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1 1 Geneva, 17 May 2006, – Launch of the World Information Society Reports series

2 2 Agenda Roberto Blois, Deputy Secretary-General, ITU Charles Geiger, Executive Director, WSIS-ES Tim Kelly and Phillippa Biggs –ITU Strategy and Policy Unit –Report Co-authors (with Youlia Lozanova, Lilia Pérez-Chavolla and Michael Minges)

3 3 World Information Society Report A new, annual series of reports tracking progress in implementing the WSIS outcomes A new toolDigital Opportunity Indexfor benchmarking and policy evaluation A multi-stakeholder partnership: Digital Opportunity Platform

4 4 World Information Society Report 1.A Summit for Building the Information Society 2.Measuring the Information Society 3.Key trends in the Information Society 4.From measurement to policy-making 5.Beyond WSIS: Making a difference globally

5 5 Digital Opportunity Index One of two composite indices endorsed by WSIS, as part of agreed evaluation methodology (Para 115) Based on 11 ICT Core Indicators, as defined by Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development Three clusters: Opportunity, Infrastructure, Utilisation Covers 180 economies – latest data economies from 2001 – 2005

6 6 DOI Structure

7 7 The DOI Worldwide, 2005

8 8 Developing giants lead the gainers… O = Opportunity I = Infrastructure U = Utilisation Source: ITU World Information Society Report.

9 9 Forces driving the Information Society: 1. Expansion in coverage 2. Decline in ICT prices 3. Growth in infrastructure 4. New & advanced technologies (such as broadband and mobile Internet)

10 Expansion in coverage & opportunity e.g. Bangladesh Source: Grameen Phone

11 Declines in prices,

12 Growth in infrastructure: telephony

13 New and advanced technologies

14 14 Strong progress towards a rich & inclusive Information Society, in line with the WSIS goals, BUT… what about the digital divide?

15 15 The digital divide is taking on new dimensions, following different paths… 1G 2G 2.5G 3G 2.5G 2G Rep. of KoreaColombia 1G Source: M. Minges, WISR co-author Thousands

16 16 …in Internet

17 17 At different speeds…

18 18 The DOI measures all these trends: In response to WSIS Development-oriented Tracks countries own path & progress towards the Information Society Monitors the digital divide & enriches policy

19 19 Thank you World Information Society Report

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