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Fostering worldwide interoperabilityGeneva, 13-16 July 2009 Lawful Interception and Data Retention Presenter: Mike Sharpe, VP ETSI ESP Source: Peter van.

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1 Fostering worldwide interoperabilityGeneva, July 2009 Lawful Interception and Data Retention Presenter: Mike Sharpe, VP ETSI ESP Source: Peter van der Arend, Chairman TC LI Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) 14 DOCUMENT #:GSC14-PLEN-032 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:ETSI AGENDA ITEM:PLEN 6.3 CONTACT(S):Peter van der Arend

2 Fostering worldwide interoperability 2 Geneva, July 2009 Producing ETSI reports and specifications On Lawful Interception and Data Retention Mainly on the Handover Interface Dynamic triggering CC interception and CCTF standardisation (started in 2009) CCTF: Content of Communication Triggering Function Promoting globally ETSI Lawful Interception and Data Retention standards amongst operators, national bodies, etc. Highlight of Current Activities (1)

3 Fostering worldwide interoperability 3 Geneva, July 2009 Relationships with other bodies Internal to ETSI (3GPP, other ETSI TCs) External to ETSI (SDOs, EU/EC expert group on Data Retention, LEAs, …) Participation in main international conferences Chairmans and Experts regular presentations at ISS World conference: Dubai, Singapore, Washington, Prague LI workshops in : Seoul, Brisbane, Johannesburg, Jakarta, Athens, … Liaison with organisations outside Europe for participating in ETSI LI Highlight of Current Activities (2)

4 Fostering worldwide interoperability 4 Geneva, July 2009 Globalization aspect Global promotion of ETSI LI and DR among operators, manufacturers, regulators, national bodies, … Participate in main international events, conferences, workshops, … Acquisition of new ETSI Members, also outside Europe Growing interest, especially South America, Asia, Oceania Keep a close eye on any initiatives outside ETSI Current or potential on LI and DR Strategic Direction

5 Fostering worldwide interoperability 5 Geneva, July 2009 Full alignment with LI standardisation in the USA This proved to be not possible despite efforts Challenges

6 Fostering worldwide interoperability 6 Geneva, July 2009 Progress work on Dynamic Triggering CC Interception ETSI Specification(s) will consider both single operator and multiple operators scenarios (next step: international scenario) Needs to be secured to prevent misuse of the triggering function and/or eavesdropping Cross domain issue: nodes initiating and receiving triggering commands are in different security/trust domains Keep developing Lawful Interception and Data Retention standards Capture requirements of Authorised Organisations Translate them into technical requirements Produce standards compliant with national and international laws Maintain as necessary the suite of published standards Next Steps/Actions

7 Fostering worldwide interoperability 7 Geneva, July 2009 Supplementary Slides

8 Fostering worldwide interoperability 8 Geneva, July 2009 TS v3.4.1 ( )// ES v3.1.1 ( ) Handover Interface for the Lawful Interception of Telecommunications Traffic (step 3) Periodically TS is published as ES A reference to the latest version of the TS reflects the latest stable content from ETSI/TC LI This follows steps 1 and 2: TS v1.2.1 ( ) Requirements of Law Enforcement Agencies (step1) ES v1.2.1 ( ) Requirements for Network Functions (step 2) Major deliverables Lawful Interception CS

9 Fostering worldwide interoperability 9 Geneva, July 2009 TS to TS (multipart) Handover Interface and Service-Specific Details (SSD) for IP delivery part 1: v2.4.1 ( ) Handover Specification for IP Delivery part 2: v2.3.1 ( ) SSDs for services part 3: v2.2.1 ( ) SSDs for Internet access services part 4: v2.1.1 ( ) SSDs for Layer 2 services part 5: v2.3.1 ( ) SSDs for IP Multimedia Services part 6: v2.3.1 ( ) SSDs for PSTN/ISDN services part 7: v2.1.1 ( ) SSDs for Mobile Services Major deliverables Lawful Interception IP

10 Fostering worldwide interoperability 10 Geneva, July 2009 TS IP HO Family TS part 01 Generic Headers part 02 part 03 SSD for Internet Access Services SSD for Services Handover manager Delivery session Transport layer Network layer Delivery network part 04 SSD for Layer 2 Services part 05 SSD for IP Multimedia S ervices SSD for PSTN/ ISDN Services part 06 SSD -> Service-Specific Details on top Session Transport part 07 SSD for Mobile Services

11 Fostering worldwide interoperability 11 Geneva, July 2009 TS v1.2.1 ( ) Requirements of Law Enforcement Agencies for handling Retained Data TS v1.2.1 ( ) Handover Interface for the request and delivery of Retained Data TR v1.1.1 ( ) Security framework in Lawful Interception and Retained Data environment Major deliverables Data Retention

12 Fostering worldwide interoperability 12 Geneva, July 2009 Functional Model Data Retention handover Authorised Organisation HI-A: various kinds of administrative, request and response information from/to the Issuing Authority and the responsible organization at the CSP for RD matters. HI-B: retained data information from the CSP to the Receiving Authority HI-A and HI-B may be crossing borders between countries: subject to corresponding national law and/or international agreements. Issuing Authority Receiving Authority Handover Interface HI-B Handover Interface HI-A administrative transmission RD material Administrative Function Data store Management Function Data Collection Function Communication Service Provider Network elements

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