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Yves Bellégo France Telecom/Orange Examples of potential future services/applications ITU-R SG8 Seminar.

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1 Yves Bellégo France Telecom/Orange Examples of potential future services/applications ITU-R SG8 Seminar

2 From subscribers to services Mobile video Evolution of capabilities and of usage How to structure these services The most important service Evolutions of the needs Contents

3 From subscribers to services Source : IDATE, US Bureau of Census n While in 1993 less than 1 % of the worlds population had a mobile, more than 1 inhabitant out of 5 on the planet is equipped in 2003 Evolution of the average penetration rate worldwide Until recently attention was focussed on number of subscribers

4 From subscribers to services Orange group (1Q 03)12,30% Orange UK (1Q 03)15,40% Orange France (1Q 03)11,00% Vodafone group (June 03)15,30% Vodafone UK (June 03)14,60% Vodafone Germany (June 03)16,90% Vodafone Italy (June 03)12,50% Verizon Wireless (June /03)1,70% Vodafone Japan (June 03)21,80% TIM (1Q 03)11,30% NTT DoCoMo (March 03)21,50% KDDI (March 03)16,90% SK Telecom (March 03)10,40% KT Freetel (March 03)8,70% LG Telecom (March 03)7,30% Operator % of total revenue from data services Source : Operators On the average data services generate less than 10% of mobile operators revenues Their share reaches 12% in Western Europe and is close to 20% in Japan And voice remains the main source of revenue

5 From subscribers to services M-commerce: moving from the test phase Geolocation: good take-off and consolidation The automobile telematics market has a good potential Services in the maturation phase

6 Mobile video Advanced handsets push for mobile video services on: –GPRS –3G Access is: in streaming mode (real-time) or downloading mode (playback) – but also Through a memory card Transferred from other devices (through memory card, USB, bluetooth,…)

7 Mobile video Videophony is a key 3G application Sending video clips on GPRS is becoming easier as new compression algorithms appear Competition is becoming stiffer as Internet and media players are attracted to the mobile

8 Mobile video Mobile is becoming a new access mode to audiovisual contents Positioning of Real Networks (Mobile Media Guide) and of Microsoft (Media2go) Major content distributors encode their content in 3GPP / MPEG4 format Stimulating initiatives The mobile as a dedicated medium: World Smallest Film Festival with 2mn average film duration The mobile as a TV receiver, New compression techniques Mobile operators see these services as a mean for increasing data revenues and building brand differentiation

9 Evolution of capabilities and usage Source UMTS Forum What the technology will support

10 Evolution of capabilities and usage To be matched with …

11 Evolution of capabilities and usage The services that will be used Video presenting 3G services as perceived by the users

12 Approach regarding potential new services New services/applications/concepts/usage/ enablers are studied by operators, manufacturers, academia, … They are often not linked to any specific business model / client segment Forecasts or studies are performed for categories of services, not individual services

13 How to structure these services Services grouped in 9 categories, with one specific for machine to machine Assumptions on services, penetration within mobile subscriber base and on services usage Takes into account the spread of available technology

14 The most important service Accessibility, Coverage, Everywhere, Anywhere, Ubiquity, … Still remains to be developed and improved And coverage requirements for voice will become coverage requirements for high bitrate services

15 GSM coverage today Brazil Germany USA Russia Examples of some operators coverage

16 Extended mobile coverage with 3G Compared to current 2G coverage, what will be the coverage of 3G high bit-rate services ? WRC-07 under Agenda Item 1.4 could allow to find a spectrum solution that would permit the extension of IMT-2000 coverage at lower cost

17 IMT-2000 positioning IMT-2000, a solution to provide: - Extension of capacity - Reduction of cost to provide services - New services IMT-2000 could provide also: - Extension of coverage, in particular in developing countries (WRC-07 AI 1.4)

18 And its evolutions The evolutions of IMT-2000 (the future development of IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000) will provide: - Additional services and service experience (extended bit-rates) - Extension of adaptability (Interworking)

19 ITU-R WP8F involvement In preparation of WRC-07 several aspects are studied: - the mobile market and services expected to be used from around 2010 to 2020, input for the spectrum requirements estimation - the methodology to estimate spectrum requirements - the radio aspects of the future development of IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000 - the spectrum requirements estimated using the methodology developed, the forecast for the market and services and the radio aspects envisaged - the spectrum requirements and possible candidate frequency bands to address these requirements (…)

20 ITU-R WP8F involvement ITU-R WP8F in its 13 meeting in Berlin (16-23 June 2004) finalised: Questionnaire on the Services and Market for the future development of IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000 The aim of this survey is to obtain comments/inputs from interested parties on a variety of issues relating to services and markets to be provided by and/or envisaged for the future development of IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000 and Circular letter which introduces this survey and provides schedule and contacts Administrations, Sector Members and ITU-R Associates participating in the work of Study Group 8 are encouraged to submit contributions in answer to this questionnaire December 2004 is the deadline for the initial responses

21 Yves Bellégo Thank you ITU-R SG8 Seminar WP8F

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