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Mr. Boonthum Tanglumlead

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1 Mr. Boonthum Tanglumlead
Thailand Meteorological Department (TMD) Mr. Boonthum Tanglumlead Meteorologist

2 Thunderstorm, Heavy rain, Flood
Weather Forecast Weather Forecast Bureau Data Input Analysis Dissemination Weather map Satellite Radar NWP RSMCs (Advisory) GTS Intranet Internet Data Analysis Thunderstorm, Heavy rain, Flood Tropical Cyclone, etc. GTS Intranet Government Agency Internet Mass Media Weather Warning (Text, graphic) TV, Radio Newspaper Mobile etc

3 Radar Network

4 Satellite Image

5 Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Activities

6 Weather Forecasting

7 A senior forecaster conducts the daily briefing

8 Dissemination of Warnings
Telephone Telefax Internet ( ) Websites Radio/TV network Mobile Phones

9 Dissemination of Weather Information
Call center: 1182

10 Warning in

11 Thank You

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