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1 IETF- ENUM ITU-T Workshop for International Regulators 17 January 2001 – ITU HQ Geneva Richard Shockey IETF ENUM Work Group Co-Chair Senior Technical.

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1 1 IETF- ENUM ITU-T Workshop for International Regulators 17 January 2001 – ITU HQ Geneva Richard Shockey IETF ENUM Work Group Co-Chair Senior Technical Industry Liaison NeuStar, Inc. 1120 Vermont Avenue N.W. Washington DC, 20005 202.533.2811

2 2 Introduction – Why are we here? From a delayed contribution to SG2 by France : – ENUM protocol is defined by RFC 2926, aiming at translating the numbers stemming form the ITU-T E.164 Recommendation into Internet Domain Names; ENUM is an opportunity for developing the information society. – As a matter of fact, ENUM allows to use a traditional telephone number in the context of different communications media, in particular those rising from the development of IP networks (e-mail, VoIP, …) and therefore, could facilitate the penetration of new applications into the mass market easily ( this market is accustomed to E.164 numbers).

3 3 Introduction – Why are we here? From a delayed contribution to SG2 by France: – This is a key opportunity for Internet communications service providers, who could tailor their services to be accessible by means of E.164 numbers, widely in use throughout the world ( much more than Internet domain names or e-mail addresses ). – Therefore, ENUM is a chance for the Internet world to enter the E.164 naming system, which has the advantages of being stable, world-wide used and well-digested by end users.

4 4 Overview ENUM is part of Convergence – ENUM is part of series of technical initiatives underway in both the IETF and ITU to develop Internet Telephony Standards. Call Setup – H.323 – SIP Quality of Service – DIFFSERV – INTSERV – MPLS PSTN – IP Interworking H.248/MEGACO FAX – T.37 T.38 – RFC 2503 Mobile – 3GPP related ENUM is about new service creation But we must address naming and numbering issues

5 5 Problem Statement Problem Statement How do you find services on the Internet if you only have a telephone number [E.164]? How can we enable new IP services while creating new competitive markets and protect consumer choice,etc? How can consumers and carriers have equal access to these new opportunities? How do we create a trusted TN based resource for information about those services? How do you make this simple, easy to use, without reinventing the wheel?

6 6 Solution ENUM / DNS Directory Service Solution ENUM / DNS Directory Service Put telephone numbers into the global Domain Name System [DNS] ENUM WG formed and operates within in the Internet Engineering Task Force – Core protocol work completed - RFC2916 RFC2916 defines the use of DNS resource records to find optional : – E-mail addresses – Voice over IP SIP / H.323 servers – Voice Mail servers – Fax Machines – New and yet undefined services !

7 7 Why DNS? Why DNS? Its there... – It works... Its global... It scales... Its fast... Its open. ENUM enabled DNS creates a low cost, shared Service Control Point like infrastructure for IP services Goal – Telephone Number IN …. URL out Key to TN related services offered by providers over IP

8 8 Why E.164 Telephone Numbers? Why E.164 Telephone Numbers? Familiar to consumers TNs are linguistically neutral – Internationally Understood E.164 Plan is Authoritative – Trusted to produce consistency across the PSTN. A Billion devices or so do not have QUERTY Keyboards….

9 9 How Does ENUM Work? How Does ENUM Work? Take a fully qualified E.164 telephone number and create a DNS entry in a single highly defined and structured domain. The search for resources on the internet associated with + 1 202-533-2811 becomes a DNS look up to:

10 10 RFC 2916 RFC 2916 ENUM is not about putting telephone numbers into any specifically about putting E.164 numbers into ( a subtle distinction ) From RFC2916: – The domain "" is being populated in order to provide the infrastructure in DNS for storage of E.164 numbers. – This memo requests that the IANA delegate the E164.ARPA domain following instructions to be provided by the IAB. Names within this zone are to be delegated to parties according to the ITU recommendation E.164. The names allocated should be hierarchic in accordance with ITU Recommendation E.164, and the codes should assigned in accordance with that Recommendation. Private dialing plans can be accommodated in any domain.

