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Language Lesson 10 English is getting more popular.

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1 Language Lesson 10 English is getting more popular

2 Pre-Listening Exercises Look at the following words. popular a. remember v. take a lot of practice Practice makes perfect. cassette n. helpful a.

3 Listening Exercises Look at the following questions and answers and chock them as you hear them. a. OK, let’s talk for a while about the English language. In your hometown, is English a popular language to study? b. Yes it’s quite popular, especially with... A lot of students study it to get a..., or to go overseas to study. c. How long have you been studying English?

4 d. I have been studying English for... Well, we start it in... and I have studied it for... in university. e. What do you find most difficult about studying a foreign language like English? f. I think remembering... is most difficult.

5 g. When I speak English, I often can't remember the words. I think it takes a lot of.. h. What do you think is the best way to study English? i. I think you should just... it a lot. Practice makes perfect. j. When you have a chance you should try to use it. I also think... is very helpful.

6 Speaking Practice Discussion Topic 1 In what countries, English is spoken as the native language? And how much do you know about those English-speaking countries?

7 The United States

8 Canada

9 Great Britain

10 Ireland

11 Australia

12 New Zealand

13 Discussion Topic 2: Do you think it’s necessary to learn English in college time? If so, why is it so important to learn English? A majority of people think that leaning English is very important. In their views there are two factors contributing to this attitude as follows: In the first place, English is an international language and it is useful. Furthermore, in the second place, we need to use English to communicate with each others while we are talking to people who cannot speak our native language. So it goes without saying that learning English is important.

14 I support the statement that English plays an important role in our day-to-day life. The reasons can be listed as follows; generally speaking, we are supposed to learn English because we ought to understand that what the words mean on the street when we go aboard. What’s more, we cannot give a speech to the international society without learning English because English is the most common language in the world.

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