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Andreas Schuck Metadata schema, keywords and guidelines NEFIS WP5 Meeting 15-16 November, 2005 Hamburg, Germany.

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1 Andreas Schuck Metadata schema, keywords and guidelines NEFIS WP5 Meeting 15-16 November, 2005 Hamburg, Germany

2 WP 2 deliverables D3: Metadata standards and keyword lists D5: User guidelines for the data providers

3 Metadata Schema (D3) Tasks: Preparation of a metadata standard based on Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) Investigating the need to extend the basic DCMI elements structure Aim: Test a NEFIS metadata schema and its usability to prepare metadata for the agreed NEFIS data sets Evaluate through questionnaires its applicability to the NEFIS data sets

4 NEFIS metadata schema (Part 1)

5 Element: Subject refinements NEFISthemes and NEFISterms

6 NEFISterms – Forest Inventory (extract)

7 Element: Subject refinement Nominated Terms Idea: avenue to submit terms not found in the NEFIS controlled vocabulary. Suggested approach: terms submitted will be subject to editorial review and, if suitable, can be added to the NEFIS controlled vocabulary list.

8 NEFIS metadata schema (Part 1)

9 Element: Description refinement Quality Report Need: clearly identifying the quality of an information resource was given high priority by NEFIS partners Approach: Descriptive text: from resource itself or created by the person creating the metadata. The text can include: information on mandate for data collection availability of data collection and processing guidelines (e.g. reference to website or document) definitions (e.g. a reference to a website or other document) type of sampling methods frequency of data collection explanatory notes

10 refinement Quality Report (cont.) Controlled set of terms to capture crucial elements of quality (example: forest inventory) Terms Availability standard error Standard error Re-sampling Re-sampling percentage Total sample size Sampling unit

11 Element: Type Encoding Scheme DCMI type vocabulary: NEFIS addition: dataset (georeferenced) DCMI Type vocabulary Collection Dataset Event Image InteractiveResource Service Software Sound Text PhysicalObject StillImage MovingImage

12 NEFIS metadata schema (Part 2)

13 Element: Format refinement reference system Reference system: proposed under element refinement medium for in depth details on geo-referenced file extensions NOTE: For further processing geo-referenced dataset(s) by a user information on name, datum, projection etc. is important Recommendation: adopt the sectionreference system from EEA document: EEA metadata form for spatial datasets & EEA metadata standard for geographic information (EEA-MSGI v.1.1), Version 1.2 (08 October 2003) Reference System ReferenceSystemName DatumName EllipsoidName EllipsoidSemi-majoraxis EllipsoidAxisUnits EllipsoidFlatteningRatio ProjectionName ProjectionZone ProjectionStandardParallel ProjectionLongitudeofCentralMeridian ProjectionLatitudeofProjectionOrigin ProjectionFalseEasting ProjectionFalseNorthing ProjectionLongitudeofProjectionCentre ProjectionLatitudeofProjectionCentre

14 NEFIS metadata schema (Part 2)

15 Element: Coverage refinement point and box Several methods are available to indicate a place e.g.: (1) name, (2) geocode, (3) coordinates of a point, (4) rectangular box in two or three dimensions Identifying a place - the DCMI Box scheme A place is identified by considering a minimal rectangular box which fully encloses the place and whose faces are aligned parallel with the axes of an identified cartesian coordinate system. NOTE: Scales of a Box can vary. Examples: Europe, region (Umbria), geographic features (Pyrenees), local scale (Wienerwald, forest district, forest stand)

16 NEFIS metadata schema (Part 2)

17 Element: Rights refinement access rights Information about who can access a resource or an indication of its security status accessRights Public Limited Restricted Restricted – need to be a member Restricted – need to register as a user

18 NEFIS metadata schema (Part 2)

19 Element: Audience Audience: A class of entity for whom the resource is intended or useful Mediator: A class of entity that mediates access to the resource and for whom the resource is intended or useful two basic classes: (1)an ultimate beneficiary of the resource (2)an entity that mediates access to the resource (refinement mediator) Descriptor business consultants donor organizations educators environmental groups financial institutions forest landowners forest managers forestry associations government government agencies media non-governmental organizations policy-makers public researchers students

20 D5: User guidelines for the data providers NEFIS metadata guidelines elaborated Guidance document for providing actual data produced Metadata entry form elaborated based on NEFIS metadata schema

21 Thank you for your attention Italy: Import of roundwood from EU25 1995-2001

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