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©ERA-Wood 2004 Andreas Kleinschmit von Lengefeld (DGfH ) ERA-Wood.

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1 ©ERA-Wood 2004 Andreas Kleinschmit von Lengefeld (DGfH ) ERA-Wood

2 ©ERA-Wood 2004 Grading of wood with novel high performance quality assessment technologies – GradeWood (IP dedicated to SME) Development of sustainable, knowledge-based multi materials based on wood for large scale applications – SustainMultiWood (IP) ECO-PRO³ Building Concept – ECO-PRO (construction-IP) Fire safe timber buildings - Firstimb – (CR) In-fill timber frame walls in concrete, steel and masonry structures - InfillWall - (CR) Proposals within FP6 2nd Call, (NMP)- 2004

3 ©ERA-Wood 2004 -is an industry network, which is financed by federations and works for the benefit of its members -Partnership at present: Finland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Norway, Switzerland - partnership is in enlargement, it is open to other industry federations / associations to join at any time ERA-Wood

4 ©ERA-Wood 2004 Main objectives of ERA-Wood: Initiating and organising European collaborative industry R&D and Innovation projects, in order to cooperate and support the core processes of CEI-Bois Road Map 2010 and other industry R&D needs.

5 ©ERA-Wood 2004 Strategic processes for roadmap 2010 ©CEI-Bois Competence Promotion R & D Innovation Lobbying Action area: TheVISIONTheVISION 1. Building with Wood 2. Living with Wood 4. Wood in Sustainable Development 5. CEI-Bois Consolidation 3. Wood for packaging and transport Communication & Dissemination CORE SUPPORT

6 ©ERA-Wood 2004 Tasks of ERA-Wood - screening, prioritising and integrating industrial relevant R&D needs - screening possibilities of public funding with focus on the European level - co-ordinating, drafting project proposals and developing them together with industry - assisting in selecting and composing competent project teams - coaching the proposal process - evaluating and communicating results of ERA-Wood activities and project proposals

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