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Religion in the Byzantine Empire

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1 Religion in the Byzantine Empire
The Eastern Orthodox Church

2 There was The Eastern Roman Empire and the Western Roman Empire
The Western Roman Empire fell

3 Two Churches Emerge Church of Rome survived the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The head of the Church of Rome, the pope, became the strongest leader in Western Europe All Latin churches were united as the Roman Catholic Church Eastern Roman Empire becomes the Byzantine Empire Like the Roman Catholics, Byzantines developed their own form of Christianity. The Eastern Orthodox church was based on the Byzantine Empire's Greek heritage.



6 In the East, Church and Government worked closely together…
Considered Jesus Christ on Earth and was crowned in religious ceremonies. Emperor chose the leading church official (patriarch). Because he chose the leader he had control over the church.

7 From Emperors to farmers, everyone was very interested in religious matters.

8 A Disagreement! Icons No Icons
Most honored them and believed they worked miracles God’s presence in daily life Explain Christianity No Icons Some Byzantines wanted to end the use of idols Idol worship forbidden by God

9 I order that all icons be removed from churches!
I will assign specific government workers to fulfill my order. They shall be known as iconoclasts. Emperor Leo III

10 Most Byzantines, church leaders, and the Pope opposed the order.

11 This dispute damaged the ties between the church in Rome and the church in Constantinople.

12 The real fight was over how the churches were run.

13 The patriarch and bishops are equal to you!
I am the head of all Christian churches!


15 There were two churches in an oven….

16 The Emperor believed he was in control and the Pope believed he had all the power….
They excommunicated each other Caused a schism which still exists today

17 The Great Schism of 1054 In 1054 the Christian Church split because of disagreements over religious issues. Two branches of Christianity form: Eastern Greek Orthodox Church Roman Catholic Church 17

18 The Great Schism of 1054 Eastern Greek Orthodox Church
Based in Constantinople Official language – Greek Church led by a Patriarch referred to as a Bishop Bishops couldn’t marry. Priests could marry. Scriptures were the final authority on all matters. Emperor or political ruler was above the Bishop. Rejected the use of icons. Roman Catholic Church Based in Rome Official language – Latin Church led by a Pope referred to as Father. Church leaders could not marry. Only Pope and Bishops could interpret the scriptures. The Pope was the Supreme head of Church - above any political ruler. Religious icons accepted. 18

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