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Divona Telecom / Planet Tunisie The 1st private telecommunication Tunisian Group Mohamed GARBOUJ General Manager.

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1 Divona Telecom / Planet Tunisie The 1st private telecommunication Tunisian Group Mohamed GARBOUJ General Manager

2 Divona Telecoms Description Divona Telecom is Africas leading satellite and Wimax Telecom Operator, created following the concession of a telecommunications license by the Tunisian government in 2004. Divona Telecom belongs to Planet Tunisie the 1st ISP in Tunisia and Monaco Telecom a Cable & Wireless subsidiary with operations in Monaco, Algeria, sub-Saharan Africa Kosovo and Afghanistan.

3 Divona Telecoms Description Divona Telecom provides integrated end-to-end solution for the regions premium corporate customers. Capital: 3 498 610 US $ Workforce: 25 Activities: IT Outsourcing, ASP / Telecom Outsourcing Total Revenues 2007: 6 500 000 US $ Corporate Only

4 Planet Tunisies Description Planet Tunisie is the 1st ISP in Tunisia and a Mabrouk Family Group subsidiary. Planet Tunisie was founded in 1997. Capital: 2 800 000 US $ Workforce: 150 Activities: 1st ISP with 40% market share today –1 Gbit/s Internet Access –8 technical Pops around the country connected through fibre (TT Backbone) offering connectivity and hosting services (200 m² fully equipped) 35 000 subscribes Total Revenues 2007: 9 200 000 US $ Consumers & Corporate

5 Divona Telecoms Commitments A quality customers focus; Customized Services; A long term partnership; 7/7 and 24/24 Dedicated Hotline.

6 Divona Telecoms Services Divona Telecom developed a portfolio of services allowing customers to choose the best expected solution such as: Interconnection of the local area networks (VPN) VOIP Broadband Internet (throughout ISP) International Leased Lines Solutions for call centres Hosting Services

7 International Connectivity Tunisia is part of SEA-ME-WE-4 cable consortium going from Bizerte to Marseille and Tunisie Telecom has a joint venture cable with Telecom Italia through Kelibia (Keltra – 2) with a capacity of 2 x 10 Gigabits

8 Our solutions advantages Compared to the ground networks, VSAT and Wimax networks offer the following advantages: Simple and easy to install A guarantee of service continuity (Availability > 99.8 %) Integration of the quality of service (Service Level Agreement) A flexible and scalable solution An end to end management and control of the solution Integration of several applications: Telephony, data transmission, Videoconference, multicast applications. 5

9 Divona Telecoms References

10 How we see WIMAX ?

11 WiMAX fills a Gap in the Broadband Access! MNO: new revenues by offering fixed services bundle reusing the same sites (phone line + DSL access) with nomadic access FNO: increase market share by filling in DSL white-spots; new revenues by entering nomadic market. WiMAX is the first interoperable standard interface WiMAX native interface within Laptop (like Wi-Fi today) will boost customer base Data Volume Usage Market Price of 1GB Mobile Data Fixed Broadband Fill the GAP!

12 WiMAX offers unique combination of Technology Key-Differentiators 3G WiFi WiMAX Large Coverage Network Simplicity Broad Band Security Full Mobility QoS

13 WiMAX Consumers: Fixed-Line application ++ DSL Access Mobile Subs Win more customers and revenues through: offering double play services with highest capacity offering limited mobility Phone Line

14 Native Integration within Centrino TM Platform WiMAX will be integrated within Centrino TM Platform Most of Notebooks worldwide will be WiMAX-enabled by 2010 WiMAX coverage anytime, citywide WiMAX Inflection Point Total Notebook PCs Wi-Fi Enabled Notebooks WiMAX Enabled Notebooks Source: Intel

15 WiMAX Application Scenario WiMAX Concept Architecture Business, SME, SOHO Access Residential Fixed WDSL BB Access WDSL BB Access Nomadic PC WiFi WiFi-Hotspot Feeding Mobile PC/PAD NB or BTS 2G/3G Feeding Hot Zones Campus Airport WiMAX Base Station

16 Mobile Mobility Seamless Handover Wireless PC Full-Mobility Fixed Wireless DSL WiFi Hotspot Feeder SME/SOHO Access Nomadic Hot Zone No Handover Wireless DSL Hot Zone Nomadicity 2005200720062008 ? WiMAX Positioning Applications Scenario

17 Thank you Immeuble DIVONA TELECOM Rue du Lac de Côme - 1053 Les Berges du Lac Tél.: 71 964 707 - Fax: 71 961 808

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