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WMO 1 AMDAR – The aircraft data source Impact, Benefits & Future.

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1 WMO 1 AMDAR – The aircraft data source Impact, Benefits & Future

2 WMO 2 Data Envirnoment in Aviation: OPMET Data, WAFS Use of ICAO – approved systems (AFTN, AFS, CIDIN, SADIS, WIFS) Move to XML/GML Based Weather Exchange Models System Wide Information System Cooperation CAeM-CBS in TT Aviation XML

3 WMO 3DATACURRENTTARGET RegionsWhere? Why? Quality ControlContributionsCosts ManagementGrowthBenefits Accuracy

4 WMO 4DATACURRENTTARGET RegionsWhere? Why? Quality ControlContributionsCosts ManagementGrowthBenefits Accuracy

5 5 Data Pressure Altitude Roughly 0.1% of full scale pressure measurement Instrumental accuracy of 0.05% Max uncertainty approx. 4 hPa Static Air Temperature (T o ) 0.44 O Mach O Low Mach Rating Additional 0.25 O C at storage Measurement Accuracy

6 6 Data Wind Speed/Direction 1m/s Direction and Vector Error 2-3 m/s Turbulence 3% Variation Relative Humidity 20% Deviation in Upper Atmosphere Detection Limit of 0.05g/kg 0.05g/kg Good Perfomance Measurement Accuracy

7 7 Data Measurement Stage Done at time measurements are taken on board aircraft Code Conversion Stage Point at which measurements obtained are converted to GTS Data Assimilation Happens in non-real time ID long term drift Measurement bias Consistent poor quality transmissions Quality Control

8 8 Data Viewed in context of WMO World Weather Watch Optimize the integration of GOS, GTS and Data-processing System 1. Specifications for data representation (codes, exchange formats, database design, storage of observational data) 2. Designing proper procedures in the area of data processing and telecommunications, allowing members appropriate sets of data. 3. Monitoring AMDAR operations and the quality of basic data and output products Data Management (AMDAR-DM)

9 9 Current 6 Regions I Africa II Asia III South America IV N. America, C. America, Caribbean V South-West Pacific VI Europe 38 Participating airlines 10 national & regional AMDAR Programmes Regions

10 10 Current

11 11 Current

12 12 Current

13 13

14 14 Current

15 15 Current

16 16 Current

17 17 Current Adjoint-based Observation Impact Analysis from the European Centre

18 18 Current

19 19 Target I Africa III South America IV N. America, C. America, Caribbean Where?

20 20 Target Caribbean ACARS Equipped Aircraft in Caribbean: 55

21 21 Target ACARS Equipped Aircraft in Africa: 264 Africa

22 22 TARGET Easterly Wave Deep Convection Tropical Cyclones Wind Shear Global Circulation Moisture Budget Atmospheric Stability Why?

23 23 TARGET Forecasting Improve available data for National and Regional NWP projects (SWFDP) Sustainability of AMDAR data Contribute on a global scale Climate Monitoring Closely monitor climate variability and change Improved analysis of high-impact weather phenomena Linkage observations - HI Weather Triggers of significant events Typical onset conditions of severe weather Why?

24 24 ECONOMIC TARGET Timely Warning Systems Severe and Extreme Weather Aviation Flight Planning / Efficiency Regularity Agriculture Food security Flood, Drought Anomalous season changes Societal Benefits Protection of lives & property Improved planning particularly in vulnerable areas

25 25 Moving Forward... Proposed Industry Partners Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, AirDat LLC, SITA, ARINC, Teldyne Systems, Honeywell, SpectraSensor Incorporated Proposed Organization Partners NOAA, EUMETNET, FAA, EUROCONTROL Proposed Funding Partners World Banks, African Development Bank, Green Fund, UNDP, UNEP, IDB (Brazil)

26 26 Moving Forward... (Possibly add something here about getting all the involved parties to work together and advance the project as we had mentioned in your office)

27 27 AMDAR Impact, Benefit & Future

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