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Health and Wellness Week Ten (Family Relationships)

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1 Health and Wellness Week Ten (Family Relationships)

2 Definition of Family: The basic unit of society which provides a safe and nurturing environment for its members Good Families Promote Social Health Families help develop communication skills Families teach children how to get along with others

3 Strategies to Strengthen Families Demonstrate Care and Love Show Support, Especially During Difficult Times Demonstrate Trust Express Commitment Be Responsible Spend Time Together Respect Individuality Work Together to Solve Problems Be Sensitive to Others’ Needs

4 Stress Caused by Positive and Negative Factors Examples of Positive Stress in Families New Jobs Marriages Babies Examples of Negative Stress in Families Separation/Divorce Financial Problems Drug and Alcohol Abuse

5 Managing Stress The first step to managing stress is to identify the source of the stress Strategies for Managing Stress and Anxiety Plan Ahead Get Adequate Sleep Get Regular Exercise Eat Nutritious Foods Avoid Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs

6 Types of Abuse: Emotional Abuse: A pattern of behavior that attacks the emotional development and sense of worth of an individual Physical Abuse: The intentional infliction of bodily harm or injury on another person Sexual Abuse: Any sexual contact that is forced upon a person against his or her will Definition of Neglect: Failure to provide for a child’s physical or emotional needs

7 The Cycle of Violence: The pattern of repeating violent or abusive behaviors from one generation to the next Breaking the Cycle of Violence Tell a trusted adult Contact an abuse hot line or crisis center Report the abuse to the police

8 Maintaining Healthy Families: Cooperate Show Appreciation Be a Good Communicator Offer Help Be Empathetic Work to Resolve Conflict Know When to Get Outside Help

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