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Internet in Oman ITU-May 2001..... Saleem Jawad Al-Khabori Internet Business Unit Oman Telecommunications Company.

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1 Internet in Oman ITU-May 2001..... Saleem Jawad Al-Khabori Internet Business Unit Oman Telecommunications Company

2 Internet in Oman Introduction Oman Internet Overview e-Business status Who is on the net Who is not on the net Support function Final note Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

3 Oman in brief Oman occupies the South-Eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula. ( Third largest country in the Arabian Peninsula) Population 2,325,000 Omani 1,729,000 Expatriates 596,000 Total land area309,500 sq. kms. GDP (1999) RO 6,125.2 million Educationcirca 565856 boys & girls aged 6-18 in school Life expectancy72.8 Birth rate increase2.5% Tele. DensityFixed9.57 per 100 GSM7.29 per 100 Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

4 Employment in Oman Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

5 Omantel His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has made Telecommunications expansion a priority since 1970. Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel) is the sole telecommunications service provider in the Sultanate of Oman. Omantels present network is able to meet telecommunications demands of 80% of the main populated areas and today more tan 98% of the households in the urban areas have telephone service. Omantel offers GSM, PSTN (all digital exchanges) in addition to other services such as telex, Directory Assistance, marine radio, ship-to-shore, paging, Voicemail, data network and Satellite based services, VSAT services and recently launched pre-paid GSM and Calling card services based on Intelligent Network (IN) platform. A few months ago, a Geographical Information System (GIS) was commissioned to help manage local telephone network. The system will be used to manage outside/inside plant including coax and fiber cables. Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

6 Oman Internet Launch date January 1997 Initial capacity 48 modem lines w/ 1 Mbps link Modem linesTo date 3600 Total Bandwidth29 Mbps Ratio10 users to 1 modem Subscription to date 33,280+ Leased line subscribers 52 Cyber Cafes40+ Average monthly subscription rate 1500+ Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

7 Oman Internet

8 Services Dial-up Web Hosting Domain Name Registration Logn Surf (charged to telephone line) Internet Cyber Café Banner Advertisement Free Internet Access from Overseas Email Advertisement Government Package VOIP Mobile Data Service (Internet on GSM) Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

9 Cache Flow Cache Engines, Caches web-pages, FTP and soon will cache stream. 6 Cisco Content Switches, it offers Layer 7 switching and protects the network from Denial of Service attacks. Netranger Intrusion detection System Monitors the traffic flow, it logs and protects against hack attempts. Web servers such as Apache, Netscape Enterprise and Microsoft IIS, based on the type of application customers require such as ASP, PHP, Java Servlet. Mail server used is Netscape Messaging Server 4.15. Oman Internet Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

10 Real-Time Internet Billing System Infranet (Portal Systems, Inc.) Commissioned in December 2000 Features: Real-time authentication: check for duplicate log-ins and passwords to prevent fraud. Real-time authorization:ensures that subscribers have credit available. Sophisticated rating engine:immediately debits multiple revenue and non-monetary resources, such as bandwidth and quality service. Powerful pricing tool: quickly creates and changes prices for products and services without programming Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

11 Oman Internet

12 Firewall Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL) Infrastructure

13 Internet Customer Service Network Services Internet Dept. Billing & Operation Transmission & Exchange Customer Care Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL) Oman Internet

14 Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL) Omantels e-Business readiness! We are at the final stages of concluding our plans to enter e-Business arena.

15 Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL) e-business payment network

16 Confidentiality: Due to the nature of the Internet or any electronic media one is never sure that the sent information will only be viewed by the intended person Non-Repudiation: A threat that the requestor of a certain transaction will deny issuing the request Authentication: When doing business on the Internet, the lack of physical contact creates doubts about the identity of the other party Integrity: Without certain security and precaution measures, one will not know that data has been tampered with. Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL) Internet security issues

17 Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL) Payment Services infrastructure Credit Card Processing SSL & SET Authorization & Capture (Real time & Batch) Reversal & Credits Split shipments Recurring/Installments Multi-Currency Local bank support/merchant accounts E-checks Direct Debit Electronic bill payment

18 Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL) E-Government Dynamics Drivers Businesses need it Citizens want it Improved services Public Image Substantial cost savings

19 Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL) Government to Business services Utility bill payments License applications Automobile licenses/registration Traffic fines payment Building permit applications Birth/Marriage/Death certificates Municipal services

