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Images à recevoir CASCO 2010 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox (to be filed in)

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1 Images à recevoir CASCO 2010 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox (to be filed in)

2 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 2SMA/CASCO The World Standards Cooperation (WSC) Multi-discipline and cross-sector For electrotechnology For telecommunications The leading international standardization organizations Collaborate to meet the challenges of converging technologies

3 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 3SMA/CASCO IT tools Standards development procedures Consensus building Dissemination 161 national members 98% of world GDP 97% of world population 195 active TCs 3 238 technical bodies 50 000 experts Central Secretariat in Geneva 153 FTE staff Collection of 18 083 ISO Standards 1 038 standards produced in 2009 The ISO System As at 20 April 2010

4 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 4SMA /CASCO ISO and conformity assessment Non acceptance of test reports and certificates one of the biggest obstacles to trade International recognition and acceptance to be based on confidence and good practices The way forward: implementing the ISO/IEC Standards and Guides, with a double level of consensus, amongst countries and across stakeholders

5 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 5SMA /CASCO Accepted everywhere 1 Test 1 Conformity Assessment 1 Standard The 1-1-1 dream of Conformity Assessment

6 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 6SMA /CASCO 109 ISO members are represented in CASCO (69 participating members and 41 observers). 16 international organizations are liaison members of CASCO: BIPM, CEOC, CAC, EOQ, Eurolab, IAF, IEC, IFAN, IFIA, IIOC, ILAC, INLAC, IPC, IQNet, ITU-T, OIML, UILI, UNFCCC. Both policy and technical work Continual improvement cycle ISO/CASCO structure

7 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 7SMA /CASCO The ISO/CASCO Toolbox The CASCO toolbox consists of 27 documents covering: Vocabulary, principles and common elements of conformity assessment Code of good practice Product, system, and persons certification Testing, calibration, inspection, marks of conformity Suppliers declaration of conformity, accreditation, peer assessment, and mutual recognition arrangements

8 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 8SMA /CASCO The CASCO Toolbox relationships… Terms and definitions – ISO/IEC 17000 (2001) Requirements for accreditation bodies –ISO/IEC 17011 (2004) Conformity assessments of suppliers ISO/IEC 17050-1 ISO/IEC 17050-2 (2004) Mutual Recognition ISO/IEC 17040 (2005) Requirements for Certification bodies ManagementSystems Part 2 in preparations ISO/IEC 17021 (2006) Requirementsfor testing & calibrationlaboratoriesISO/IEC17025(2005)RequirementsforInspectionbodiesISO/IEC17020(1998) Products Revision Agreed ISO/IEC Guide 65 (2006)Persons ISO/IEC 17024 (2003)

9 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 9SMA /CASCO CASCO Standards in Progress ISO/IEC 17021 Part 2 (CASCO WG 21), Conformity assessment Requirements for 3rd party certification auditing of management systems (DIS – Dec. 2010) ISO/IEC 17065 (CASCO WG 29), Conformity assessment Requirements for certification bodies certifying products, processes and services (CD - 2010) ISO/IEC 17024 (CASCO WG 30), Conformity assessment General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons (WD - 2012) ISO/IEC 17020 (CASCO WG 31), Conformity assessment General criteria for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection (WD - 2012) ISO/IEC 17067 (CASCO WG 32), Conformity assessment – Fundamentals of product certification (Product scheme development) (WD - 2012) ISO/IEC TS 17022 (CASCO WG 33), Conformity assessment – Third party management system audit reports (WD - 2012)

10 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 10SMA /CASCO CASCO Working Groups ISO/CASCO P Members nominate to the WG. A-Liaison members nominate to WG. D-Liaison can be established between an organization and a WG. They are nominated as experts and required to input as experts. WG group members act as independent experts not as national delegates. The WG develops a Working draft document (WD). It evolves into a Committee Draft (CD) document. The CD goes to member bodies who distribute to NMC (NMC) for CASCO. At this stage no longer the experts but the national consensus comments. Responsible for the development of the document (Standard/Guide) (DIS and FDIS and publication).

11 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 11SMA /CASCO Topical issues related to conformity assessment IAF-ILAC-ISO action plan on monitoring the effectiveness of accredited management system certification Harmonized sanctions Develop metrics to measure CBs level of activity AB Assessor competence Validation audits Market feedback Transfer of knowledge through workshops on topical issues at every CASCO plenary: 2010 plenary – Risk and conformity assessment. 982,832 ISO 9001 certificates in 176 countries (in 2008)

12 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 12SMA /CASCO Market surveillance – develop an information document on Good Practice for use by developing economies and how to promote existing standards to regulators Identifying best practice within successful sectors (automobile, aeronautics, telecoms railways etc) and determining if they can be transposed to the CASCO toolbox Annual management survey on MSS Web conferencing to be used extensively for WG meetings Developing countries and CASCO and UNIDO/DEVCO/CASCO publications –Most recent is publication of Building Trust Topical issues related to conformity assessment

13 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 13SMA /CASCO CASCO Newsletter CASCO has initiated a newsletter (3 issues/year) to keep the members and others well informed Recent developments in conformity assessment Progress with the work program Policy issues General interest

14 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 14SMA /CASCO Conclusions on Conformity Assessment A global framework for conformity assessment will increase consumer and regulator confidence by: Providing a common interpretation of test results Providing a mechanism for acceptance of certificates and reports Achieving consistency and building confidence in products and services Applying to International Standards a principle of neutrality Defining good practices for market surveillance.

15 The ISO/CASCO Toolbox – 15SMA /CASCO Thank you

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