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Research4Life Overview for Users from Eligible Countries 2013 03.

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1 Research4Life Overview for Users from Eligible Countries 2013 03

2 Presentation Outline Background Eligibility Partners Contents Registration Research4Life Programmes

3 Research4Life (R4L) provides free or very low cost online access to the major journals in biomedical and related social sciences, agriculture, environmental health and innovation and development to local, not-for-profit institutions in developing countries. HINARI was launched in January 2002 for free access countries (Group A). The very low cost option was added in 2005 (Group B) and the groups apply to all programmes AGORA was launched in 2003 OARE was launched in 2008 ARDI was launched in2009 and became a R4L partner in 2011 Background

4 Partners Major Publishers Elsevier Science Springer Wiley-Blackwell Sage Taylor & Francis Lippincott/Williams & Wilkins BioOne Oxford University Press Nature Publishing Other science/technical/ medical publishers Program Partners World Health Organization – WHO Yale University Library International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers – STM Food and Agriculture Org. – FAO United Nations Environment Programme – UNEP World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa National Library of Medicine Mann Library/Cornell University Microsoft Librarians Without Borders/MLA


6 Eligibility for all 4 programmes (1) Country eligibility is based on four factors: Total GNI (World Bank figures), GNI per capita (World Bank figures), United Nations Least Developed Country (LDCs) List and Human Development Index (HDI). Detailed information: If your institution is in a Group A (free access) country, area, or territory, then HINARI is free. If your institution is in a Group B (low-cost access) country, area, or territory, HINARI/AGORA/OARE costs US$ 1000 per institution per calendar year (from January through December). More than 100 countries, areas, and territories are eligible For more information, go to:

7 Eligibility (2) Eligible categories of institutions are: national universities research institutes professional schools (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, dentistry) teaching hospitals government: ministries and agencies national medical libraries locally based non-governmental agencies All permanent and visiting faculty, staff members and students are entitled to access and can obtain the institutional User Name and Password.

8 Who is Eligible for R4L Programmes?

9 Registration Guide

10 Registration* *Institutions can register for HINARI, AGORA and OARE on this page; ARDI registration is separate

11 Registration (2)

12 HINARI (HINARI Access to Research in Health Programme) Online portal to access information on health and related social sciences Coordinated by WHO/Yale University More than 5300 institutions Up to 11,400 journals / up to 18,500 books / Other info resources up to 70 / up to 380 publishers


14 HINARI Portal

15 AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture) Online portal to access information on agriculture and related sciences Coordinated by FAO/Cornell University, USA 2200 institutions Up to 3400 journals / up to 2000 books / up to 20 information resources / up to 95 publishers


17 AGORA Portal

18 OARE (Online Access to Research in the Environment) Online portal to access environmental information Coordinated by UNEP/Yale University Up to 4800 journals / up to 8300 books / up to 110 publishers 2300 registered institutions


20 OARE Portal

21 ARDI (Access to Research for Development and Innovation ) Online portal to access development and innovation research Launched by WIPO 2009 Over 2000 journals / 5000 books / 14 publishers supports researchers in developing countries in creating and developing new solutions to technical challenges faced on a local and global level

22 ARDI Portal

23 The HINARI Team World Health Organization Avenue Appia, 20 1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland Fax: +41 22 791 41 50

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