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Proton Improvement Plan Bob Zwaska August 3, 2015 All-Experimenters Meeting.

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1 Proton Improvement Plan Bob Zwaska August 3, 2015 All-Experimenters Meeting

2 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP2 PIP – Approaching Four Years Started officially Oct. 1, 2011 –Upgrade Linac & Booster for NOvA, BNB, & Muon experiments –More than double flux, rep rate, run for the long-term Much has been done, several milestones achieved recently –Booster pulsed @ 15 Hz – 17 refurbished cavities –Beam was on nearly at 15 Hz –Record beam flux achieved Several major tasks to complete – Shutdown now –Cavity refurbishment –Bias Supplies –Klystron Delivery –Linac Modulators –New Cavities –Number of small items

3 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP3 Increase the beam repetition rate from the present ~7.5 Hz to 15 Hz –Need at least 9 Hz for NOvA 12-batch slip-stacking –Requires RF cavities refurbishment, RF Systems –Eliminate major reliability vulnerabilities and maintain reliability at present levels (>85%) at the full repetition rate Eliminate major obsolescence issues Increase the proton source throughput, with a goal of reaching >2E17 protons/hour –Presently operating at <1E17 protons/hour Ensure a useful operating life of the proton source through at least 2025 (now extended to 2030 to accommodate PIP-II schedule) Proton Improvement Plan Goals and Scope (Established in 2011)

4 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP4 Completed FY15 PIP has 32 Tasks (New Cavity being split) 16 are completed and closed 6 more tasks will be closed in FY15 PIP – Task Structure and Status Being split into three parts to better align with PIP II Completion of all cavities likely into early FY16

5 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP5 15 Hz Achieved! 17 Refurbished cavity allowed true 15 Hz pulsing –Beam on nearly all cycles – record running of > 1.4E17 / hr.

6 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP6 15 Hz Results First attempt in May found weak cavitites Second attempt worked well for an extended period Known areas heated up –Only a few areas to be fixed RF #17 Bias Bus Bar ~ 96 c Being fixed over shutdown

7 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP7

8 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP8 200 MHz RF Power Systems Linac High Level Prototype 200 MHz Klystron –Well into assembly of klystron Bake of system expected this month Plan testing at vendor –Able to do full power & pulse length –Will not require Fermi to build test stand Complete late this year ActionDate Preliminary Design Review4/2/2014 Critical Design Review7/11/2014 Seal in Drawings Complete10/6/2014 Final Assembly Drawings Complete 12/17/2014 Seal in Assembly Complete6/17/2015 Final Dress Complete7/15/2015 Testing Complete8/26/2015 Customer Source Inspection8/27/2015 Package and Ship9/8/2015 Gun outer weld cylinder inner cathode support Courtesy of CPI

9 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP9 Replace present system Was original to Linac Power-hungry and failure-prone 28 cell design for lower voltage testing Can run test station and Station 1 Learning/ feed-forward control system design Achieved stable operation with feed-forward and learning simultaneously Need to make future tests with changes in learning and feed forward algorithm to reset to default conditions, and then run beam study tests Numerous beam studies to validate circuits Proceeding with 54 cell design Most parts ordered for building 54 cell design, some have already arrived Will start assembly of the extra cells after testing of the 28 cell modulator, then will order the cell enclosure and support structure Full system can proceed when all protypes tested Expected later this year 200 MHz RF Power Systems Linac Modulator

10 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP10 PIP Accelerator Physics Linac Laser Notcher Linac Notch Creation Substantially reduce losses (~30%) in Booster by neutralizing beam in Linac Complex laser system nearing completion (with numerous interlocks/controls) Upgrade cavity this summer (prototype running since last shutdown) –Proof of principle neutralization last winter Plan to commission in fall Mirror Laser Input Port RFQ 200 MHz Bunched Beam

11 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP11 Booster Anode Supplies Anodes supplies for the Booster RF –A lot of effort to finish this system in time Issues finding vendors that can meet the specifications (today’s standards) Issues with enclosure –Full system test of the first anode is in process –Second supply built mostly in serial Installation to occur this shutdown –Complicated installations –Anode supplies are large/heavy Rigging/cranes needs to be coordinated –Substantial electrical work High-voltage / high-current cables –Shakedown before beam returns

12 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP12 Cap Bank & Bleeders Anodes & Transformer for testing Water Cooled Resistors

13 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP13 New Cavities Main RF Cavities Additional Cavities 21 & 22 –Additional voltage headroom –Improve RF manipulations –Ensure reliability –Develop expertise with cavities New Cavities –Long term operations –Avoid known weak points of existing cavities –Higher current operations Compatible with PIP-II+ requirements Harmonic Cavity –Perpendicular biasing –Improve injection Design simulations –Exploration of direct liquid cooling –Different garnet geometries –Exploring “radial field”, an alternate to a solenoidal field Work on testing garnets –Better measurements of losses in AL400 –Testing of AL800 to begin soon

14 20150803Bob Zwaska | PIP14 Summary Much has been accomplished within PIP – 15 Hz Still a busy shutdown –Continue refurbishment (17/20 stations refurbished) Embark on additional / new cavities –Replace Booster Anode & Bias supplies –Install Linac Laser Notcher –Numerous other jobs (water, vacuum, instrumentation, dampers) Commission rapidly out of the shutdown –At least 19 cavities – higher beam fluxes –Should be able to support 700 kW beam fully + BNB Ops Long-term, complete RF replacement towards PIP-II

15 Proton Improvement Plan Bob Zwaska July 6, 2015 All-Experimenters Meeting

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