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BOSMIP 8 May 2012 How are we active on social affairs? M.Cerutti.

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1 BOSMIP 8 May 2012 How are we active on social affairs? M.Cerutti

2 2 BUSINESSEUROPE: Action in social field Lobby i.e. unilateral activities to influence European Commission, Parliament and Council Social dialogue i.e. bipartite work by the social partners, whether or not prompted by the Commissions official consultations based on articles 154 and 155 of EU Treaty Tripartite concertation i.e. activities of advisory committees and official consultations in the spirit of articles 154 and 155 of EU Treaty

3 3 European social legislation APPROX. 400 SOCIAL TEXTS ADOPTED SINCE 1958 (240 LEGAL ACTS + 160 POLITICAL DECLARATIONS) Areas covered: free movement of workers, health and safety, working conditions, information and consultation, social protection Key texts for social relations in companies: directives on collective redundancies, on posting of workers, on transfer of undertakings, on European works councils, on information and consultation, on European company statute Key texts on employment conditions: gender equality directives, anti-discrimination directives based on article 13, working time directive

4 4 EU Social Dialogue - results FROM 1986 TO 2012: MORE THAN 70 JOINT INITIATIVES 8 Framework agreements: 4 agreements implemented through EU Directives: on parental leave (1995, revised in 2009); on part time work (1997); on fixed term contracts (1999) 4 autonomous agreements: on telework (2002); on work- related stress (2004); on harassment and violence at work (2007); on Inclusive Labour Markets (2010) October 2007: Joint labour market analysis 2 Framework of actions: On lifelong competence development (2002); on gender equality (2005) More than 60 joint reports, recommendations, declarations, pinions, compendia of good practices etc.

5 5 EU social policy agenda in 2012 Labour market developments Posting of workers Employment package Restructuring Pensions CSR

6 EU social dialogue agenda in 2011 Working time Work Programme 2012-2014 Framework of actions on youth employment 6

7 7 Further information

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