20 Internet Tariff Dial-up Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL) Since 1997 the tariff has been changed 3 times. Internet connection charges in Oman are as follow: Setup Fee (one time)RO 10.000 Approx. $ 25.00 Fixed Monthly ChargeRO 2.000 Approx. $ 5.00 Usage per HourRO 0.180 Approx. $ 0.45 Connection chargeToll free Logn Surf (charged to RO 0.025/Minute Approx. $ 0.06 dialing telephone number) 1 Omani Rial = 1000 baiza 1 Omani Rial = $ 2.50

21 Internet leased line tariff SpeedCost R.O.Eqv. US$ 644501,190 1288002,080 2561,5003,900 5122,8007,280 10245,20013,520 20489,50009,500 Set-upBetween 100-200260 to 320 40% discount available for Health, Education and selective Govt organizations. Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

22 Internet leased line customers by speed 64 MB 48% 128 MB 42% 2048 MB 4% 512 MB 2% 256 MB 4% 64MB 128MB 256MB 512MB 2048MB Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

23 Oman Internet growth Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

24 Gender Count Female 2666 Male 41938 The above figure includes terminated account. Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

25 Government sector Internet accounts Embassy 100+ Government 300+ Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

26 Institutions 160Private Institutions (40 supported by the Govt) 16 Medical Institutions 970 state schools, additional 226 new schools built in 2000 Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

27 By profession Accounting/Finance 540 COM 6599 Computer related (IS, MIS, DP) 108 Computer related (WWW) 90 Consulting 57 Customer service/support 1728 DOC 770 EMP 28354 ENG 394 Education/training 657 Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

28 By profession Engineering 780 Executive/senior management 195 General administrative/supervise 267 Government/Military 1611 LAW 2 Manufacturing/production/operation87 Professional services (medical) 336 Research and development 33 Retired 45 Sales/marketing/advertising 414 Self-employed/owner 327 Student 273 TEC 180 Unemployed/Between Jobs 534 Non-specified 16563 Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

29 Traffic (Backbone Utilization) Average In 13% Out 87% In Out Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

30 Average usage by category (Omantel) Time durationNumber of users less than 1 Min55 Between 1 to 5 Mins.78 Between 5 to 15 Mins.160 Between 15 to 30 Mins.179 Between 30 Mins. to 2 Hrs1055 2+ Hrs 25431 Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

31 Usage by category Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

32 By nationality Number of subscribersSubscribers from: 1000+Bangladesh, India, Oman, Egypt, Pakistan, Philippines, 200+Jordan,Srilanka, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, UK 25-150Australia, Bahrain, China, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Somalia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, USA, Yemen Less than 25Several countries including, France, Algeria, Ireland, Japan, Kuwait, Kenya, Malaysia, Mali, Libya, and others. Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

33 Real-Time Internet Billing System Portal Systems, Inc. Infranet Commissioned in December 2000 Features: Real-time authentication: enables Omantel to check for duplicate log- ins and passwords to prevent fraud Real-time authorization: ensures that subscribers have credit available. Sophisticated rating engine: immediately debits multiple revenue and non-monetary resources, such as bandwidth and quality of service. Discounting Features: Volume, tiered, promotional and time-of-day or day-of-week discounts Powerful pricing tool:Quickly creates and changes prices for products and services without programming. Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

34 PC Penetration Government20,000 Education15,000 Business30,000 Home20,000 Source: various local suppliers working with International consulting companies Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

35 Average daily e-mail activity POP69,930 SMTP22,357 send via Oman Internet Subscribers SMTP102,791 received to Oman Internet Mail Server Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

36 Technical Support Average daily calls answered between 8.00 a.m.-10.00 p.m.834 Calls missed62 Average hold time before a representative answers1Min,18 secs. Most calls are for: Password issues (forgetting Login, email)45% Dial-up, email and DNS setup25% Internet Surfing10% General inquiry on subscription and Internet5% Billing inquiry and disconnections8% Unable to login to Internet4% Technical enquiry3% Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

37 Internet Demography Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

38 Final Note: Issues, Focus, Challenges and Opportunities Penetration of School connectivity to Internet is low e-Bus, e-Gov, e-Anything- Policy and Regulation Data Gathering and Accuracy Improved services PC penetration Broadband Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth…never enough! Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

39 Contd…Final note Each computer with an Internet or email connection supports an average of three users. This puts current estimates of 114,000 users amongst 2,325,000 people in the Sultanate of Oman which works out at about one Internet user for every 20 people, compared to world average of about one user for every 38 people and in North America and European average of about one in every 4 people. (The UNDP World Development Report). Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL)

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