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comedy comedians crosstalk sketch( 小品 ) ( 相声 )

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3 comedy

4 comedians

5 crosstalk sketch( 小品 ) ( 相声 )

6 clown

7 shuanghuang

8 1.While we were walking, we were watching window washers wash Washington's windows with warm washing water. 2. She sells sea shells by the sea shore. The shells she sells are surely seashells. So I'm sure she sells seashore shells if she sells shells on the seashore Tongue twisters

9 Forms of Humor Laughing matter comedy crosstalk sketch clown tongue twister shaunghuang

10 Reading Task 1 : Scanning Which of the forms of humor mentioned above are talked about in the text? Comedies; Clowns; Sketches; Crosstalk shows

11 Task 2: Skimming Read the text carefully, and find the main idea of each paragraph.

12 Main idea of each paragraph Para.1About comedies Para.2About clowns Para.3 About comedians (sketches) Para.4&5About crosstalk shows

13 Task 3: Careful reading Read the passage paragraph by paragraph and have a detail understanding.

14 Laughing matter How to make people laugh Comedies (para.1) Clowns (para.2) Sketches ( para. 3) Crosstalk shows (4&5) Laughing matter cross-dressing; stereotypes; word play. do not use any words; special clothes; make-up and the way they walk. body language and face; play with words. play with words; make jokes and funny conversations.

15 Laughing matter similarity Comedies Clowns Sketches Crosstalk shows funny; humorous; interesting; make people happy and laugh.

16 Task 3 : listening

17 1.The actors make us laugh by... telling an amusing story. ( 动词 ) ( 定语 ) ( 名词 ) 2. … in front of the laughing audience. ( 定语 ) ( 名词 ) 3. …you can hear the audience laughing … ( 动词 ) ( 宾语 ) ( 宾补 )


19 Discussion ? ? Why can’t Bush understand the crosstalk while Dashan can? What are the differences between Chinese and western comedies?

20 Differences The way of thinking of Western and Chinese people is different. Different countries have different cultures and customs, so the comedies based on different cultures and customs are different. If we don’t have a good study of foreign cultures, histories and customs, we won’t understand their comedies well, just as Westerners can’t understand Chinese Xiangsheng well, the Chinese don’t understand the Western’s jokes, either.

21 Laughing Party Let’s bring laughter to our class. You are to use the form of humor. And any performances are acceptable.

22 Homework 1.Make a better preparation for the ‘laughing party’ after class. 2.Rewrite ‘Laughing matter’ in about 100 words.

23 Thank you !

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