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ETCCDI approaches to development of the software

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1 ETCCDI approaches to development of the software
ETCCDI approaches to development of the software Xuebin Zhang

2 Outline Users and their needs Software Maintenance and updates
Lessons learnt 3/28/2017

3 Users and their needs ET Workshop attendees and less sophisticated users Black-box type, doing the work Simple GUI, portable to different OS, better to be free Other users Wide range, some require the capability of processing many data points Automated procedures Transparent Everyone can check under the hood 3/28/2017

4 Software available from ETCCDI website
R and FORTRAN R as a free and powerful statistical computation environment, portable across different OS, generally slower FORTRAN Rclimdex Based on an Excel version, with significant improvement Not updated frequently Rhtest/Fhtest Frequently updated Documents and worked examples Detailed step-by-step instruction in different languages Worked examples with data and computed indices 3/28/2017

5 The RClimDex Simple GUI Retain all ClimDex functions, in additon
Different formats (text of Excel) of input Computes 27 ET indices Text or Excel formats output Indices and trends plots in PDF Run most recent version from within R 3/28/2017

6 The RClimDex Developed in Linux at EC but used in Windows
User guide in English and Spanish Workshops and other users Technical support by 3/28/2017

7 3/28/2017

8 RHtest Two-phase regression based (Wang 2003) GUI and command line
With or without reference series GUI and command line Easy to use with GUI Call R function directly from command line New methods being implemented Initial version significantly improved. 3/28/2017

9 3/28/2017

10 Mass calculation RClimdex and RHtest
R functions available for R users FORTRAN codes (FClimDex and FHtest) HP, SGI, IBP, Absoft compilers Cross checked with R codes 3/28/2017

11 Lessons learned RClimDex lacks careful design and is difficult to maintain and update Lack of clear understanding of user needs at development stage Tailored for workshops in a short notice, constrained by time and resources Routine update requires significant resources RHtest and FHtest: updated regularly In-line with developers current research Need to track who the users C.a registered users since 2010 3/28/2017

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