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December 2001 Geneva 1 ITU Meeting Richard Sitruk Director External relations & major events, ETIS

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1 December 2001 Geneva 1 ITU Meeting Richard Sitruk Director External relations & major events, ETIS

2 December 2001 Geneva 2 Richard F French national, master in IT & Computing F IT and Telecom professional F Experience in private industry ( Alcatel, ITT, Digital, others..), International projects F Director international organisation: Focus on co-operation in a competitive environment F Multi-cultural, multi-lingual F leave in Holland

3 December 2001 Geneva 3 Why are we here together ? F Business Background F Telecom Background: Fundamental changes F Knowledge is the new source of power F The Opportunity: Co-operation & Combining Knowledge Management and e-learning F Create a unique platform for sharing knowledge. Leading to co-operative actions F Some thoughts

4 December 2001 Geneva 4 Telecom IT International bodies EC TEMs ISVs IT suppliers Partners Telecom Operators ISPs Broadcasting Media/cable operators My experience

5 December 2001 Geneva 5 Polish Telecommunications Company TPSA (Poland) Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyprus) SPT Telecom, a.s. (Czech Republic) Slovak Telecom (Slovak Republic) Deutsche Telekom AG (Germany) Telefonica de España (Spain) Rom-Telecom RA (Romania) Bouygues Telecom (France) SONERA (Finland) CEGETEL (France) Telecom Italia (Italy) MATAV (Hungary) Telenor (Norway) Turkcell (Turkey) UTEL (Ukraine) Telia AB (Sweden) Belgacom (Belgium) Orange (UK) Finnet Group (Finland) France Telecom (France) Telecom Eireann (Ireland) Telekom Slovenia (Slovenia) Tele Malta Corporation (Malta) Macedonian telecom (Macedonia) Swiss Telecom PTT (Switzerland) PTT Telecom Nederland (Netherlands) Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (Greece) Bulgarian Telecommunications Company Ltd. (Bulgaria) Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications (Luxemburg) · ETIS Members

6 December 2001 Geneva 6 IBM NCR Portal TIBCO AMDOCS Meta Group Staffware Telesens KSCL TietoEnator Smarttrust Group1Software · Associates & Partners The Open Group 3COM VERTEL Telcordia EMF SER Floware Schlumberger/SEMA EMF GBA WEBGiro Compaq

7 December 2001 Geneva 7 ETIS Activities semi- Annual Mini Conference Data Warehousing Architecture & Organisation TISS Suppliers Program AD 2000 Electronic Billing SAP International Settlements Bi-Annual International Conference Knowledge Management & E-learning Network Interface (OO) Softw. Eng. VAMP++ Business Architecture Information Service ETIS Intranet Knowledge Hub IT Procurement Data Quality

8 December 2001 Geneva 8 IndustryIndustry MarketMarket TELCO's Business ETIS Focus T TTechnoechnollogyogyTTechnoechnollogyogylT TTechnoechnollogyogyTTechnoechnollogyogyl T TTechnoechnollogyogyTTechnoechnollogyogylT TTechnoechnollogyogyTTechnoechnollogyogyl MarketMarket IndustryIndustry TELCO's Business THE GLOBAL CONTEXT

9 December 2001 Geneva 9 Our Focus Skills & Competencies Skills & Competencies Business opportunities Business opportunities Knowledge & Information Knowledge & Information

10 December 2001 Geneva 10 Our Focus Skills & Competencies Skills & Competencies Business opportunities Business opportunities Knowledge & Information Knowledge & Information

11 December 2001 Geneva 11 ETIS as a natural platform for sharing and consolidating Knowledge F Workshops, seminars, conferences F Working group, projects F Internal and external sources of information F Multi-cultural in nature F Very much IT focus F Crossroad between Telecom & IT world/industry and Industry/Academic world

