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1ITU Telecom 99 Internet Standardization and the IETF Fred Baker IETF Chair Fred Baker IETF Chair.

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1 1ITU Telecom 99 Internet Standardization and the IETF Fred Baker IETF Chair Fred Baker IETF Chair

2 2ITU Telecom 99 Thoughts I would like to address IETF History, Structure, and Procedure Whos who in the IETF Relations among standards bodies Who does what and why The big problems in the Internet Ongoing work How were going to solve them

3 3ITU Telecom 993 IETF History

4 4ITU Telecom 99 Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Historical developer of internet-related protocols Consortium of individuals from Research, Education, Network operators, and Internet vendors

5 5ITU Telecom 99 Changed IETF composition and roles 1000 1500 2000 2500 147 10131619222528313437404346 IETF Number Attendance ActualAvg.. Vendor/International Research/Education primarily US

6 6ITU Telecom 99 Growth of international involvement in IETF Principle for placement of meetings: If I am doing the work, the meeting should sometimes be in my neighborhood But most work is done on mailing lists anyway… Non-US Meetings: 1990: Vancouver 1993: Amsterdam 1994: Toronto 1995: Stockholm 1996: Montreal 1997: Munich 1999: Oslo 2000: Adelaide

7 7ITU Telecom 99 USA 71.6% Other 5.5% JAPAN 7.6% Sweden 1.8% Germany 1.9% France 2.0% Canada 3.1% UK 4.2% Netherlands 2.2% IETF Growth by Country December 1996 11 Countries July 1999 33 Countries Japan 6% USA 48% Other 8% Italy 2% Netherlands 3% Canada 3% France 4% Finland 4% Germany 5% Norway 5% UK 6% Sweden 6%

8 8ITU Telecom 998 IETF Structure

9 9ITU Telecom 99 IETF structures and key forums Internet Architecture Board Internet Engineering Steering Group Working groups in eight areas

10 10ITU Telecom 99 Internet Architecture Board (IAB) Mission Supreme court on appeals of IESG decisions Think tank for future internet activities Recent activities Really worried right now about End to end model of the internet Impact of wireless communications

11 11ITU Telecom 99 Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) Mission Assure open-ness and adherence to process Working group chartering and management Quality assurance on specifications Activities and trends Currently drawn into a privacy debate Better addressed in area activities

12 12ITU Telecom 99 Working groups in eight areas Internet Routing Transport Applications Security Network operations and management User services General

13 13ITU Telecom 99 Internet Mission IP/foo specifications Interface configuration and management IP developments, mostly IP6 15 working groups Interface mibs, dnsind, dhcp, ipng, IP/cable|ADSL|IEEE 1394, PPP, ion,...

14 14ITU Telecom 99 Routing Mission So how does a packet get there, anyway? 17 working groups BGMP, MPLS, MSDP, manet, vrrp, bgp, ospf, idmr, SNA...

15 15ITU Telecom 99 Transport Mission QoS management End to End delivery issues Telephony issues 22 working groups Diff-serv, int-serv, megaco, sigtran, audio/video, rap,...

16 16ITU Telecom 99 Applications Mission Infrastructure applications development and extension Historical applications 26 working groups Web, LDAP, edi, nntp, smtp, ftp, telnet, calendaring, mime, etc.

17 17ITU Telecom 99 Security Mission Developing procedures and protocols to enhance security in the internet 15 working groups Ipsec, pki, transport layer security, web transaction security, pgp, one time password, etc...

18 18ITU Telecom 99 Network Operations and Management (O&M) Mission Making sure there is operational clue looking at the specifications and procedures Network management (used to mean SNMP) Making those two talk with each other Y2k 20 working groups Snmpv3, policy, various mibs, agent extensibility... Ngtrans, year2000, mbone deployment, routing policy system,...

19 19ITU Telecom 99 User Services Mission Provide documentation of IETF procedures to less involved communities 4 working groups Responsible use of the net Web elucidation of internet-related developments FYI updates User services

20 20ITU Telecom 99 General Mission If we cant think of another place to put it, it goes here 1 working group Poisson: standing rules committee

21 21ITU Telecom 99 Working group summary We have ~120 working groups Not all currently active Cover support of infrastructure for the commercial IP internet Not too worried about research network, unless they use the same technology

22 22ITU Telecom 9922 IETF Process

23 23ITU Telecom 99 Membership IETF members are people As opposed to nations or companies Communications tend to be among people As opposed to working groups, boards, etc.

