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COLONIAL REGIONS Environment, Culture, and Government.

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1 COLONIAL REGIONS Environment, Culture, and Government

2 The Three Regions  New England  Middle Colonies  Southern Colonies

3 New England - Government  Self-Governing Charters  Town Hall Meetings  The Mayflower Compact  The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Massachusetts New Hampshire Connecticut Rhode Island

4 New England - Environment  Woodlands of the Northeast  Very Short Growing Season  Long Cold Winters  Large Forests  On the Atlantic Coast

5 New England - Culture INDUSTRY:  Subsistence Farming  Timber and Ship Building Supplies (Rope, Masts, Tar)  Fishing (Cod, Whale Oil)  Rum and other Manufactured Trade Goods PEOPLE:  Puritans and Pilgrims who believed in orthodox Protestantism, hard work, and following strict rules of society  Merchants, Manufacturers, and Lawyers

6 Middle Colonies - Government  Proprietary Charters  Religious Freedom and Tolerance  Pennsylvania Frame of Government  Many Civil Liberties New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware

7 Middle Colonies - Environment  Lower Eastern Woodlands  Medium growing season and cold winters  Many lakes and rivers for transportation

8 Middle Colonies - Culture INDUSTRY:  Called the Bread Basket Colonies  Farmed Wheat, Corn, Oats, Barley, and Rye  Made homespun products PEOPLE:  People from all over Europe (England, the Netherlands, France, Germany, et al)  Puritans, Quakers, Anglicans, Catholics, and Jews

9 Southern Colonies - Government  Joint-Stock and Proprietary Charters  The House of Burgesses (Virginia)  Colonies run for the profit of the Joint- Stock Companies or Proprietors Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

10 Southern Colonies - Environment ENVIRONMENT:  Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains  Long growing season and fertile land  Warm climate for most of the year PRODUCTS:  Farmed Tobacco, Rice, Indigo, and Cotton  Traded “cash crops” farmed on plantations  Purchased manufactured goods

11 Southern Colonies - People:  Catholics (Maryland)  Plantation Owners, Indentured Servants, Transported Criminals, and Slaves


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