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Real World Internet Status

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1 Real World Internet Status

2 Main achievements Community created –50+ contributing Initial set of research areas identified –Drivers in place RWI scenarios defined –6 scenarios, citizen/business centric Prague open café style successful –More effective than standard presentations

3 RWI Scenarios Emma's Commute (Sector: Transport) – CIT-VIS Telehealth monitoring (Sector: Health) - CIT-INC Telehealth monitoring (Sector: Health) - CIT-VIS The mobile Citizen in Future Internet of Energy Scenario (Sector: Internet of Energy) The Business Side in Future Internet of Energy Scenario (Sector: Internet of Energy) - BUS-VIS Easy Life scenario (Sector:Health) - BUS-INC

4 Bled Initial creation of the cluster, Communicating Things Panel as part of NoF session High level discussion of main ideas, vision and research challenges

5 Madrid 2 invited lectures on specific topics of interest –Identity and trust –Networked knowledge Strengthening the community –Collaboration initiated with EPoSS –16 projects supporting RWI Discussion of cross-domain issues with Identity/trust and FIRE But low participation of other domains

6 Prague Very good progress –Good collaboration before the meeting –Good preparation for the meeting 5 topics identified, drivers in place –Networked knowledge –Network architecture –Device technologies –Socio-economic –Evaluation Open café style session –Each area discussed, the main research topics and issues identified RWI input provided to FISO, MANA, FIRE, Identity and Trust

7 Methodology (Inputs) RWI Position Paper RWI Scenarios Scenario Functional Requirement Mapping 5 Scope Papers 4 Draft Tables Research Priorities Research Roadmap Project Results/Plans

8 Prague Outcomes Definition of Research Priorities –Start on a breakdown into specific issues Initial timeline suggestions –Today, Incremental, Incr.-Visionary, Visionary Definition of required Test Bed features –Priorities of features in the near term

9 Prague Outcomes

10 Networked Knowledge Network Architecture Evaluation Device Technologies

11 RWI Plans Short Term (Next few months) –Whitepapers per topic –Dissemination to FIA domains Long Term (Stockholm) –Interleaved FIA sessions, open café with participation from all clusters –Draft Research Agenda for RWI (whitepaper) IoT/Networks/Services/Security/Trust/…

12 What can be improved? Plan for better cross-dissemination and collaboration between the domains Avoid FIA to become yet another conference Collaboration platforms for the domains should be unified ( and consolidated mailing-lists

13 Comments - report of the INFSO Task Force on FI


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