24 24ITU Telecom 99 Fundamental working principle We do not worry about presidents and kings; We work by rough consensus and running code Dr. David C. Clark, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

25 25ITU Telecom 99 Two types of documents Internet Drafts RFC - Request for Comments

26 26ITU Telecom 99 Internet Drafts Most analogous to ITU contributions and working papers Not necessarily work items Half of all internet drafts are simply documents people have chosen to post Types of drafts Working Group documents Submissions to working groups Individual Submissions

27 27ITU Telecom 99 RFCs Historical Archive Many kinds of documents Informational Historical Experimental Standards Proposed, Draft, Full Best Current Practice

28 28ITU Telecom 99 Development Process Bottom-up WG charters developed to support work people want to do Development Process Working groups develop IESG reviews RFC Editor publishes

29 29ITU Telecom 9929 Relations among standards bodies Anyone who likes legislation or sausage should watch neither one being made Baron von Bismarck Anyone who likes legislation or sausage should watch neither one being made Baron von Bismarck

30 30ITU Telecom 99 Historical role of various standards bodies ITU-T IEEE ETSI W3C IETF Various marketing fora ATM Forum ADSL Forum MPLS Forum etc...

31 31ITU Telecom 99 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Primarily link layer LAN standards Especially LAN standards in 802 series IEEE 802.1 Bridging IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD Networks (Ethernet) IEEE 802.5 Token Ring Networks

32 32ITU Telecom 99 European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) European Telephony Standards GSM Telephones WAP - Wireless Access Protocol

33 33ITU Telecom 99 World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Primarily Web services Headed by Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of HTML Developed HTML, XML, etc.

34 34ITU Telecom 99 ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) Primarily related to telephony Consortium of Telephone companies Their traditional vendors

35 35ITU Telecom 99 ITU-T Developments Various connector standards X.21, V.35, etc. Physical/Link layer network standards X.25, Frame Relay, ATM, SDH Telephony on specific substrate H.32x/H.310 Specific collaboration: H.323 uses IETF Data format Points of possible overlap with IETF IP/SDH MPLS IP/ATM ISO JTC1 voice control IP Telephony call signaling

36 36ITU Telecom 99 IETF: Infrastructure protocols Some link layer PPP Network Layer IP4, IP6 Routing protocols Transport Layer TCP, UDP, RTP Security services Transport Layer Security, IPSEC, ISAKMP Telephony Signaling Signaling transport Quality support Differentiated Services Integrated Services

37 37ITU Telecom 99 IETF: Infrastructure applications SNMP management SMTP mail DNS name services LDAP Policy services telnet virtual terminal protocol FTP file transfer HTTP Web transfer and more...

38 38ITU Telecom 99 How IETF sees work divided Applications come from all over IETF Provides network infrastructure Tends to use interfaces defined by other bodies HTML HTTP UDPRTP EthernetATMFrame RelayPPP Cellular Radio Telephony Signaling A variety of physical layers and interfaces Internet Protocol TCP MailSNMP Voice/ Video Data IEEE ETSI W3C ITU-T MPLS

39 39ITU Telecom 9939 So where is the Internet going? As for the future, your task is not to foresee, but to enable it. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry As for the future, your task is not to foresee, but to enable it. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

40 40ITU Telecom 99 IETF vision for the future Short term Internet as interconnected competing service providers Long term Internet as universal interconnect

41 41ITU Telecom 99 Internet as interconnected competing service providers Dominated by Service Providers and Large enterprises A network of networks which have different policies and goals

42 42ITU Telecom 99 Internet as universal interconnect IETF believes that the internet is the network of tomorrow Telephone companies seem to agree But how intelligent a network? Would like to see common procedures and protocols used throughout Minimize translation problems

43 43ITU Telecom 99 Email Information search/access Subscription services/Push Conferencing/ multimedia Video/imaging 250 200 150 100 50 19971998199920002001 Traffic Projections for Voice and Data Rel. Bit Volume Circuit Switched Voice Data (IP) From 2000 on, 80% of Service Provider Profits Will Be Derived from IP-Based Services. Source: CIMI Corp. Growth of IP Traffic Source: Multiple IXC Projections Cross over date varies with measuring point

44 44ITU Telecom 9944 In summary... I came, I saw, I couldnt believe my eyes Julius Caesar, as portrayed in Asterix in Britain I came, I saw, I couldnt believe my eyes Julius Caesar, as portrayed in Asterix in Britain

45 45ITU Telecom 99 When standards collide... Increasingly, convergence of Internet and PSTN networks causes collisions between the bodies that define their protocols and procedures The solution has to be in finding ways to: Not compete in standardization Focus on the problems remaining to be solved

46 46ITU Telecom 99 The place of standards bodies Each has its place in the mix We need to work together on a global basis Competition between standards promotes inability to Share solutions to common problems Communicate among subscribers

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