11 11 Why ? Why ? The domain was selected by the Internet Architecture Board specifically for this purpose with the concurrence of the ITU.ARPA is designated by the IAB for Internet Infrastructure issues – (reverse IP address look up).ARPA is a well managed, stable and secure operational environment under IAB supervision Single domain structure under becomes the authoritative root for E.164 telephone numbers

12 12 Simple ENUM Flow Chart SIP Proxies ENUM Global Directory (DNS) Equates 1(202) 533-2811 to to enable Voice over IP using SIP Proxy Queries DNS for SIP Address based on TN Internet DNS

13 13 What ENUM is not…. ENUM is not about carrier selection (selection of carrier within a given service type) ENUM is not about telecom bypass – An alternative to circuit switched technology ENUM does not change the Numbering Plan – ENUM does not change ITU-E.164 – ENUM does not change existing telephony numbering or its assignments in anyway – ENUM does not exhaust national number plans May conserve numbering resources

14 14 Privacy Considerations We believe that RFC 2916 is consistent with current EC policy on Privacy and Data Protection There is no requirement for WHOIS ENUM is a Opt-IN system ENUM does not expose personal data or personal preferences for call processing – ENUM is essentially routing data – a shared Service Control Point

15 15 Applications Internet ENUM Directory Telephony Networks Enabled Applications Voice over IP Unified Messaging Instant Messaging IP Fax Personal Web Pages E.164 Numbers 10 Digit 10 Digit 800 800 International International Private Networks Internet Domain Name Addresses DNS

16 16 ITU – IAB / IETF Agreements Liaison Statement issued by Study Group 2 now officially RFC 3026 IETF – ITU Agree on delegation model that completely follows the ITU-T E.164 plan for inclusion into Operational Responsibility is at the IAB, while Administrative Management is at ITU. - geographic zones controlled by appropriate Member State. – ITU will insure that Member States have authorized the inclusion of their Country Code in – ITU to coordinate with RIPE NCC as the Root Administrator – IETF - ITU jointly work together in moving forward

17 17 Member State Issues How are the National Delegation Servers for each CC to be managed? – From RFC 2916: Holders of E.164 numbers which want to be listed in DNS should contact the appropriate zone administrator in order to be listed, by examining the SOA resource record associated with the zone, just like in normal DNS operations. – This means Member States are the ENUM Zone Administrators for their CCs Who manages these servers is a Member State issue. What is the process and criterion used for ENUM Administrator selection? What capabilities should ENUM Administrators have? – Financial / Technicial What performance requirements should ENUM Administrators have? What Regulatory Rules must they operate under?

18 18 Next Steps… ENUM Technical – Testing and Trials Vendors put ENUM capable DNS Resolver into Internet Telephony Products Create ENUM / DNS Operational Metrics – Security – Redundancy Administrative – Member State Defined Educational Process within Communities of Interest ENUM Operations – How do you authenticate the identity of the subscriber for ENUM services ? – Who are ENUM Registrars and what are they responsible for? – How do you validate ENUM data for potential users ( Add - Modify – Delete ) NAPTR list of services and preferences) – How is the data provisioned to the CC zone NS

19 19 Next Steps… – What happens when a TN is disconnected? How and when will ENUM RR be deleted? – What is the role of the incumbent PSTN carrier? – How is competition promoted in the process? Existing Policy models within Member States offer guidance to : Promote Consistency with E.164 Number Plan and Number Portability requirements Prevent Number Slamming Prevent Number Hijacking Protect Consumers Interest Protect Consumer Privacy Equal Access to RRs by all qualified carriers and service providers

20 20 ENUM Resources ENUM Charter ENUM Core Protocol ENUM WG Requirements ENUM Call Flows ENUM Operations Issues ENUM Administration in the United States Voice Profile for Internet Mail

21 21 ENUM Resources IETF-ITU Liaison Statement NAPTR Resource Records A DDDS Database Using The Domain Name System draft-ietf-urn-dns-ddds-database-01.txt Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) draft-ietf-urn-ddds-02.txt URI Resolution using the Dynamic Delegation Discovery System draft-ietf-urn-uri-res-ddds-01.txt

22 22 Web Resources International Telecommunications Union – CyberTelecom –

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