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Wood Packaging Program Update

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1 Wood Packaging Program Update
Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Association IPPC-Vancouver March 1, 2005

2 Wood Packaging Update History
Jane Levy, USDA June 2000 – UN-FAO/NAPPO meeting Ottawa Mexico, Vancouver, Ottawa – NAPPO meetings CFIA, CWPCA/ACMPC, Lumber Industry, all interested parties

3 European Union EU Measures October 1, 2001 Mandatory treatment
Softwood Pine wood nematode Mandatory treatment Heat Treatment 56/30 fumigation - registered chemical pressure impregnation Certification mark – No Bug Mark

4 Status February 2005 CWPCP - program designed by industry and government 370 registered facilities Facility Distribution Western Canada 29% Ontario 47% Quebec 17 % Atlantic Canada 5 %

5 Today's Environment IPPC adopted ISPM # 15 March 2002
Created to be paperless

6 IPPC - ISPM # 15 Approved measures Softwood and hardwood Dunnage
Heat treatment 56/30 (HT) Methyl bromide (MB) Softwood and hardwood Dunnage

IPPC= International symbol XX = CA for Canada 00000 = Specific Facility Reg. No.issue by CFIA YY = Treatment abbreviation MB=Methyl Bromide, HT= Heat Treatment

8 Implementation - ISPM # 15
North America Mexico, the United States, Canada target: September 2005 (strict enforcement) Countries Now ISPM No. 15 New Zealand, Australia, India,

9 Canadian Program (CWPCP)
Export - CWPCP (D-01-05) Policy Directive CWPCP harmonized to ISPM # 15 Heat Treatment facilities within this directive

10 CWPCP Program Structure near future:
Introduction of Verification Bodies Quality Systems Manual Systems inspection Surveillance inspection

11 Technical Heat Treatment Guidelines and Operating Conditions Manual
Generic schedules specific for 4” x 4”: Softwood & some deciduous species (Aspen, Poplar, Manitoba maple, basswood, Red Alder) Other Hardwood – 4” x 4” material (Alder, Oak, Maple, Birch, Ash, beech)

12 Next Steps Service contract / Verification Body agreement
Generic schedule for large dimensional lumber Complete the Fumigation Program

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