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The State of Latin American Information Society Indicators International Telecommunication Union.

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1 The State of Latin American Information Society Indicators International Telecommunication Union

2 United Nations specialized agency for telecommunications Oldest inter-governmental organization Global organization with broad membership Mandate includes promoting the development of ICT sector worldwide Main inter-governmental agency collecting ICT infrastructure and user statistics for all countries and regions

3 The importance of Information Society indicators Need up-to-date, relevant and comparable statistics to monitor and analyze Information Society developments Indicators should be readily available so that more time can be spent on analysis Although many indicators are useful, this presentation focuses on access to Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

4 Sources of Information Society indicators Telecom regulators National statistical offices Telecom operators Market research firms

5 Classifying Information Society indicators National RadioSets TelevisionSets Fixed telephone Lines in service Mobile telephone Subscribers Total telephone Fixed+Mobile Personal computer Total InternetSubscribers Users Household Radio Television (regular, pay) Fixed only Mobile only Fixed or mobile PC Home Internet access (connection type) Community Localities with service Population coverage Number of / Localities with public access

6 Problems with Latin American ICT statistics Hard to find –In many cases, not readily available Non-existent –Few countries have carried out detailed ICT surveys Reliability –Particularly for PCs and Internet users

7 Regulatory agencies: South America CountryRegulatorWeb site Argentina Secom a&id=141 BoliviaSittel Brazil Anatel ChileSubtel 0&_schema=PORTAL30 Colombia CRT EcuadorSupertel ParaguayConatel Peru Osiptel Uruguay*Ursec VenezuelaConatel Availability of telecom/ICT indicators * No ICT indicators available on web site.

8 Regulatory agencies: Central America CountryRegulatorWeb site Costa Rica*ARESP El SalvadorSIGET 0de%20Indicadores%201998%201999% %202001% htm GuatemalaSIT HondurasConatel _hond_2000.htm NicaraguaTelcor Mexico CFT ticas.html PanamaEnte regulador Availability of telecom/ICT indicators * No ICT indicators available on web site.

9 General ICT indicators Radio 215 million sets 44 per 100 people Television 139 million sets 29 per 100 people Internet 26 million users 5 per 100 people Newspaper 35 million in circulation 7 per 100 people Latin America Profile, 2001

10 Millennium Development Goals Goal 8: Build a global partnership for development… includes ICT indicators: Telephone lines and cellular subscribers per 100 people Personal computers in use per 100 people Internet users per 100 people Latin America Per 100 inhabitants

11 Internet users: Where do the data come from? In majority of countries, regulators offer a figure for users usually based on number of subscribers In Uruguay, the telecom operator provides a figure Only Chile & Paraguay seem to have carried out nationwide survey by NSO Market researchers –Nielsen//NetRatings Very misleading (only home access) –Local consultancies Only Argentina, Brazil, Mexico Argentina, Mexico, Peru Sometimes not nationwide Ratio: Internet users ÷ Internet subscribers 2001 Source: ITU adapted from national data

12 Universal service versus universal access Telephones per 100 households Per capita income, PPP$, 2000 Community indicatorsHousehold indicators

13 ICT in households 2001

14 Uruguay: Encuesta Continua de Hogares 10 Este hogar ¿ cuenta con: SI NO Calef ó n o termof ó n Calentador instant á neo de agua Refrigerador T. V. Color Conexi ó n a T. V. por abonados (cable o similar) Videocasetero Lavarropa Lavavajilla Horno microondas Microcomputadora Conexi ó n a Internet Autom ó vil o camioneta para uso particular del hogar Tel é fono Source: ITU adapted from INE, ECH 2001

15 Peru stands out Source: ITU adapted from INEI.Source: ITU.

16 Community access Most Peruvians access the Internet from cybercafes cabinas publicas Some 1740 cabinas in the country

17 Accessibility indicators Mobile population coverage, 2001 Source: INEGI, Telmex have tele- phone service Mexico localities, 2000

18 Good reports

19 Suggestions Telecom regulators should improve collection and dissemination of statistics including detailed statistical reports National statistical offices need to carry out household ICT surveys including individual access to the Internet* Government agency responsible for ICT should make indicators readily available and easy to find on a web site Improved dialogue between regulators, national statistical offices and international agencies to enhance comparability * For the scope of this presentation. However business, education and government ICT surveys are also needed to measure impact in those sectors.

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