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Regional Association V (South-West Pacific) Fifteenth Session Bali, April/May 2010 Briefing on key WMO issues (Presented by the Secretary-General)

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1 Regional Association V (South-West Pacific) Fifteenth Session Bali, April/May 2010 Briefing on key WMO issues (Presented by the Secretary-General)

2 XV th Congress follow-up The 15 th World Meteorological Congress approved: WMO Strategic Plan RBB Budget 2008-2011 The Congress endorsed the WMO Secretariat Operating Plan

3 3 Top-level long-term objectives: I.Improve forecasts & warnings II.Improve services and their delivery III.Provide expertise in support of decision- making & international development goals & agreements 5 Strategic thrusts: 1.Science/technology development/ implementation 2.Service delivery 3.Partnership 4.Capacity building 5.Efficient management and good governance WMO Strategic Plan (2008-2011)

4 11 expected results 1.Better weather forecasts & warnings 2.Better climate predictions & assessments 3.Better hydrological forecasts & assessments 4.Integration of WMO observing systems 5.A new WMO Information System (WIS) 6.Multi-hazard disaster early warning & preparedness capabilities 7.Enhanced applications and services 8.Enhanced support to decision-making 9.Enhanced capabilities of developing countries, particularly for LDCs 10.Effective & efficient WMO constituent bodies 11.Effective & efficient WMO management & oversight

5 A 4-year Results-Based Budget (RBB), in which resource justification determines the affordability of the programme activities, with resource justification by results The WMO Budget 2008-2011 WMO Monitoring and Evaluation System In development: A WMO Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System to provide for appropriate tracking implementation and feedback of corrective actions within the RBM framework to optimize the scope of achievement of the Deliverables and Expected Results

6 How it all fits together in RBM

7 Strategic Plan and Budget 2012-2015 Strategic Plan (draft) 3 Global Societal Needs 5 Strategic Thrusts 8 Expected Results Budget (draft) 4 Priorities 26 Key Outcomes (KOs) & their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Deliverables/Activities

8 Proposed key priorities 2012-2015 Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) - approved by WCC-3 & taking into account anticipated HTF outcomes and Congress decision Capacity building WIGOS/WIS development Disaster Risk Reduction and … Communication !

9 WMO Budget Evolution 1996-2015 (M CHF)

10 16 years of Zero Nominal Growth Expanded initiatives & requirements WMO DRR, LDCs & Space Programmes Unexpected oversight & audit requirements Additional language requirements Staff level essentially unchanged Expanded costs Expanded EC membership & activities Expanded UN inter-agency coordination UN-wide payroll adjustments 10-year WMO building maintenance Increased travel costs (staff and non-staff) Alleviation measures adopted Enlarged efficiency, automation & outsourcing

11 ZNG impacts UN organizations increase in assessed contribution 1996-2009 Reduction in published titles Reductions in: Duration of meetings Published titles Travel support to Members Technical assistance Delays in production of mandatory WMO pubs.

12 16 FP proposed assessed Contributions (as recommended by EC-LXI) Proposed 2 % Annual Real Growth (ZRG+2) above inflation Option 1 Zero Real Growth (ZRG) with inflation adjustment only Option 2 Zero Nominal Growth (ZNG) with no change from previous Financial Period

13 Proposed Budget options for assessed contributions 2012-2015 (M CHF) Proposed budget (ZRG+2)267.0 Option 1 adjustment(12.8) Total Option 1 (ZRG)254.2 Option 2 adjustment(4.4) Total Option 2 (ZNG)249.8

14 Proposed Budget 2012-2015 with 2% Real Annual Growth (M CHF) 2008-20112012-2015Change Assessed249.8267.017.2 WMO income17.020.03.0 Surplus9.2-(9.2) Total regular276.0287.011.0 Voluntary108.3(>) 175.0(>) 66.7 Grand total384.3(>) 462.0(>) 77.7

15 WMO Budget Evolution 1996-2015 (M CHF)

16 Possible Integrated Budget Strategy To consider a possible move from a regular budget to an integrated budget strategy Current assessed budget strategy: resources sharing of 2/3 regular and 1/3 voluntary Integrated budget strategy: 1/2 regular and 1/2 voluntary

17 Thank you Our main goal is to better serve our Members

18 2-WMO Budget Evolution 1996-2015 (M CHF)

19 Programme activities and services Initiatives and Projects Key Performance Targets Results-Based Management (RBM) mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating WMO Secretariat Operating Plan

20 Budget by Expected Results (M CHF) Expected Results in area of:(Regular) 1. Information for decision-making24.1 2. Impact of hazards11.2 3. Climate impacts and adaptation19.1 4. Observing systems35.5 5. Research capabilities24.7 6. Capacity building69.9 7. Partnership and cooperation28.4 8. Effective and efficient WMO74.1 Total287.0

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