12 December 2001 Geneva 12 Fundamental changes in the telecom Industry Society has gone through a number of changes through history. The new leading forces are Connectivity, Speed and Intangibles Stan Davis & Christopher Meyer BLUR

13 December 2001 Geneva 13 Impact of the new economy: Change in Telecom F Impact of New economy on Telecom F Impact of new business model, new technology F Impact of convergence, mobility & Internet F The supply chain

14 December 2001 Geneva 14 Agrarian Industrial Electronic AgrarianIndustrial Electronic Source: Marvin Zonis & Associates Percentage of Economy (Percentage of U.S. GDP) Marvin Zonis & Associates anticipate a transformation to an eEconomy within the U.S. over the next five years. The fundamentals of the global economy are undergoing dramatic transformation

15 December 2001 Geneva 15 ThePhysicalEnterpriseThePhysicalEnterprise The Emerging EC Business Model From Infrastructure to Extrastructure Business Is Driving... DeregulationGlobalization Core Competence Centricity Innovation Supply Demand Customers Are Demanding... More Convenience New Channels Hybrid Products Lower Cost The Internet Is Accelerating... CommunicationCollaborationCommerce The Internet is Breaking All Commerce Paradigms! A New Business Model Is Emerging TheVirtualEnterpriseTheVirtualEnterprise

16 December 2001 Geneva 16 The inside story: From the Telecom industry F Telecom in Transformation F New Business process implies new organisation F Knowledge, skills and innovation are key ingredients


18 December 2001 Geneva 18 External Driving forces

19 December 2001 Geneva 19 Other impacting factors

20 December 2001 Geneva 20 E-com Entertainment & Multimedia Publishing Telecommunications & Mobility Education & Training ? Convergence: From Telecom To Infocom Computer & IT

21 December 2001 Geneva 21 Convergence F Voice & Data communications F Fixed and Mobile telephony F Content, IT and telecom services F Local & Global

22 December 2001 Geneva 22 Speed (of change, adaptability,catching the opportunity) Connectivity (to knowledge & skills) & Intangibles (Information services, mobility) are critical to success

23 December 2001 Geneva 23 IF Knowledge is part of the solution, it will not be enough... To shift from products to customer centric Industry, we will need to change a lot in terms of customer and supplier behaviour

24 December 2001 Geneva 24 What are the opportunities? F Better and faster track Business intelligence and business knowledge F Share and co-operate at the pre- competitive level F Avoid re-inventing the wheel F Focus on real expertise and use collaborative tools and framework to share F Use current economical slowdown as an opportunity

25 December 2001 Geneva 25 What is the basic idea ? F Create a Knowledge space for Telecom professionals, from Business to technology

26 December 2001 Geneva 26 What will be the basic benefits? F Co-operation will lead to : Reduce global costsReduce global costs Increase value for money through faster access to High Quality knowledgeIncrease value for money through faster access to High Quality knowledge Address issues of skills Gap as well as business architecture (organisation, skills and competencies and business process)Address issues of skills Gap as well as business architecture (organisation, skills and competencies and business process) Indirectly address issues of quality of servicesIndirectly address issues of quality of services

27 December 2001 Geneva 27 One focus area: Bridging Skills and Knowledge through innovation

28 December 2001 Geneva 28 Business process outsourcers Systems integrators, consultants Contract employees Decentralized IS staff 199820012003 Business users Infrastructure outsourcers Central IS staff External IT Staff Internal IT Staff Non-IT Staff IT Skills and Sourcing Trends Sources of IT Skills0 20 40 60 80100%

29 December 2001 Geneva 29 Use it or lose it The need to integrate work and learning

30 December 2001 Geneva 30 Source: Don Tapscott, 1995 Many Key words...or Buzzwords F Knowledge F Digitization F Virtualization F Molecularization F Integration/Internet F Disintermediation F Convergence F Innovation F Prosumption F Immediacy F Globalization F Discordance

