing (cementation) Heat treatment of aluminum foundry alloys Chromizing of steel details Chemical nickel plating Cold phosphate coating Coating of copper details by an alloy tin Anodic oxidation of aluminum alloys Cadmium plating of details in a sulphate electrolyte Corrosion prevention treatment of details from corrosion- resistant steels Solid anodization Nickel plating of details from copper alloys Coppering of steel details Passivation of details from copper and copper alloys Heat treatment: aluminum deformable alloys structural and corrosion-resistant alloys details from high- strength alloys Thermal processing: rivets and fasteners from a wire

16 Overhaul and Assembly Tubing SINCE 1941 TAM manufactures different types and complexity tubes for aircrafts pressure, hydro, hydraulic, fuel and other systems.

17 Overhaul and Assembly Harnesses SINCE 1941 TAM manufactures wire/cable harnesses

18 Key Partners Ministry of Defense Georgia Elbit Systems (Israel) – avionics for SU-25 (Joint venture with TAM) Israel Aircraft Industries (Israel) – Avionics for Helicopters, GULFSTREAM aircraft spare parts supply GMF (Italy) – Industrial machine parts manufacturing (for gas turbines) Chromagen Inc. (Israel) – production of solar heating systems Growth Management Limited (UK) – Financial assistance and services SINCE 1941


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