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IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting Firefighting

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1 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting Firefighting
February 2009

2 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
Objectives Describe the overall purpose and scope of ESF #4. Identify the supplemental assistance ESF #4 provides to State, tribal, and local governments. Identify typical activities accomplished by ESF #4 resources. Describe the types of partnerships formed between ESF #4 and other response agencies and organizations. February 2009

3 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
Introductions Tell us: Your name. Your role in emergency management. What you hope to gain from this course. February 2009

4 National Response Framework (NRF)
IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting National Response Framework (NRF) Establishes a comprehensive, national, all-hazards approach to domestic incident response. Presents an overview of key response principles, roles, and structures that guide the national response. Includes Core Document, Annexes, and Partner Guides. February 2009

5 Emergency Support Functions (ESFs)
IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) ESFs are: The primary operational-level mechanism to provide assistance. Organized around functional capabilities (e.g., emergency management, transportation, search and rescue, etc.). February 2009

6 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
ESF General Duties Commit agency assets. Approve and implement mission assignments. Maintain situational awareness and report on ESF operations. Represent agency on task forces and ad hoc groups. Serve as technical experts. February 2009

7 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
ESF Structure Primary Agencies ESF Coordinator Support Agencies February 2009

8 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
ESF Coordinator Pre-incident planning and coordination Ongoing contact with primary and support agencies Coordination with private-sector organizations Preparedness planning and exercises February 2009

9 Primary and Support Agencies
IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting Primary and Support Agencies Primary Agency: Federal agency with significant authorities, resources, or capabilities for a particular function within an ESF. Support Agency: Assists the primary agency by providing resources and capabilities in a given functional area. February 2009

10 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
Activation of ESFs Not every incident requires the activation of ESFs. ESFs may be selectively activated for: Stafford Act Emergency and Major Disaster Declarations. Non-Stafford Act incidents as specified in Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 (HSPD-5). ESF deployment must be coordinated, even if under the agency’s own authority! February 2009

11 Emergency Support Functions
IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting Emergency Support Functions ESF #1 – Transportation ESF #2 – Communications ESF #3 – Public Works and Engineering ESF #4 – Firefighting ESF #5 – Emergency Management ESF #6 – Mass Care, Emergency Assistance, Housing, and Human Services ESF #7 – Logistics Management and Resource Support ESF #8 – Public Health and Medical Services ESF #9 – Search and Rescue ESF #10 – Oil and Hazardous Materials Response ESF #11 – Agriculture and Natural Resources ESF #12 – Energy ESF #13 – Public Safety and Security ESF #14 – Long-Term Community Recovery ESF #15 – External Affairs February 2009

12 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
What types of threats do fires pose? February 2009

13 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
ESF #4: Purpose ESF #4 support applies to: Fire detection and suppression. Incidents requiring a coordinated Federal response. Wildland, rural, and urban environments.  See page 1 of the annex February 2009

14 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
ESF #4: Scope Structural Fires Wildland Fires February 2009

15 ESF #4 Coordinator and Primary Agency
IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting ESF #4 Coordinator and Primary Agency Department of Agriculture (USDA)/ Forest Service: Fights fires on National Forest System lands. Provides and coordinates firefighting assistance to other Federal, State, tribal, and local organizations as requested.  See pages 4-5 of the annex February 2009

16 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
Actions ESF #4 actions include: Providing training to build capacity Detecting and suppressing fire on Federal lands Providing firefighting resources in support of State, tribal, and local agencies February 2009

17 Role State of Organizations
IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting Role State of Organizations State forestry organizations have responsibility for fires on non-Federal lands. States augment their capabilities with mutual aid and assistance agreements, such as the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC). February 2009

18 ESF #4 Support Agencies (1 of 2)
IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting ESF #4 Support Agencies (1 of 2) Department of Defense (DOD) fights fires on military installations. Department of the Interior (DOI) fights fires on land under its jurisdiction. U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) provides marine firefighting assistance.  See pages 5-6 of the annex February 2009

19 ESF #4 Support Agencies (2 of 2)
IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting ESF #4 Support Agencies (2 of 2) FEMA/U.S. Fire Academy (USFA) provides expertise on fighting structural fires. Department of Commerce (DOC) forecasts weather and smoke dispersion. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides technical assistance on fires involving hazardous materials. February 2009

20 Specialized Resources
IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting Specialized Resources Personnel, such as: Interagency Hot Shot Crews Incident Management Teams Equipment, such as: Engines Dozers Bulldozers Water tenders Air tankers Helicopters Radios February 2009

21 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
Concept of Operations ESF #4: Manages and coordinates Federal firefighting activities by mobilizing the resources of multiple firefighting agencies. Provides Federal support State, tribal, and local efforts only when requested. February 2009

22 Geographic Area Coordination Centers
IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting Geographic Area Coordination Centers Geographic Area Coordination Centers (GACCs): Provide logistical coordination and mobilization of resources. Provide predictive services and intelligence products for decision support. February 2009

23 National Interagency Coordination Center
IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting National Interagency Coordination Center The National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC): Coordinates the mobilization of resources for wildland fire and other incidents throughout the United States. Provides intelligence and predictive services-related products for the internal wildland fire community. February 2009

24 Knowledge Review and Summary
IS-803: ESF #3 – Public Works and Engineering Knowledge Review and Summary Instructions: Answer the review questions on the next page in your Student Manual. Be prepared to share your answers with the class in 5 minutes. If you need clarification on any of the material presented in this course, be sure to ask your instructors. February 2009

25 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
Taking the Exam Instructions: Take a few moments to review your Student Manuals and identify any questions. Make sure that you get all of your questions answered prior to beginning the final test. When taking the test . . . Read each item carefully. Circle your answer on the test. Check your work and transfer your answers to the computer-scan (bubble) answer sheet or enter the answers online. You may refer to your Student Manuals and the annex when completing this test. February 2009

26 IS-804: ESF #4 – Firefighting
Feedback Please complete the course evaluation form. Your comments are important! February 2009

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