31 December 2001 Geneva 31 I choose one Knowledge (Business, competition,market, technology, innovation,.... CUSTOMER)

32 December 2001 Geneva 32 But…. F Knowledge is not enough without Innovation F Innovate or…Dye New business modelsNew business models New Financial frameworksNew Financial frameworks Combine R&D and CRM to speed time to marketCombine R&D and CRM to speed time to market Get the organisations and the skills rightGet the organisations and the skills right Look also at medium/long term profitLook also at medium/long term profit

33 December 2001 Geneva 33 Key Challenges & Opportunities for IT organisation F How to identify knowledge? F How to consolidate and engineer it? F How to fill the skills gap? F How to manage its distribution and ensure a proper use of knowledge? F How to cope with the speed of change? F How to keep knowledge and business in Synch? Ensure Business continuity

34 December 2001 Geneva 34 The employee and the customer are on the move To win

35 December 2001 Geneva 35 Access to Knowledge

36 December 2001 Geneva 36 Challenges for CIO in telecom F Be part of the business (r)evolution F Harness the IT & telecom revolution to impact the Business F Not just a technical manager, but also a business consultant F A coach rather than a manager F Must understand Customer relationship and reflect it in th IT architecture

37 December 2001 Geneva 37 Challenges for IT organisations F Provide a platform, flexible with a Business:customer centric mindset F Use new technology and approach such as: WEB customer centricWEB customer centric Have an interactive rather than informationalHave an interactive rather than informational Implement front office to back office integrationImplement front office to back office integration Think knowledge rather than information or dataThink knowledge rather than information or data Share & co-operateShare & co-operate

38 December 2001 Geneva 38 F If Speed and connectivity are 2 key ingredients Then, combining Knowledge Management with e-learning techniques and technology might be a great opportunity to address these challenges E-learning : a New opportunity

39 December 2001 Geneva 39 Leading to a new Business Architecture F Moving from physical to virtual enterprise F Create collaborative Networks of expertise F Emphasise multi-lateral co-operation in competitive situations F Add innovation and invention to the process F A case study: The BAP

40 December 2001 Geneva 40 From Knowledge to Business Impact, the overall method Consolidate & Process Distribute on request Assess the Business changes Business Impact

41 December 2001 Geneva 41 Some thoughts !!!

42 December 2001 Geneva 42 Knowledge is everywhere !!! F But, you need to identify it, consolidate it and use it in your business context. F You should think in terms of innovation, new ways of working and dealing with your colleagues, partners.. And customers

43 December 2001 Geneva 43 Global Framework for e-com

44 December 2001 Geneva 44 A little bit of common sense F Technology is not the panacea ! F Competition is not the only route to go F Social and professional must be based on co- operation F Knowledge means also knowledge of people, of him/herself. F Co-operation could also lead to business value F Speed and connectivity are the key ingredient for change if proper knowledge is here..

45 December 2001 Geneva 45 So, What could we do together ? F Assess the opportunity together... F Look at Knowledge as a non-competitive element F Take advantage of virtual networks F Be open in your choice: Internal solution, yesInternal solution, yes Co-operative projects in a true multi-cultural environmentCo-operative projects in a true multi-cultural environment Use existing networks of experts in industry (Knowledge/content) and in the e-Learning businessUse existing networks of experts in industry (Knowledge/content) and in the e-Learning business Be part of current efforts initiated by ETIS or Partners in KM/E-learning Be part of current efforts initiated by ETIS or Partners in KM/E-learning

46 December 2001 Geneva 46 Knowledge is the new battlefield for countries, corporations and individuals... Funky Business, Kjell A. Nordström, Jonas Ridderstrale Speed and connectivity will help identify it and capturing it..

47 December 2001 Geneva 47 But at the end of the day, Nobody owns it all, and co- operation is needed to make the Knowledge society to happen ! with some good common sense, an open-mind, and the ability to change behaviour and personality

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