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2 Authority for Action WTDC-10, Res. 47, WTSA-08 Res. 76 and the PP-10 Res.177 have been adopted. ITU Council-2009 endorsed those Res. Res. mandate ITU to improve/assist awareness capacity building through workshops & training programmes Help set up Conformance and Interoperability testing labs in DC ITU has set-up C&I database manufacturers must make visible declaration of conformity Database experiencing slow patronage due to lack of co-operation by manufacturers and vendors Acceptance from some developed countries 2

3 Identified problems high cost of proprietary equipment Core and backhaul networks Problem of end user affordability non interoperable hardware devices and software applications core network Poor QoS delivery proliferation of sub-standard ICT devices and terminals as a result of lack of testing labs in developing markets, Lack of adequate of monitoring of the influx of ICT equipment Lack of understanding of the test reports and different interpretations capacity building challenges (personnel) regulatory non compliance 3

4 Silent policy and regulatory framework Not even MRAs exist Lack of conformance, hence less probability of systems interoperability Increases in OPEX. Lack of efficiency Increase equipment incompatibility Poor market surveillance capabilities Regulatory vacuum Difficulty in Type approving and certifying equipment due to different interpretations of specification by manufacturers Lack of Mutual Recognition Agreements 4

5 Increase in ICT digital divide and standardisation gap; counter productive to ITU-T Res. 44 Inadequate technical and financial capabilities Absence of C& I testing do not facilitate the uptake of technology and services Less consumer confidence in Regulatory bodies Some obsolete and legacy ICT equipment Interfaces and protocols of such systems are incompatible with modern (NGN) systems 5

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7 Equip. Category (1) Description of the problem (2) Main Reasons (3) Analog Voice Gateway Cant forward dialed digits to next devise. Feature not supported and not mentioned on Data Sheet although it is basic requirements for operation. Voice interface Card Caller ID feature is not working on certain mode of operation although it is globally mentioned on Spec. Sheet that it is supported. New hardware interface card should be used. Data Switch Per Packet load sharing on multi-trunk lines is not working although it is mentioned in the Spec. Sheet Function not available in current software release. Wimax Basestation Antenna diversity should be supported... It is available on the configuration menu but not working. The diversity is actually not working when it was enabled on the software 7

8 Equip. Category (1) Description of the problem (2) Reasons (3) OMC Signalingno conformity to standards Announcement Machine for subscribers Signalingno conformity to standards IN Partial/Total non conformity for expected functionalities no conformity to standards NGN (RNC/MGW) Software poor interoperability equipment different vendors Mobile Switching Center Signaling poor interoperability equipment different vendors 8

9 Guarantee and ensure availability of open standard equipment good QoS delivery by service providers device affordability Addresses concerns of users by instilling confidence on products they buy ITU and donors organisations could assist developing markets to set up test centres and build capacity The case of Tanzania 9

10 Give regulators confidence that product requirements/specifications are met Regulators could facilitate suppliers products to gain more market acceptance Provides level playing field, encourages competition and ensures transparency Remove technical barriers to trade Agreement Easy type approval and certification processes Increases efficiency and reduce OPEX 10

11 ITU C&I database could encourage conformance assessment Conformity assessment scheme would check non-compliance DC spend huge amount of money for national ICT programmes to; Bridge the digital divide Build capacity in ICT enhance national ICT growth Governments are Committed to implementing ITU Res that could make above a reality 11

12 Better exposure for vendors Opportunity for small and emerging vendors Higher probability of interoperability Assist better interpretation and understanding of standards, testing and test results Facilitate MRAs, Regulatory and Policy framework 12

13 The need to intensify and accelerate efforts to realise resolutions established Work must be simultaneous Robust Studies must be parallel with practical implementation Vendors need to support TSB efforts in bridging the digital divide through adopted resolutions Res. 76, 44 etc. May require network and equipment security implementation. a recommendation for further investigation 13

14 Africa group supports the TSB efforts for implementing C&I database program to guide our national standards development The group would collaborate with the Director TSB to implement the recommended actions on Resolution 76 (Johannesburg, 2008) and as endorsed by ITU Council in 2009; Ghana requests ITU to support Establishment of test labs Training and Workshops Development of MRAs, Policy and Regulatory framework We shall continue to dialogue until a time that Res. 76, 44 and 177 become fully implemented at least for the benefit of DC. 14

15 A number of private and government entities provide voluntary certification, testing laboratory and accreditation database schemes Global Certification Forum GCF operates a certification scheme for mobile phones and wireless devices based on 3GPP standards. CTIA – The Wireless Association administers: PTCRB scheme for GSM and UMTS devices in the USA CDMA Certification Forum for CDMA2000 devices for the global market CTIA Battery Certification Program for IEEE 1725 – 2006 and IEEE 1625 – 2008 rechargeable batteries Bluetooth Compatibility Certification Program 15

16 WiFi Alliance operates certification programs for products based on IEEE 802.11 standards. WiMAX Forum certifies interoperability of IEEE 802.16e products. Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) manages certification programs for Carrier Ethernet equipment and services. Broadband Forum (BBF) test specifications for DSL and TDM services over MPLS, accredits independent DSL testing laboratories administers an MPLS certification program. MPLS in mobile backhaul certified products 16

17 HomeGrid Forum develops a compliance and interoperability programme. IEEE Conformity Assessment Programme (ICAP) offers a Product Conformance Registry for manufacturers to register products that conform to IEEE specifications and a Test Lab Registry for testing laboratories. IEEE 1588 Conformity Alliance ensures conformance to the IEEE 1588 "Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems". CableLabs produce specifications with the aim of developing interoperable cable devices such as cable modems, set-top boxes, digital TVs and telephony devices. SIPForum has established a programme for supplier declaration of compliance with the SIPconnect technical specification. 17


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