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Project 1.3.1 Natural and Technological Hazards in Europe Philipp Schmidt-Thomé

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1 Project 1.3.1 Natural and Technological Hazards in Europe Philipp Schmidt-Thomé

2 Contents Summarizing final results of ESPON 1.3.1 Hazards Examples of policy recommendations Planning response towards natural and technological hazards Selected hazard maps Aggregated hazard and risk maps Climate change affecting natural hazards European Regions with specific hazard typologies

3 Summary of selected policy recommendations I. Guiding principles: 1.Employ risk management as an integral and explicit part of EU cohesion policy. Improve coordination of policy measures at all spatial scales 2.Integration of both substantial goals and procedural rules related to vulnerability reduction and risk mitigation into policies and programmes

4 Policy recommendations II II. EU-level instruments 1.Coordination of the use of Structural Funds for risk management, by e.g. using criteria relevant to risk and vulnerability to guide and support funding through the Structural Fund objectives 2.Ensuring the effective implementation of the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) directive; integrating risk mitigation principles for planning into its implementation

5 Policy recommendations III III. Meso-level (national, transnational co-operation, Interreg) Recognition of the upgraded status of risk mitigation in the remodelled cohesion policy for the period 2007-2013, including principles of vulnerability reduction and risk mitigation in the programme guidelines. Adoption of Strategic Environmental Assessment directive (2001/42/EC) by member states, preferably in a uniform fashion across Europe Enhancing the use of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) for integrating land use planning and water resources management in support of risk management (not only water quality) purposes

6 Planning response, example on risks Split up "risk" into the elements: hazard potential, damage potential and coping capacity Framework for monitoring not only on risk but also for monitoring the elements of risk Within this framework it is possible to monitor the hazards impact and the vulnerability (damage potential and coping capacity) of an area Risk monitoring thus has a major role in defining and deciding on actions like mitigation and reaction (preparedness, response, recovery)

7 Natural hazards Avalanches Drought potential Earthquakes Extreme temperatures Floods Forest fires Landslides Storms Storm surges Tsunamis Volcanic activities

8 Technological hazards Air traffic Major accident hazards (chemical plants) Nuclear Power plants Oil transport, storage and handling

9 The making of the Forest fires map I

10 The making of the Forest fires map II

11 Resulting forest fire hazard map

12 Landslides

13 Tsunamis

14 Chemical production plants

15 Weighting of hazards – the Delphi method

16 Aggregated natural hazards

17 Aggregated technological hazards

18 Aggregated hazards map

19 Vulnerability concept

20 Vulnerability map

21 Aggregated risk map

22 Change of dry spell affecting drought potential

23 Change in precipitation affecting flood potential

24 Length of dry spell affecting forest fires

25 Hazard interactions (of highest hazard degrees)

26 Hazard clusters: flood and landslides

27 Hazard interactions in Interreg IIIB areas

28 1.3.1 indicators on NUTS 3 level covering the entire ESPON 27+2 area 11 Natural hazard indicators 4 Technological hazard indicators 3 Aggregated hazard indicators 3 Vulnerability indicators 3 Risk indicators 5 Climate change indicators (not available for remote areas)

29 Thank you very much for your attention! Thanks to the HAZARDS Consortium and to the ESPON CU for the excellent cooperation!

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