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Miss Maliha Ali Khan The City School Grade 4 English Language

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1 Miss Maliha Ali Khan The City School Grade 4 English Language
Action Plan Miss Maliha Ali Khan The City School Grade 4 English Language

2 Long term goals: To enable the students to speak and write the language as per its required standard. To enhance the standard of English language in accordance with the 21st century teaching approaches.

3 Short term goals: Encourage students to use rich or enriched vocabulary while conversing or writing. Introduce more creative writing topics in order to further polish students’ writing skills. Inculcate regular reading sessions in the class. Conduct spelling tests habitually. Focus upon sentence structuring. Use available resources .

4 Instructional strategies and tasks
I will give topics to students at random and ask them to prepare a paragraph on it over the weekend. After which they will be asked to read it in front of the class the following week so that their confidence level gets a lift. I will encourage team work dividing the class into groups and delegating them the task of essay writing. This shall be an attempt to generate good ideas through a joint brainstorming session amongst the students. Research work will be given to students in order to broaden their understanding and knowledge. Grammatical concepts will be reinforced weekly particularly , past, present and future tenses.

5 Solutions to anticipated challenges
My superior might be tentative towards the revised approach. Parents might not approve of the group work thinking that this activity might divert the attention span. Age-appropriate reading material may not be available I will provide a detailed course work to confirm the potential or benefits of this approach. Parents will be sent a detailed report on the progress of their child in the light of the new approach. Topics will be given in order to guide in reading or researching.

6 Resources Internet Library books Teacher’s resource guide
English coordinators Supervisors/heads.

7 Conclusion The inculcation of refined teaching techniques will further enhance the students’ capabilities and enable them to develop good communicating and writing skills. This approach is likely to give students a command over the language.

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