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Gerund Functions in a Sentence

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1 Gerund Functions in a Sentence
Part 1

2 Standard ELACC8L1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. a. Explain the function of verbals (gerunds, participles, infinitives) in general and their function in particular sentences.

3 Remember Gerunds are verbals that act like nouns and end in “ING”

4 Functions in the Sentence
Since gerunds act like nouns, gerunds and gerund phrases get to do the same things that nouns do, including: Subject Direct Object Indirect Object Object of a Preposition Predicate Noun Appositive

5 Gerunds as Subjects A Gerund is a subject when it represents what the sentence is about. Ex. Swimming can be great exercise. Ex. Swimming in a pool is fun!

6 Hint Hint: When a Gerund or Gerund Phrase is a subject, it will come at or near the beginning of the sentence. Ex. Fishing is a great pass time. Exception: In the summertime, fishing can be relaxing.

7 Gerunds as Objects of Prepositions
Gerunds/Gerund Phrases can be objects of prepositions when they complete a prepositional phrase: Ex. I am very interested in playing tennis. Ex. I am fond of going on walks.

8 Hint Hint: When a gerund/gerund phrase is after a preposition, it is usually the object of a preposition Ex. I am going to insist on going shopping today.

9 Gerunds as Appositives
Gerunds/Gerund Phrases can be appositives when they rename another noun or pronoun. Ex. Nelson’s summer job, mowing lawns, helps him to earn money.

10 Hint Hint: A gerund/gerund phrase is usually an appositive when it is set off with commas. Ex. My brother’s favorite activity, playing Candy Land, gets mundane after a while. Exception: I like shopping, singing, and traveling.

11 What is the Gerund’s function?
Appositive, subject, or object of the preposition My dog’s hobby, chewing on shoes, gets him in trouble. Snowboarding is a fun extreme sport. Many kids are fond of roller skating. Cooking a meal can take a long time.

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